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  1. Parallax scrolling amuses me way more than it should... #gamedev #indiedev

  2. I changed my twitter handle from @NightDriver2600 to @JenNybiru. It's more professional than referencing another company's game in my name.

    1. BillyHW


      OMG, there's a girl on here.

  3. I can't believe the World of Warcraft is ending this December! :( http://t.co/B7jkkGlg #WoW #Blizzard

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    2. moycon


      Maybe "non-serious "news" for goofy gamers?"

    3. Grig


      I just can't believe it's not butter!

    4. Bakasama


      They're replacing WoW with Hello Kitty?!


    #NintendoLand isn't just a lame party game! It's going to be a real amusement park next summer! http://t.co/nZUdd3hQ


  5. There's still time to claim your Club #Nintendo Elite Reward! http://t.co/cd1Bd7kV #ClubNintendo

  6. PS3.5 Leaked! http://t.co/RWKhMbMD

    1. bomberpunk


      full backwards compatibility? hmm..

    2. Austin


      Another remodel? Um....

  7. Have you played #Atari today?

  8. Space Invaders!

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    2. Grig


      Whassarmada for you? Hey!

    3. AtariNerd


      "He's hooked, he's hooked, his brain is cooked!"

    4. NE146


      pshoo pshoo!

  9. - F-Zero X (N64) - Skyrim (XBox 360) - Nintendogs + Cats (3DS)
    1. jetset


      WTF is he talking about unlocking the 2600 "elusive day driver mode"?


    2. NE146


      I figured that part was a joke. However, wtf is he talking about using a joystick?

  10. I saw one pic where I was way in the background and kind of blurry. Lol
  11. I prefer physical games, even if they do take up a lot of space in my tiny apartment.
  12. "Like New" = "I want to charge an arm and a leg for my garbage" :/
  13. NightDriver2600 I have a free account right now. Don't know when/if I'm going to upgrade.
  14. Same as my username here, NightDriver2600
  15. I'll probably check it out. I went a couple years ago, but then forgot about it.
  16. No. I have plenty of actual games that I never have time to play. I block the updates from those stupid games on my wall.
  17. As long as the game works, I don't care too much about the label. I "collect" games so that I can play them. Most of my Atari games are still in the original boxes anyway, so most of the labels are in decent shape.
  18. I don't have kids, but I remember Pac Man on the 2600 being one of the first video games I ever played.
  19. I'll probably be there, providing I can get out of work that day.
  20. Usually the keyboard for DOS games and a gamepad for console games, though I rarely use console emulators unless I'm not home and only have my laptop or if it's a super rare game that I can't find anywhere. I don't really play modern PC games at all.
  21. I have one of those Atari carts (basically a cabinet with wheels) that has a place for the system on the top with a plastic cover to keep the dust off and a cabinet for the games underneath.
  22. I have three systems (Genesis, N64, Retro Duo) in one of those plastic 7 drawer carts from Walmart with three big drawers at the bottom and four smaller ones on top. Each system gets it's own big drawer. There is also a smaller drawer each for N64, SNES, and Genesis games+accessories (NES are in with the Retro Duo system) and another one for portable systems (except my DS, which stays in my purse. The games for that have their own spot on the shelf on the headboard of my bed). I'm eventually going to find somewhere better for portables and move NES games to that drawer. I have a separate storage case for the 2600 and it's games and controllers since I have an official Atari case. The GameCube is just sitting on the shelf next to my printer under the TV since I wasn't too worried about dust getting into that. The games for that are stored on a DVD tower. The drawer cart sits on one side of the TV and the Atari is on the other. Everything is plugged into power strips behind the TV. There are also more controllers, cables, and random accessories in various storage units in my hallway. I don't think I have room for any more systems until I move. I don't even have that much stuff, and I still barely have enough space for it.
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