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  1. Hi! I am looking for both Hotdog and Relief Pitcher for Lynx. I knoe it's difficult but I try, interesting offer for both!
  2. Hello everybody, I'm loo king for a complete (box-cartridge-manual) versione of Desert Strike for Atari Lynx. If you have one let me know!
  3. I sent you a couple of e-mails durino the week, but I did not receive a reply or a read confirmation...
  4. Unofficial games are "non Atari cartridges" "Unofficial game" is true, because they are not officially released by atari.
  5. That's because I have no idea of current prices. Moreover, I can't find most of the games in completed ebay auctions.
  6. Hello everybody, could anybody help me to estimate the following EU-based Atari Lynx games for eventual upcoming sale? Thanks a lot! OFFICIAL REALESES Asteroids/Missile Command SEALED Gates of Zendocon CIB BIG BOX Lemmings SEALED NFL Football SEALED Ninja Gaiden III SEALED Super Off Road CIB UNOFFICIAL GAMES Alpine Games CIB (orange case) Alpine Games CIB (atari "classic" case) Bubble Trouble CIB, book-shaped case Championship Rally (CD Jewel case) Cybervirus CIB (CD jewel case) Lynxopoly CIB Raiden CIB (CD jewel case) Yatsuna CIB Yatsuna 2 CIB Zaku CIB
  7. Hello Everybody, I purchased a NEC TurboExpress, I don't know if the caps are replaced... The sound and the screen brightness are both good, the only issue is that there is a bit of persistence of images on screen. For example: as I start-up the system with a game inserted, the title screen correctly appears. After that, during the game I can see in background a slight "shadow" (not of the title screen... Is it normal? Could it be solved?
  8. I think is more acceptable to not go out-of-topic
  9. I wanted to use the same title as the Atari 2600 thread
  10. An Atari Lynx porting of a classic Atari 2600 thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/165310-dating-the-atari-2600-systems/ I know about the MKI and MKII model but I'd like to know if it's possible to date the Atari Lynx MKI by serial or boxes. About boxes, I saw at least three versions: - Grey Big Box - Grey Small Box (Surely released in Italy, I don't know if it was sold anywhere) - White Box Is there any other box variation? And, overall, is it possible to recognize a first-bunch September 1989 console by serial or box? Thanx a lot!
  11. You're very kind bur instruments are too different... thanx, anyway
  12. Hello Everybody, I like very much the Riden Music, much better than PcEngine and PcEngine CD (the PcEngine one is worse, the PcEgnine CD one is far from the original tunes).Where could i download the music?
  13. Hello everybody, I download both .zip, in Atari_Lynx_Rips there is this song list as optional: Blockout Intro Screen Checkered Flag Intro credits Race select screen Chip’s Challenge Title Screen Dracula Title Screen Narration music Loopz In-game music Malibu Bikini Volleyball Intro Screen Rampage Title Screen I can't find them? has anibody got them?
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