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  1. Well if it is anything like other STs it won't work without the keyboard (the IKBD chip is used by the system), so you might want to stick that back in first If that doesn't work then the NVRAM battery dead issue is likely to be the cause of the issue. Try resetting it as a first port of call.
  2. Yep port 1 for joystick, port 0 for mouse/ joystick Because the hardware is read directly and there is no abstraction layer to decide what is plugged into what, developers always went for the port without the mouse, so people can leave that in and still play a game with a joystick in the other port. That standard Atari one will be fine, although if you are into ST games I would think about getting a nicer microswitched model (or a pad if you prefer).
  3. If your mouse is working it's pretty likely the joystick is working in that port. But for most games the joystick usually needs to be in the other port (port 1 iirc) from your mouse (if a second player is playing you will need to plug their joystick into the mouseport). There are no drivers as such, each game usually reads the hardware directly to get the joystick state. Joysticks also don't work in GEM unless you are using one of the more obscure programs that let you control the mouse with the joystick. I take it you have loaded a game with the joystick in port 1 and are getting no response? Occasionally the mechanically not clever design and location of the joystick ports results some solder joints detaching themselves. If you find you can only move in certain directions, or the fire button doesn't work you will possibly need to break out the soldering iron or get someone who can and solder the ports back onto the keyboard. The other thing to check is that often joysticks of the period can run on different home computers, lots of which have different wiring/ pin outs. If the stick is completely unresponsive it may be it is designed for a Spectrum or Commodore or something else (or your joystick is broken). Often there is a switch to change the computer on the joystick (look underneath), or a different coloured additional plug. In the latter case, grey is usually the colour for the other computers and black for the Atari. What joystick are you using BTW, some pads, such as those for the Megadrive/ Genesis are not compatible?
  4. Tempus Word was a good alternative if you fail to find a copy of Papyrus X. http://www.tempus-word.de/ Might want to email them to see if it still available before you buy though as it hasn't been updated for a long while. I have a copy and can say it is comparable, minus the more office like functions.
  5. My version was English so I can only assume that a translated resource was made available by Nick. Some of previous versions (6 - 9) only made it in German iirc. I was stuck using version 5 for years until X was released.
  6. It is a bit buggy, and you do have to save a lot (each hyperspace trip really), although Braben did say in ST Format the ST version was actually less buggy than the Amiga and PC versions as the conversion came later and they had the chance to fix some of the bugs.
  7. The Sol to Banards run is safe, but slow. However, if you keep your eyes on the classifieds occasionally you will see someone trying to buy/ sell some of your favoured trades for a lot more money than normal (hint) and you can make larger amounts of cash that way. I used to break it up by making an occasional run to Ross 154. Occasional attacks make things more fun than trading slog. I did eventually get a Panther that way, used it for a bit before realising the range is limited and if you go anywhere vaguely dangerous you have to shoot down about 20 enemies per trip (not hard with 20 odd force fields and four military lasers, but somewhat tedious. Traded it in for the ship in the intro (imperial something or other iirc), which is a good all rounder.
  8. The docking computer issue is annoying and is present on the original floppy version, the work around is to stick the time control to maximum (ie time passes the fastest) as you dock, this seems to mostly cure the problem, occasionally you will get a bit of damage but no destruction unless you are really unlucky. The other problem with autopilot was in systems where the planets orbit at fast speeds and you can run out of fuel as the autopilot whizzes past the planet, corrects and then misses again. I found manual control then a mix of time speeds was the only way to get to these stations. I'm not sure about the random noises, that is not something I encountered using the floppy version.
  9. If you've hit a brick wall you may want to try posting on Atari Forum or Exxos's forum, you'll most likely find more advice there and potentially someone to fix it. There was a thread recently on people that might repair your ST in the UK on Atari Forum iirc.
  10. It should be mentioned that only works on TOS 2.06 upwards. On original TOS it's a bit more manual. Single click an existing drive so it is highlighted, go to option menu, select install disk drive. A dialogue opens and you should enter the drive letter you want and its label. So if you want to install drive C enter 'C' in the drive identifier entry and then a label like hard disk. You can duplicate icons if you want this way as well so if for some reason you wanted another floppy A drive you could use the dialogue to add another one. There is a limit to the letters you can use (I think P is the latest alphabetical letter you can use iirc). Also small 'c' is used to add an icon for the cartridge port so be careful with case.
  11. An audio probe might be helpful to trace back the signal so far. It could be something simple like a broken track. The sound chip also drives some other functions in the ST so if the sound is your only issue then I suspect the fault still lies somewhere else. I believe the sound chip output is mixed with the DMA sound system at some point on the STe (I may be mistaken this is above my pay grade on the ST internals, hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge can chime in). I did manage to kill the sound chip in my Falcon by trying to drive a scanner through the parallel port back in the day, so perhaps trying to check to see if you can also print may also give further clues.
  12. Is there sound coming from the monitor port (mono) on pin 1 (iirc). If so then the sound chip is probably ok. I have never used separate speakers with my STe, although have tapped the output into my Phillips monitor, but believe the sound they produce needs to run through an amplifier, so I don't know if you were doing this? If not you will probably need to trace back from the audio outs until you find the culprit.
  13. Hi Randy, if the computer has the time set the time/ date stamp on files should happen automatically so shouldn't be a problem. For a clock on the desktop you will probably need to search what we called back then 'Public Domain' (Freeware) stuff, it will probably be a desktop accessory. If you trawl through the Floppyshop archive you should find something (search for clock or time in the utilities section) https://exxoshost.co.uk/atari/PDL/FLOPPYSHOP/index.htm Just be aware the seemingly best choices which place the clock in the top right hand bit of the desktop menu can clash with some programs, so you might want to go for one that displays the clock in a window.
  14. The condition of newdesk.inf only really has an effect on whether the drive icon is displayed on the desktop, and shouldn't stop you installing or accessing the C drive. There are two possibilities here, either your C partition is totally trashed and corrupted, in which case copying stuff off the card and then repartioning is going to be the easiest option. Alternatively you have just a corrupted newdesk file. If you are using TOS 2.06 you should be able to install the C drive icon again from the menu (I think 2.06 has the install devices menu entry?) and then save desktop. If its not coming up after that and you really want to try and recover it then maybe Diamond Edge might be able to help (as long as you aren't using long file names and plain FAT 12) or maybe Knife. It could be your FAT has got corrupted. Really I would just zap it (easy these days when you can just stick the SD card in the PC and copy thing back and forth) and start again. I would also check the SD card, is it a good brand?
  15. Ironically my Mac Plus relies on my Syquest drive for its hard drive on one of its disks. Completely unusable without a hard disk (thank god we had TOS/ GEM is ROM, the floppy swapping is horrendous) so the Syquest was actually a godsend.
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