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  2. I know you assholes believe I repro anything and everything but I don't. Jag games I have sold: Karts, Rayman, attack of mutant penguins, Defender 2000, Power Driver Rally. I as well did some of Iron Soldier 2, Towers 2, and Zero 5 before I knew about Telegames UK. Once I realized they were still selling games outside the US I stopped making those. It was an unfortunate oversight on my part. I know you are prolly telling people left and right I do BSG, Downfall, and every other game out there. There is a simple fact here and that is outside of what I listed above I have not sold a single other jag repro and not one of you can say otherwise or you are a liar. Granted I have made games for Jeff, but I never sold them, he completed them and sold them. FYI my repros are good. I have the proper equipment and I use REAL donors so up yours. If I sold garbage I would not be selling repros in this market. Lastly maybe I was not referring to me making these games because quite frankly I hate all you people and wouldn't help you sell your games if you asked me. I sure as hell am not directing people to the proper sources to buy these games anymore either. I'll let them fish until they find the hozers to make these games for them.
  3. Seriously what does quality of game have to do w/production of game? You guys make it sound like there are not numerous outlets available to get these games made. If said person didn't want to manufacture the games themselves they could easily source it out. If said person didn't have the time, they could easily source it out. As far as manufacturing goes that's a lame excuse to use as to why these games have stopped being sold. Even if someone spent 10 times as much time to developing a game to make sure it was awesome, that has jack to do with why they don't continue sales of said game. FYI I was asked again today to make this dumb game.
  4. Interested in Harry Potter 5 and 6, I will go through the rest to see if I want more. I shall assume these DVD's have the original cases/artwork and are in good condition?
  5. I do sell repros on ebay abd Etsy, there is no pretending, I'm not denying it. I as well am knock going out of my way and calling people scumbags for doing EXACTLY what I already do! Simple as that. Sure I profit from other peoples work but guess what if you are profiting off someones else work as well you might not want to be throwing punches.
  6. LMAO this is epic right now. On a side note I was unaware you finally decided to produce it on a cart again. That's great now people can stop bothering me about making them a game they want to play.
  7. LOL are you serious right now. It's is OBVIOUS what I am trying to prove here and anyone with eyes can see it. Based on the responses I'm getting it appears as long as you write the code yourself and change some graphics and the name all is fair game. Well in that case I think someone should program a game on the Jaguar about a guy jumping down while collecting fruit. Maybe he could be jumping roofs or jaguar carts. We could call it "A long way Down". If anyone does program a game like this please allow it to be put on carts so people can actually enjoy it!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiQ6pGuZLLI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH2Ed77fsq4
  9. Ok that only resembles Man Goes Down like 100%. That's like me looking at a picture of Pac-Man, drawing it and then calling it Pizza-Man and acting like it's an original drawing.
  10. Come on? Downfall? Was permission given to port it?
  11. I agree however I think we might disagree on thing thing here. I do not do homebrews or ports for that matter because I feel the people who put the work into them should be the people to make the money off them. Trust me I have been asked numerous times to make ST port reproductions and EVERY time I send them here to buy them. I will say I think we disagree on how long an item should be left alone for. Whether original release, proto, hack, port, or homebrew after a certain amount of time goes by and the Authors are no longer wanting to make money from said item I do not think any of it deserves certain rights over the other. I view them all the same. Why should one person be allowed to say never make my game again, yet all other games are fair game? If a homeberewer abandons their work it should be considered no different than a big corporation abandoning their work. You can't be ok with reproducing one game but not others when they fall under the same circumstances just because of whom was involved.
  12. I'm not looking to get into this with this thread but I would gladly address it in another thread or via PM.
  13. With all due respect AL I have no intentions of pirating any HOMEBREW games. For sake of the argument I as well leave PORTS alone. However I would appreciate people to stop accusing me of doing what I do NOT. The more I learn about jag "homebrews" the more i realize the jaguar actually has very little homebrews. This entire scene is comprised of individuals whom make money off altering other works that they generally don't have the rights to in the first place and yet they think they all of the sudden own all rights to said game and feel like they are getting robbed if someone repros a game they worked on even if they are not even selling it anymore. Now Songbird from what I see actually makes Homebrews. 90 % of these hypocrites in the jag scene simply alter and repro games they had no rights to in the first place and call it a Homebrew, when it is not.
  14. Listen dude keep at it and see how many jag games I start selling! Like I said I choose NOT to make certain games, THAT IS MY OPTION. GO ahead though and keep your shitty accusations up and my respect of not making them will go straight to spitefully up yours!
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