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  1. I tried your suggestions, but no difference, still grey lines up and down. Some games display it worse than others. Other than the bars, the picture is pretty clean, no fuzziness.
  2. Here are some pics. On the darker ones, you can see the greyish/black lines that run up and down.
  3. Hey all! Haven't been around for awhile as with work and family. I pulled out my Atari tonight which hasn't been used in a few months and it plays ok and everything, but there are faint black lines going up and down the length of the screen completely across the playfield. It is really noticeable on games with a grey or lite green background. It looks almost like a faint grid-like pattern. I know it isn't my tv or the rf cord as I bought a new one last year. Has anyone else had this probloem and what can be done to fix it?
  4. So if I replace the TIA chip, would that cure the problem?
  5. I was reading in some past postings where someone mentioned using a ferrite core bead. I went a got one yesterday and still no difference.
  6. My camera crapped out on me. I would love to be able to post a pic. Is there a part that could be going bad like a transistor on the board that needs changed?
  7. I am using RF to coax adapter, no box.
  8. I tried the original one, and I had a new one I had bought from Best Electronics a few months back and tried that, same on both.
  9. Ok, so I bought a console at the local Sallys today, come home to try it, and it works nicely! Just for $5 Now, even so it works, there is a faint grid type background on every game I play. On some, there's no grid, but faint up and down line shadows in the background. Does anyone know what can be done to fix that? Just noticed that there is some fuzziness to the picture too. I just put on a new cord and it still is fuzzy.
  10. Yeah, I have been having a good laugh. I have seen about 10 this past week labeled incorrectly on Ebay. How dumb can one be? Most I have seen have been going anywhere between $50-$99. The only thing I can think of is being it was in Canada. Many Ebayers won't ship there, so there are fewer available to the Canadians .
  11. You can, but make sure the polarity of the tip is correct (+).
  12. Two of my 6ers have the "Property Of Atari" stamp. Could it be they stamped this in the promotional units that the stores used on display?
  13. Gotta hand it to you tet, you follow my posts well. I appreciate that! I did swap all three chips, nothing.
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