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  1. thanks for the replies @CatPix Do you mean http://zx-pk.ru ? @kaufenpreis Are ukrainians willing to ship to Belarus? I that usual? Maybe that brings the same probs like Germany ? I'm not familiar with this. :/
  2. Hello, i live in Germany and i'm looking for a buddy in the Ukraine. Spotted some unusual video game stuff there, but problem is... Not many want to ship to germany :/ I also noticed the problems with paypal, so i already made some deals over moneygramm. Maybe somebody could help me out here? Or name me some ukrainian game forums i can ask for it ? thanks a lot for your attention
  3. Hi, i'm searching Zodiac games (UK Releases). Everything except Tony Hawk 4 is needed, also the 2 us titles (GTS Racing Challenge + Tiger Team : Apache vs. Hind) thanks a lot
  4. Hi, i'm looking for a loose but working Atari Jaguar Console. Hope someone can help... thanks for reading Regards
  5. I don't know much about this clone. I already had one in kiddays but someday it stopped working. At this time i had no idea about electronic and so i throwed it into the garbage. My first one looked the same, but had only 192 games build in so it seems, there are more versions of this clone out there. It has real 2600 games on it like Defender, Pitfall and River Raid (a few of the games i could identify) I'm not that good in soldering, till now i've only modded consoles by detailed tutorials. ... few more pics.
  6. Hi @ all, I bought a 2600 clone on the fleamarket. I opened it to clean it and to make an AV mod, but the platinelayout is totally different. Is there a chance to mod it anyway ? thanks a lot
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