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  1. Hate to see you selling of your stuff but I get it. BTW I always enjoyed your YouTube Videos when you where making them.
  2. Guys I'm wanting to downsize some and I am offering up my Coleco cart collection here. I have around 50 games as can be seen in the pics as well as a bunch of manuals. I also have the wooden case that holds 30 carts as well. I'd like to try to sell as a whole at first. I may split up the lot later if that does not pan out. I will ask $550 shipped in the US for it all. I will entertain reasonable offers as well. Please shoot me a PM with offers. I mainly use my Atarimax cart when I play now so these games have been unused for the past year. Please look at the pics and you can see what games are in the lot. Thanks
  3. I'll take one in black with the 66' cord. Thanks
  4. I asked him quite a while back after I backed the Kickstarter for his Colecovision one. I just received it last week. He did not think he would any time soon. Maybe he will change his mind.
  5. We had turkey burgers tonight. I have Burgertime for the Intellivision on the way. I'm really bad at that game. I need to watch some video or something to pickup some better techniques.
  6. I did have it modded by Yurkie. It does not have anything but the RF and the RGB out though. Now I just hope the Super Game Module I preordered will work with it.
  7. I guess that would be the issue then. LOL. I appreciate the reply.
  8. Thanks guys for the input. I actually got my Intellivision in today and played some Astrosmash on it. It was good to play that game again. I also found a nice lot of carts that I should get in hopefully next week. I am actually alright with cart only since it saves space. I have never worried much about boxes. I also have a few Homebrew games on the way also so I am getting a nice variety of stuff to play pretty quickly.
  9. I picked up this expansion module to play 2600 games on my Coleco. My Coleco is modded for RGB and works very well. I have tried the module several times today with no success at all. I even cleaned the contacts well in my expansion port as well as the module. I am not sure what else to do. The seller stated that it worked. I don't have another Coleco to test it on either so I don't know for sure if the module has the issue or my Coleco. Any suggestions?
  10. Well like the title says I am starting over with the Intellivision. It was actually the first system we had when I was a kid. My uncle let me use his since they had a NES. Anyhow, I have one on the way to me with just 2 games to start. One of which is Astrosmash so that makes me happy. To be honest I am not sure how I want to go about getting games again. I have thought about just getting one of the LTO Flash things and being done with it. I mostly use Everdrive type devices with a bunch of my systems now anyhow. Then again I got to thinking it wouldn't really cost me all that much to pick up the majority of games I'd even want anyhow other than a few exceptions. Also I kind of miss collecting carts for a system and this system is somewhat inexpensive other than a few exceptions. So what do you guys think?
  11. Impressive collection. Your link earlier in this thread for the room of doom doesn't work anymore. I'd like to see more pics of your whole collection.
  12. All of these are new and complete. I have never opened nor played them. I rarely play my Intellivision and I plan on packing it up for a while. Could use some funds from this to help with another purchase I may be making.Looking for offers here before I stick them on Ebay. Please PM me with offers for one or all of them. Thanks
  13. BenG76

    Lynx Multi Cart

    I would want one as well.
  14. Got a NGPC Now looking for more games. Please PM me if you have some for sale. Thanks
  15. I put my pledge in for the Super Arcade Controller Plus. It looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out.
  16. That sounds good. Maybe someone can tell me how to get those or find out more about them.
  17. I now have a power cord, AV cables and a few games on the way. I will be looking for an adapter to use other controllers for this as well once I know it works. If it doesnt work I will probably pick up a working unit since I have several games on the way for it. Mainly looking to get into the cartridge games to start with but I may expand from that later. I would like to find a lot of some of the educational and kids games my 8 year old daughter could play. If anyone has a lot of them on the cheap please let me know.
  18. Thanks for the welcome. I hope I can get this up and running soon.
  19. I was given the TI-99/4A as shown above. Unfortunately it did not come with a power cord. Can anyone point me in the direction of the correct one? Also is there a site to learn about using this. Never had one of these in the past. I do want to pick up a few of the cartridge games to play on it also. What joysticks or controllers are compatible with this as well? Thanks for any help you guys can provide. I am sure I will have more questions as I go along. I never got to really use computers like this when I was young so this is all new to me. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  20. I have 2 Mouse Trap carts but no controller overlay. I would like at least one to use. Thanks
  21. I played through Fantasy Life recently. I only played as a paladin and didn't try out other lifes in the game. I may go back and try that eventually. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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