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  1. I wish I still did! I bought that and was on there back in the day. FYI... atarimania.com has all the .atr disk images. However, they are kind of mislabeled. The description for Lords of Space mentions "Missing original disk image!" but this is wrong. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-lords-of-space_3040.html The zip file there actually has images of all 4 original disk sides.
  2. AtGames is aware of this issue internally. It sounded like a real patch was forthcoming but has not happened. Would probably help if more people emailed AtGames at [email protected] and kindly requested that a fix be released to the public for both Flashback 9 and Flashback X.
  3. I am sure you have audio delay. You just haven't noticed.
  4. The Flashback 9 has the same audio lag. I agree, this makes it very hard to play. I am disappointed to hear that the Flashback X (even after they specifically released a patch to address the audio delay) still has this same audio problem. There was word that a patch was forthcoming for the FB9 but that has yet to happen. I was planning on getting a Flashback X specifically because it sounded like they fixed it... but since they have not, I will hold off. My Retron77 also does NOT have the extended audio delay that the Flashback 9 has, so my experience is identical to yours when it comes to the Retron 77. Here is an audio analysis I did playing Pitfall. The spike on the left is me hitting the button. Then you can see how long it takes for the audio of the of the jump sound to play. This analysis was done with the same TV with the same HDMI cable on the same input with the same GAME MODE setting for both the Retron 77 and the Flashback 9.
  5. There is audio lag on the Flashback 9. The same audio lag existed on the Flashback X but they since patched it. Would be great if they would release a firmware update for Flashback 9 also to fix this audio lag.
  6. I totally agree. This would be great if they did one for the ST or even the 800XL.
  7. Might help.. and very easy to try. The nice thing about the sanding is that it is only on places that you cannot see when paddle is reassembled.
  8. I just took apart my Ranger and sanded around where the paddle sits in the plastic. Very easy to open up with a small phillips screwdriver. Only six screws. Also, when putting it back together, I slightly loosened the two screws near the paddle. This has greatly improved my paddle. It no longer is tight. Much easier to turn it now. I'd say that this has caused the paddle to go from a C to an A-. (Note, real working clean original paddles would be a A+)
  9. The "new" firmware just released a few days ago on November 28, 2019, is identical to the firmware they released a few weeks ago... and that firmware was identical to the firmware they released back in February. They are all version 2.1.1. I have done a file compare (FC) on all of them and they are all exactly identical. Very confusing.
  10. Happy to hear there is a BIOS update in the works!
  11. Is it possible for this cart to connect to a local computer on the local home network and download/play games from that? Or will this have to connect to an internet server for the games?
  12. I don’t think adding a resistor on top would be easier. Remember, these are extremely small surface mount resistors. They are literally the size of a grain of pepper. You have to use a microscope or a powerful magnifying glass while soldering these.
  13. For the record... Bill relayed a message for me to redo R105 and R106. I did this and now all four of my paddles are fully working! Thanks Bill! (Everyone, please note, these are NOT easy resistors to replace. They are literally the size of a grain of pepper. Proceed with caution.)
  14. The box is RF out. That is OEM. I hooked it to my TV on Channel 3 and it works great. I think this is a very early 520ST. Those other cables sticking out the top (that have since been cut) appear to be a composite out modification. But I cannot test it out as the cables are cut. However, two small holes were drilled in the case as pictured here.
  15. Have a 520ST with motherboard C070243 REV. B. Can someone help identify the various modifications on this board? Are any of these OEM? Looking to reverse anything here that was not original. Thanks! Top Side Picture 1: Top Side Picture 2: Top Side Picture 3: Bottom Side Picture 1: Bottom Side Picture 2: Bottom Side Picture 3:
  16. I have done this "Hardware Mod to Support Standard Paddles on Atari Flashback 9 and 9 Gold" on my Flashback 9: https://armchairarcade.com/perspectives/2019/10/15/hardware-mod-to-support-standard-paddles-on-atari-flashback-9-and-9-gold/ However, upon testing, my Player 3 is not working. The others are fine. Since this is a major pain due to the extremely small size of the resistors, I'd love to be able to focus on the exact resistor I should be looking at to fix. Can anyone (Bill?) provide details as to which of the four resistors I should focus on? Would be great to get an updated picture that includes which resistor belongs to which Paddle Number. Thanks!
  17. It's really hard to read the line of page numbers below the 10 screenshots. Can you do something about that?
  18. Yes... TV is in Game Mode. Like I showed in the audio samples, Flashback 9 is almost twice the audio delay of the Retron 77. I understand that a little delay is normal and almost imperceptible... and that little delay being what the Retron 77 does. However, the delay on the FB9 is too much and borders on being noticeable. No lag in controller or video... only audio. The slight audio delay is there. Wouldn't you want it to emulate the Atari 2600 the best possible? Bill Loguidice mentioned that AtGames have confirmed this delay internally and are looking into it. Hopefully they will patch it.
  19. Here is a visual waveform analysis comparing the Retron 77 and the Flashback 9 HDMI. Using the same HDMI cable plugged into the same TV input. Also using the same Joystick. The ONLY difference is the Retron 77 vs. the Flashback 9. The spike at 3.00 is the pressing of the fire button... after that is the sound of Pitfall Harry jumping. The audio of the jumping sound on the Retron 77 plays .20 seconds after the button press. The audio of the jumping sound on the Flashback 9 plays .37 seconds after the button press.
  20. No. The exact same TV using the same input with the same HDMI cable hooked to a Retron 77 does not have the audio delay. That's great that they have confirmed it internally. All FB9 games have the issue, not just Pitfall. It even looks like the audio when moving around the menu system itself is delayed the same which leads me to believe that it is a delay problem overall with all audio on the Flashback 9. Hopefully they release a firmware update to minimize this issue.
  21. I'm guessing you just haven't noticed the audio delay on the FB9. Pay close attention to all sounds. There is a slight delay. If someone can confirm that the Flashback X does not have any audio delay, then I'd gladly pick one up.
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