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  1. Ok, so there were plenty of Atari 2600 clones back in the day, but why aren't there any "modern" clones being sold today? Is it really just because there is no demand for them, among other things, like stardust4ever said?
  2. Why aren't there Atari 2600 clone consoles like their are clone NES, SNES, etc clone consoles? I know there are the Atari Flashback consoles but they don't really count because they don't have cartridge slots. I believe with the expectation of the Atari Flashback 2, they all use emulation.
  3. My 600XL has stopped working. When I turn it on, it shows a grey screen on the TV and makes a buzzing noise from the TV. It worked fine when I used it a week or two ago. Extremely upset about this. What happened? Is it fixable? See the pic below:
  4. I took the belt out of a broken GE Cassette Recorder and it seems to be the perfect fit for the 1010. While to play button is still snapped in the 1010, with the front cover removed, I can reach below the snapped play button and activate the internal button. With the "new" belt in place, I was able to successfully load my copy of States and Capitals. The first time I tried I got error 138 on the loading/title screen. I tried again and it loaded successfully. I was quite surprised to hear such clear voice and music while the tape was loading. Seems my 1010 is working now with an actual belt.
  5. Well that's the end of that. I snapped the play button so it's now useless. The button is still on there, but I don't think it will work anymore. The good news is I seemed to successfully save a program to a cassette after the button snapped, I didn't get any errors. But I couldn't even try to load it for obvious reasons. Thanks to everyone for all your help.
  6. Now that I know what I'm doing,the tape plays, but I've yet to successfully load anything. I've tried to load my States and Capitals cassette, since it's the only original cassette I have. I put the tape in, make sure it's rewound, type CLOAD, press play, then enter. The tape starts loading, but it never loads. Mostly because the rubber band keeps falling off, it's really irritating. It might be to small. Anyway, when the rubber band doesn't fall off, I've gotten errors like 138 and 140, but mostly 140. I haven't tried saving a program, just loading. When the tape is loading, I do here the "digital, computer type noise" the instruction sheet describes.
  7. Well, I found a rubber band that works. The reels spin and I can now rewind and advance tapes, which I couldn't do before, but nothing seems to happen when press play. I type CLOAD and press play when the computer beeps, but nothing happens. No activity on the 1010 and the computer doesn't seem to acknowledge that I pressed play. (This was actually taken today 11/20/2014, but the date on the camera is wrong) This is how I put the rubber band on. The metal piece that's supposed to be over the big middle wheel?, that can be seen in the fourth picture from the bottom of this post, is clearly missing, I didn't take it off, it was like this when I opened it. This unit may have been worked on before. The other belt is still intact, as you can see by this picture.
  8. Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to let you all know I found the switch box I used with my 2600 before the power connector broke. I tried it with the insanely long RF cable I got with the 600XL and the picture is crystal clear, no static at all. Now I can actually my 600XL since I can see what's on the screen, unlike when I was using my NES or Sega RF switches.
  9. The two belts are $1.40 each, so the total with shipping is $10.79. Anyone think a rubber band would work, at least for a temporary fix?
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I wasn't sure where to post this. I wanted to let everyone know that Radio Shack no longer sells the F type to RCA adaptor. I asked them about the two that they used to sell on Facebook and after they escalated my question, I got this response today: Just wanted to let everyone know.
  11. Well I opened it up and sure enough, one belt is snapped and part of it was stuck on the housing of one of the connectors. I found replacement belts on MCM Electronics as per this post, but MCM wants $7.99 to ship the two belts, which is ridiculous.
  12. Unfortunately, it seems I was wrong about the 1010. I made a separate thread about it here.
  13. I recently got a 600XL, with a 1010 Program Recorder, among other things (more on that here). I finally got around to trying the 1010 today and unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.I hooked it up following the instructions in the original manual. The light on the front is lit and I can hear the motor running, but the reels don't seem to move, rather there is a tape inserted or not. What could be causing this? Is this a common problem? Is it fixable or is the 1010 shot? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Today I got an Atari 600XL today from Craigslist for just $10. I came with a bunch of stuff including the original manuals, 3 game carts (Pole Position, Centipede and E.T. Phone Home) , a 1010 tape drive with miscellaneous tapes, all needed cables and more. Since I don't have an Atari switchbox, I tried it with a Sega Auto RF Adapter. It works but the picture was extremely staticy. I also tried my NES RF adapter, which was better, but it was still staticy. At least I could see what's on the screen. I think the problem is with the RF switches. Haven't tested the 1010 tape drive yet, but I;m sure it works. This is not the first 80s computer I've ever gotten. I also have a Commodore 128 I've owned for about 7 years now. However, this is my first Atari home computer.
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