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  1. No idea, one to try when I get my collection over from the UK. I have some vague memory of it not working right (maybe the sampled sound track), but not sure on that one
  2. Epic was pretty spectacular at the time, the first time I flew through that space battle level it was like being in Star Wars. Of course you would have to be quite tolerant of the spectacularly low frame rates on busy scenes, I am but a lot of people today seem to go mad if anything drops below 60fps. I would also second Crammond's F1, I still don't see how it is possible on the ST. Hunter also. I did quite like Thunderhawk and Simulcra. Campaign is also amazingly ambitious, but again the frame rate can get single digit at points.
  3. It is a Tadiran (Part no. TL 5242/W) they were still making these about ten years ago, not sure about today though, you should be able to find a clone though.
  4. Yes the memory test on the TT is completely unreliable, I installed TT ram with the wrong jumper settings (thanks to the backwards instructions) and the computer would crash after a few seconds use.. the TT inbuilt ram test gave the memory a clean bill of health though.
  5. They will have to form a 'bubble' and self isolate for 14 days together doing nothing but playing Resovoir Gods Frogger..
  6. That must be the one, it's been a while since I saw it (like 15 years or so!), and my Atari collection is in a different country at the moment so couldn't check. I suppose you could wire that into a normal ST (with some difficulty), as the Megabus isn't anything special hardware wise. A cartridge version would have been amazing
  7. Ah thanks that is good information, well out of the average gamers budget (certainly mine) then As Yamaha wouldn't even give Atari a better spec YM chip for fear of competition I would imagine getting a cut down version to compete with their products would be a no no.
  8. Never heard of the TV toy, but you could by a transputer co-processor at one stage for the standard ST - I suspect about two people brought it though - it was advertised in magazines at the time. IIRC it plugged into the cartidge port.
  9. Yeah I would have loved a cheap MIDI sound device back then, it's a real shame more games didn't support it, I've been struggling to find information on what the cheapest MIDI device available back then but would imagine it will still go into the hundreds - even for an Atari version, which would take it out of most gamers reach? I imagine the take up would have been low though even then (as we ST owners were notoriously cheap! ). The YM was literally just meant to be the ST's equivalent of a system buzzer according to an interview with Shiraz I read in an Atari magazine years ago, just a way to get audio feedback and save some cash on chips as it interfaced with the Serial and Parallel ports. Either AMY or what eventually went into the STe was always the end goal it seems.
  10. There were a lot of game cheats in ST Basic (and fast basic) in the earlier issues (pre 1990) of ST Action. You typed these in and ran them before the game and they gave you infinite lives or whatnot (I vaguely remember there was a general bit you typed in that was printed every few issues and then a seconday bit for the game in question that you added on). These were the only examples I can think of, although perhaps early issues of Atari User (before it became Atari ST User and the ST section was a pull out) or early ST World might also have had some type in listings, the latter are hard to find online.
  11. Quite expensive for a better audio soundtrack though, and you would have the same fracture of user base you would have with supporting MIDI tunes, so it wouldn't likely get adopted, as MIDI wasn't much either (and I imagine a cheap MIDI device would be a easier, cheaper audio upgrade). Unless the hardware is built in and is in the majority of users machines, it just won't get supported (look at the STe for example, or the Amiga 500+). Would have been nice though
  12. Chameleon is one, used that quite a bit iirc as I think it also allows you to unload desk accs so you can get the memory back.
  13. My Syquest EzFlyer required a couple of resets of the ST before it was recognised (this was a common issue on some machines). If you install the driver on the disk (C Partition) and then try and reset a couple of times, you might get lucky. Bear in mind making the disk bootable is one thing, but you will still need to create the icons and save a desktop info file to the hard drive for it to be accessible from the desktop on each boot up. Really 10mb is a bit low capacity even for the ST (would make a good 8bit hard disk though). By the time you have a auto folder and a couple of programs on there it will be full up.
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