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  1. Well I predicted this is just going to get stranger and stranger as it goes along. I seen it before in both the toy world (Shocker Toys/Geoff Beckett) and comic world. (The Guy and his many Companies escape me at the moment) The official Coleco response is interesting but in my mind does not hold much water. (I know of Chris due to links in the toy world) After looking at the official Coleco Web site www.colecotoys.com Well you'll get the picture.
  2. When in doubt read the manual..... If it working but has corrupt graphic could be a couple of things. Voltage between upper and lower boards (Which points to bad connector, bad ribbon cable or faulty wiring between board) causing Graphics ROMS or RAM to do weird stuff. Bad ROM Chips connections/Socketing. ROM chips which are socketed have aged/oxidized due to poor environment. Rom chips need to be pulled and there legs (Steel wool) and the Socket cleaned (Wire brush) About 12 to check Faulty RAM that has become corrupt due to age or has bad connection to board. (Re-flow solder over connections, clean connections if socketed or replace) 4 to check according to manual. NB I never worked on a Frogger machine but just reading the manual and experience with other machines doing funky graphics I lay the blame at ROM Chip connections first.
  3. Lemmings........ I lived through that Amiga addiction from 1991 to 1992. (Thankfully Street Fighter 2 came along)
  4. Too late.... http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Sega-Dreamcast-2-Wants-Answer-PC-Gamers-Wishes-106737.html http://www.projectdream.co/ The pocket full of dreams fight of the century. Celeco Chameleon Vs Dreamcast 2 That thing was amazing and was marked wrongly. 4 years before the whole Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Amiibos blew away all sales forcasts. Mattel where fools.
  5. Have I missed something with the new team on this. Mark Thomann is clearly Licensing and Patent guy. Chris Cardillo is at a guess hype guy. No new hardware guy? Just Steve still? And Mike doing Mike stuff? I love to be a fly on the wall when those group meetings happen, particularly if Steve is a no show. (3 marketing guys in a room is not a good sign) With a little more effort they could have slapped a Polaroid, Kodak or with a little work Sega or SNK logo on it. (Maybe even a Circuit City or the million dollar idea RadioShack console.) Mascot. Got that covered too. This guy.
  6. Chris Cardillo - Actor, Music Producer, Rapper, GI Joe Collector, Author. (His 2 books one a NES collectors guide and the other a GI Joe Guide are at best a weekends work grabbing images on the interned in MS paint and stitching them all together. I have his GI Joe book it woeful.) He a perfect fit for the team.
  7. I don't think the wheel needs re-inventing. We don't need a new console to run something new if anything you want to serve the retro community make a better console to run all the old stuff. HDMI is a must. Basically a Modular FPGA Retron (Abet done properly and not NEXing it like Hyperkin did.) adding in download content (Like the Ouya should have been) with new and original developers. Modular/Addable cores to support everything with cartridge support, hell add a CD/DVD add on for you CD generation. Make your own propriety controller, USB dongles to support original controllers. Group your cores as best you can charge $99 for the system and $49 for a core. Add Cores for systems that have never made it to all in one consoles, Atari's, MS, GG etc You want to go into the cartridge business don't re-event the wheel help developers release there games to cartridge on the system that suits them best SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, Atari 2600 - it going to run on your super system and appeal to others that own the original. And/Or make it downloadable compatible supporting new and old games. (Much like the Wii U does) Companies love reselling older games for $5-$10 digital download and not really doing anything. And make a whole heap of snazzy colored shells for the Jaguar so not to waist your number one prized item while your about it.
  8. A lot of my favorite games... Lets see.... Badlands (laserdisk game) Round Up 5 Super Delta Force Crime Fighters 1 & 2 (I played 2 a couple of time not as charming as 1) Metal Hawk 500 GP MACH 3 (Laserdisk) (There's about a dozen or so others locked away in my memory that I can see the game but can't remember the name, which is awful as I like to think of myself as an arcade guy)
  9. I guessing because it Hyperkin the thing will run on AAA and not a rechargable battery? (Would that quilify as something dumb?) Thank goodness they have not made it with there usual Hyperkin "Wireless" Controllers. Running Street Fighter Alpha in the video I saw compatability should be good. While I love to death Yobo's FC16GO & the wireless controllers the addition of Control ports are a bit of an extra selling point, If only they could but them underneath or on the back of the console. Now if only we could take all the best bits from Yobo and Hyperkin and make a truely sweet Handheld.
  10. Compatibility problem work around found. (Using a Version 2 more than likely works on version 1) I have to have a look at Mario RPG, Street fighter Alpha and Kirby Superstar *all of which worked on my version 1 unit* which people have had problems with. Also see if I can get Super Wrestlemania and see if I can figure out a fix as well. Details very soon.... (any other confirmed games that don't work so I can see if I can get them to work?)
  11. Wow you can hook it up to the Wii. I'm definitly sold. I am surprised no on has ever come up with a cross platform device that has simple adaptors for the different systems cartridges before.
  12. Just to clarify I only booted these games and played about 4-5 mins on each. (They might have other glitches but I did not notice any yet) I played with it for about 4 hours unfortunitly will not get to play with it today at all, dam you real job. Had a real hard time getting Super Robot Taisen Gaiden: Masō Kishin - The Lord Of Elemental JAP and Kirby Super Star USA working but again maybe it the carts I was using. Everything else booked first time. I went back and re-Dremmeled a few of my JAP and PAL games and they started fitted in the system fine. (You have to dremmel out a lot more than an original SNES or an FC2 or FC3 to make them fit.) Also booted up a Super Gameboy 1 & 2 and a Satellaview Derby Stallion Cart just for the hell of it and they worked fine. (I know I have another weird SNES JAP cartridge floating around somewhere I need to try.) Have yet to try a Game Genie/Gameshark or the Tri-star Nes attachment (Do I even want to bother with it?) The Reset occallionally works and yes sometimes it just turns off the systems. Other times it resets and the Start, Select and on/off does not works while other times it works fine. (IE the Reset is very hit and miss. Does not matter if you just tap or hold the thing down.) I've so far very impressed at the Chipset Yobo are using by far the best Clone out there so far. (It booted stuff the FC Twin and Retro Duo fail to do) I tried alot of hard stuff with cartridge chipsets that I though would fail. If I could install a PAL switch in it the thing would be killer. (I've resisted so far pulling one to peices)
  13. Game Compatability tested.... I worked on mainly games with specialty chips. The following all test fine... CX4 Mega Man X2 USA DSP-1 Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge USA Pilotwings USA Suzuka 8 Hours JAP Super Mario Kart USA Super Mario Kart PAL (Usual graphics glitches playing in NTSC mode) DSP-1B Ballz 3D USA DSP-3 SD Gundam GX JAP OBC-1 Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge USA (Booted unable to play due to no gun) SA-1 Kirby Super Star JAP Kirby Super Star USA Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars USA Masters New: Haruka Naru Augusta 3 JAP Super Robot Taisen Gaiden: Masō Kishin - The Lord Of Elemental JAP S-DD1 Street Fighter Alpha 2 USA (Oh yes) Super FX GSU-1 Star Fox USA Stunt Race FX USA Super FX GSU-2 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island JAP Doom USA Only one I found a problem on was... SA-1 SD F-1 Grand Prix JAP. Game boots fine. Unable to play as when in game play there is no track. Shows car and stats. Unit notes. Unit Reset button occasionally does work. But when it does the units Start, Select and Power Stop working. You have to hit the reset button again. First Negitive I've found. Does not sit to well in you hands, it not all that comfortable to hold. Wireless works at least 25 feet maybe more (True wireless works thru things) The slot tabs for the cartridge are big then the usual Yobo standard slots. I have dremmeled out all my Japanese and PAL carts but they did not fit in the unit. I've been taking the carts out of the case to test. Carts stick out too much as when bumped the game may have a tendancy to clitch. Did not test battery life. Noticed like the FC Mobile II if the battery is flat the game unit starts to not boot carts. Does show red when charging and Green when fully charged. Rechargable battery is nice. Does play PAL carts. Anything that does not require a speed check just lockout chip. Anything that does you get the standard message unable to function on this system. Tested Front Mission : Gun Hazzard JAP (Because the old FC twin would not work the thing. Worked fine) Could not pull of any special moves using the dicky D-pad in Street fighter. They really need a true D-Pad to make it easer. (Yeah I know long post for my first). Hope this helps everyone.
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