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  1. Excellent cleaned/tested/working vintage Sega Dreamcast Sports Edition Console with original Sports controller, VMU (with new batteries), Rumble Pack (Puru Puru), brand NEW S-Video AV cable (sealed in box) and power cord. Also comes with the disc you see in the console which works perfectly (see screen shot of game operating). Controller works perfectly, I replaced the console battery recently and everything works great!!! There is a teeny chip on the case (picture #2, front, left side)... pretty hard to see. Plus shipping from 80138. Thank you.
  2. I don't have my CV console for testing so it's being sold as-is. Box is in great shape... no rips or tears. Plus shipping from 80138. Thank you.
  3. Recycling the thread... new games added!
  4. Yeah, I played this a ton BITD. It was the best baseball game at the time (for me).
  5. Last bump before these go bye-bye...
  6. This was recently pulled out of storage. It has been stored for 30+ years (without batteries in it). I tested this with batteries (not included) and everything worked fine... Battery compartment is pretty clean with some very light corrosion. Screen has some scratches and the game itself does show signs of wear. Instruction manual, box and all interior padding included. The box is in nice shape overall. SOLD. Thank you.
  7. Got this back in the 90's... I think it's from the 80's. Never used. Shipped in a regular envelope with a couple stamps on it. Thank you.
  8. FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA. Thank you
  9. Dumped on eBay with 0.99 cents starting bid. Thank you
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