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  1. Usual steps on this would be to reseat all the socketed chips and check the PSU voltages (preferably recap the PSU or replace it). The disk drive is indeed an easy fix (Cool Novelties on ebay sell a replacement belt if you are in UK/Europe, might be a bit pricey on the postage to get to the US), it shouldn't cause a red screen. Having said that you may wish to swap out the drive for a more modern disk drive or a Gotek as that drive may well be single sided if it is old enough to be belt driven.
  2. I had one monitor that had the screen expansion mod done and it did indeed go down after some use. There is a fix http://www-ftp.lip6.fr/pub/atari/Docs/dead_mon.txt that suggests replacing the faulty component with a higher spec one that can handle the increased stress. So if you want to go down the screen expansion route you may also wish to do that mod as well.
  3. It's a rare game due to the recall, but I would say more somewhere in the £80 to £120 is the price I've seen it go for in the past. Without a box I think one went reasonably cheap on the ST version on Ebay UK (I say reasonable, but even then it was still over the original price). I did pick up a boxed version a few years back for around that price (most expensive game I've ever brought for the ST), but I collect boxed originals for the ST so it was worth it for me. It's not a great game, however, so unless you are into collecting I would spend it on some better games or download the STe version.
  4. If no-one else can help more quickly I do have it somewhere in my backups (and the utilities disk). It may take a while to work out where the hell it is on my server though, so hopefully someone else can leap in.
  5. I believe the Mega STe should boot at 8mhz and has to be 'switched' to 16mhz. There is a cache as well iirc (my Mega STe is out of action for about six years after a soldering accident ), which could effect gameplay speed. Not sure if that is on or off by default. Are you running a control panel acc or something - on you hard drive perhaps? that could alter the colours and switch on the 16mhz and cache. If not you could try running a control panel if Breach is GEM compliant. You would be able to alter the colours then as well as adjust the CPU speed. X-Control is the Atari control panel released around the time of the Mega STe and has several CPX modules to alter those things (I think General and Color are the CPXs you would want). Is your version of Time Bandit the 'demo' version (which is like a full game by itself) which launches from the desktop or the full monty version, which I think autoboots?
  6. You will need to swap two of the wires according to the pinouts, the X2 and Y2 are reversed on the Amiga it seems. With the plug facing you, and wider part on top, Y2 on the Amiga is on the top row on the far left while X2 is fourth from the left on the top row (second from the right) on the ST the Y2 is in the X2 position and vice versa. If you trace these back to the mouse internals using continuity on a multimeter you might/should be able to find a place to swap the two wires over (soldering may be required). All the other wires are the same on both.
  7. Ah ok I see what you are aiming at. I can imagine that a cartridge port connector could in theory be built (there aren't many cartridges for the ST, only a programming language Fast Basic and a few utilities for software, on the hardware side it got used more diversely for scanners and lego robotic interfaces for example). I suspect if you track down the developer docs and check out the schematics that would be the place to start. I imagine some of the more technical ST magazines from back in the day had some projects for the cartridge port, so some of the German magazines might have something (ST Computer). The only really 'high tech' cartridge (that isn't more than an interface) I can think of that even did anything vaguely like you mention would be that 3D add-on cartridge (the video is on Youtube). I think the main problem will be the ST running the game itself, I'm not exactly a technology knowledge titan (or at all even), but I imagine the custom chips in the 2600 will be a bit tricky for the ST to handle in software, the architecture is pretty different to the ST (even if, or perhaps because, it is quite primitive), but I guess you are thinking of using your spare chips in this interface? I would imagine the cartridge would have to do all the heavy lifting and then translate the output into a format the ST can put on screen, but this seems like quite a heavy duty project.
  8. Think you're out of luck there, although I'm not quite sure what you want to do? Do you mean use the ST like a joystick controller? The ST would struggle with live video - colour RF capture cards for the ST did exist but they struggled with a single paused screen of capture, and could only reliably grab black and white in 'real time' albeit at low frame rates and often at a quarter/ half of the resolution. If the video out isn't working on the 2600 this wouldn't help anyway. I suppose you could capture video from lines on the motherboard itself, but then why not just use those to connect to a TV anyway? The 2600 chips are actually quite difficult to software emulate for the ST, I don't think there was an ST emulator for the machine during its lifetime although I think something like the Falcon could probably manage. I think the only machines the Atari ST could emulate well were the ZX81 and the Spectrum which had really simple graphics chips (and even the Spectrum one ran slower than the real thing). I suppose in theory you could develop some complex cartridge port cartridge with some sort of FPGA in it that could do the things I think your wanting, but I think you would probably have to do that yourself I'm probably getting the wrong end of the stick (perhaps you mean insert the working chips in some sort of hardware interface? - but see the last point - and you probably find it easier to get a new PCB based on the old motherboard printed) but think you are going to be disappointed...
  9. Well you learn something new everyday! I'll have to add those to my Breach list. The only other games on the ST I can think of that do that were Cohort II and Caesar, where you could campaign in Caesar and then fight the battles in Cohort.
  10. Interlocking? So you mean something like you do something on one game and can import the save into another?
  11. Probably memory constraints on a 520 ST I would guess, every ST would probably need to be upgraded to 1mb to really make it comfortable to work with. I know what you mean with the 600 series, my started producing smudgy prints fairly quickly, and then I had to replace something internally (a ribbon attached to print head) within a short period after. I haven't brought a HP printer since..
  12. Saw that one, I have the nine pin equivalent still (although the ink has long since dried up and the colour ribbons are tough to get hold of). Your 500c will be fine with your ST (depending on drivers for whatever you want to use it with). I used a 660c with Imagecopy for printing colour prints for a couple of years with my ST in the early to mid nineties. It also worked with NVDI and SpeedoGDOS fine, although deskjets were not as compatible with some of the earlier WP and graphics programs as they were with Deskjets. I think Canon inkjets were the best bet at the time as they could emulate a 24 pin Epson dot matrix for a staggering 360dpi print if the program didn't have native drivers.
  13. Would love to if I could track down an original copy of either of them - they look like they are similar to Laser Squad, and that is one of my favourite ST games. Sadly haven't found a copy at a price I can stomach yet. But one day!
  14. If I remember right, one of the 'serious' Atari mags did a round up of clock battery options for the ST that included a number of the keyboard clock battery units (ST Review perhaps), a trawl of some magazine archives might find your model. I have one and for a short while it was fitted, unfortunately it ate battery power at an alarming rate, and the unit would run out of juice after a few days if the ST wasn't used, which kind of made it pretty useless unless your ST was on 24/7. I was also fearful of the inevitible battery leak scenario and the ST I did use it in also had a TOS and memory upgrades and I couldn't find a way to make it fit with those in there as well. It's been in my ST parts bin since then.
  15. Did you try and clean the drive heads? Sometimes they can get crap on that is hard to shift (it only takes one rogue disk to cause a drive to appear unuseable). I would do that first, then other basics like reseating the socketed chips. Check the solder points on the floppy cable, they could have gone dry or been damaged by tugging to get that floppy drive out. It might be an idea to sort a cheap floppy emulator (like a Gotek) off Ebay (or shop of choice) and see if you can read a disk image that way, as then you could at least rule out a disk drive fault (they are all getting tempermental in this day and age). After that a motherboard recap would be a good preventative measure anyway at this stage. The WD 1772 chip controls the floppy, so you could try and change that if your skills are up to it.
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