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  1. Hello SainT, can I please order one cased and one uncased? Thank you
  2. Wow! This looks fantastic guys - I can't wait to see the finished product. Count me in for a cart Good luck finishing off the game
  3. Hi Eric and Carl, I'd be interested in the carts you are thinking about
  4. Dr appointments have not been great. I just got referred out to a specialist. My doc didn't realize the extent of how little I could actually move my arm still. So he is sending me to a specialist next week. I'm sorry to hear that, although hopefully the specialist will be of more help - good luck. I have also sent payment to you now. Thanks so much for getting such a professional looking release done, even despite this setback in your health.
  5. Hi Eric, I am an absolute definite - thanks so much. I have sent you a PM just to confirm payment details and I will pay you as soon as I get your reply. I hope all goes well with your doctor's appointments
  6. It all looks great - congrats. Just posting here because you said to, and hopefully it helps when you make up the lists. I am still interested in a copy, preferably a boxed copy, but whatever is available Thanks Eric.
  7. Great review Ninjabba! It sounds like it will be a great game to play on the lynx - thanks Eric
  8. They look fantastic - I can't wait to play them. Good job guys
  9. I am a definite for a boxed copy - thanks Eric. I'd also love a limited edition if a spot comes up and you decide to go ahead with it
  10. Really impressive Dragons and lynx together - where can you go wrong?!?!?!?
  11. Having Zaku come in the original style box, with the manual and cart just like the old days was really special - so if you can get something like that it would be a really nice thing. That said, whatever makes it work out for you I'm sure would be good - personally, I'm just really grateful you (and the others helping you) are working on this game and releasing it.
  12. This looks fantastic - thank you for making this available, and for doing Poker. It is great to have new lynx games, and wonderful that you have all made this available to all of us. I have been enjoying playing around with Poker over Christmas - but I am looking forward to a new platformer even more!
  13. Great work Eric. I'd love a rare/boxed copy - or whatever list you can fit me into! - Whenever you are ready to release them, of course! Keep up the good work
  14. I'd like to have it on an actual cartridge to play
  15. Can you add me to the list Rygar? I spoke to Lynxman about a copy - thanks
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