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  1. I have a friend interested in purchasing a FujiNet. He is in no rush... so should he wait until hardware version 1.6 (or whatever it ends up being) is available?
  2. How does one go about making an absolute copycat of Galaga and then simply change the name to Galagon and avoid all copyright issues? Is that really a legit thing?
  3. I'm sure the guys at Audacity don't care and wouldn't want to put him through the trouble of returning it. It's a silly mistake and it's more interesting of a story because it is game #2222. They'd probably agree to have BassGuitari keep it sealed as a conversation piece.
  4. Looks like someone has got a "forever sealed" copy that will go for $500 in 30 years. Or if you sell it to someone now, you get to share the high score table?
  5. chad5200

    Movie Cart

    Not only is this a great technical achievement, I gotta say, you really went all out with the presentation of the game boxes, manuals, and cartridges. An amazing and fun introduction to your accomplishment!
  6. chad5200

    Movie Cart

    Depends on how you edit it. Keep samples small. But there are other less restrictive video sharing sites.
  7. chad5200

    Movie Cart

    Was watching last night. Very impressive! Would it be possible to upload YouTube (or other video hosting site) video demo samples with full volume audio?
  8. I haven't received any shipping notice email yet (I checked spam)... but when I log into my Audacity account, I was able to click the newly highlighted "Email Link" and have it email me my link for digital download. Yet no shipping notification. Just curious if I should expect a shipping alert email?
  9. Yes! Please, everyone... NO SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD! Start a new thread if you are going to discuss spoilers.
  10. I love ZPH, but I guess my problem with posting a "walkthrough" video the moment anyone got their digital copy of this brand new game is odd in this specific case. ZPH was one of the beta testers so he already knows almost the entire game inside and out. Imagine if David Crane released a "here is exactly how to play this game and see all it's secrets" right now. That would be crazy! I would MUCH have preferred to watch a video of him discovering all the secrets of the game for the first time. Maybe if he invited Darcy or Aerlon over (or anyone who hasn't played it at all) and had them record their game playing/discovery session. But anyways... this video seems more like a "FIRST!" type video. I am hoping this will be handled differently with any future big releases.
  11. Have games really started to ship? I am VIP #67 and have not received any notice. Curious to know who here got the notice or the actual physical game already.
  12. Exactly. Who will be the first to “anti-plaque” their Circus Convoy?
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