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  1. Ha, not sure how that happened, I wasn't a massive fan, and probably dozed off during that moment (think I was just waiting for Harrison Ford's cameo performance). For some reason despite all the CGI it didn't look as convincing or spectacular as the original (to me anyway). Still it was better than those Star Wars sequels.
  2. The enormous Atari logo scene seemed to be missing from the actual movie though, unless I blinked and missed it..
  3. It's good fun, but occasionally a bit buggy, so (I can't remember how the save works) save fairly often! You can occasionally get trapped in the scenery and there is also the rare complete crash, though that may have been down to my hardware.
  4. Can you work out where it came from on the keyboard? Or is it from the motherboard? I would be a bit wary of swapping things out of other consoles without knowing the exact component values
  5. Legend (the later version by another software house) and Shadowlands/ Shadow-worlds are games sort of in the Temple of Apshai style, can't fully remember if the former was real time entirely though (although I spent a lot of time on it a few years back). Nethack as well maybe or Times of Lore?
  6. You will probably have difficulty cleaning it without one of those kits without opening the drive up. It usually is not a massive challenge, and probably will just involve taking off the top shielding from the floppy drive. Then use a q-tip/ cotton bud to gently clean the drive heads with isopropyl alcohol (which is basically the same thing the kit does anyway).
  7. Both can do Truetype (as long as you get Speedo 5 - the earlier revisions don't support Truetype) so you can nick the fonts off your PC if you want. Speedo also does Speedo vector fonts (some of which come with the package), which were a very expensive font type back in the 80s/ 90s, and unsurprisingly (given the name) are pretty fast at rendering. I'm not sure if Bitstream, who made the speedo fonts is still going, and the fonts were not that widely available and cost a packet. Speedo fonts are probably better quality than Truetype but due to the cost never took on. I believe Speedo GDOS may also do another font type (postscript type 1 maybe?). Both packages will also load the old style GEM bitmap fonts as used by the original GDOS. NVDI does only come with a Times Roman u-like font called Baskerville, and a sans serif font called Franklin Gothic (iirc), which I suppose is a bit like Arial. But as I say you can pretty much use any Truetype font you can find out there.
  8. Either Speedo or Nvdi will be the best choices,the last versions of both allow you to use standard Truetype fonts. NVDI has the bonus of a screen accelerator. Don't bother with original GDOS, it is a ball ache to set up, with different fonts needed for the screen and the specific printer. They are also bitmap fonts for the original, which look great at the size they are designed for, but you can't resize them without becoming a pixelly mess.
  9. I think (emphasise the think here) that back then Quantum Paint may have had a 4096 painting mode (with the same scan line restrictions as Spectrum), although I believe it might have been as interesting to actually use as Spectrum (as in awkward). Edit - it did, but seems it was a bit of a kludge - https://www.atarimagazines.com/startv3n2/quantumpaint.html
  10. That game looks bonkers, like Treasure Island Dizzy on amphetamines! (if the original wasn't weird enough). Pity the levels look a bit empty of baddies, looks like it would make a good engine for a Sonic style game
  11. Grin, I doubt it - I'm pretty bad at Donkey Kong at the best of times
  12. From Little Acorns (text adventure with graphics and wicked sense of humour), Dark Wars (DM Clone), Paths of Glory (Legend clone), Bio Hazard (Xenomorph like), Towers (DM Clone) and Walls of Illusion (DM Clone) would be my PD/ Shareware favs (they are all adventure type games). Mystic Well was also a pretty nice Dungeon Master like game if you can get past the graphics. Also liked 'Going down with the Captain', which isn't remotely like the title suggests (more plugging holes on a sinking ship), The Obscure Naturalist (defies genre) and Spectral Sorcery (puzzle game). Because the ST's scrolling could often be somewhat lack lustre, I was always pulled towards strategy and adventure games on the platform more than shooters. I hadn't seen Crash Time Plumber before. The graphics look pretty damn good. Will have to check it out.
  13. That labelling might give it away as an 1040 STe (that is a good thing!) You could upgrade the ROM to TOS 2.06, but if you want to play games then it is probably best to stick with what you have (presuming it is TOS 1.62) Ebay should supply the simms, you want 4mb of them at 120ns + for a maxed out computer, but for most games you will probably not need that much. Really don't bother with the language disk, the only thing of any real use on it is the control panel - and there are better control panel apps out there, ST Basic itself on the language disk is renowned for being garbage. Nothing on the disk is essential to using the ST. If you want a decent basic try either GFA or Hisoft Basic.
  14. Looks really good compared to the original - well done, one thing I did notice is the new car seems to be scaled a little large compared to the other traffic (and maybe the screen play area?). As the other cars and lorries go past you they look about half the size of the players car, but I can't remember whether the original game was the same - perhaps you are planning to replace them as well though? As for the silver fox riding shotgun,to paraphrase the words on the Chequered Flag Jaguar box, this is a drive to Grandmas
  15. I suspect for a short while in the mid 80s it was probably the best consumer system you could buy for 3D graphics (without spending lots of money), though I'm sure some super PC of the time (fast 286 upwards) with some specialist cards could beat it easily, or some exotic custom hardware. I would also stick my neck out and say it is a trifle ahead of the Amiga on that front. There are a shed load of 3D games on the ST, other notables (as well as Paranoid's list) include things like Falcon, Conqueror, Virus, Carrier Command, Battle Command, Thunderhawk, Elite and Frontier (as well as a shed load of other tank and plane simulators). There are also some excellent apps including Antic's 3D stuff and the 3D construction kit. The ST also has a very nice version of Wolfenstein if we include fake 3D.
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