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  1. Looking for the following Sega Dreamcast Magazine demo discs (complete & in great condition) : 2 3 Thank you, Roger
  2. I agree with your assessment... it's more of an addition to someone's Atari collection rather than the cornerstone to a great book collection. If anyone is interested in trading, I'd consider that as well... just let me know what you have. Thank you, Roger
  3. Former library book. Has clear plastic cover. Inside cover has the library card pocket neatly removed and covered by white labels. Please see pictures. Clean book with no writing inside or out. Thank you! SOLD
  4. Last bump for this one... is anyone interested at all? Thanks, Roger
  5. Yes, correct... Opry99er speaks the truth I cropped the picture too...
  6. If I wasn't on the wait list for the Fall run, I'd be all over this... great product! Roger
  7. That was my favorite as well (for Win 95/98) but they weren't compatible with pre-WIN DOS (however I think that someone created DOS drivers for them)... Thanks, Roger
  8. Any suggestions? Just got a 486/DOS 6.22 set-up and I need a good joystick... back in the day, I think I used an Advanced Gravis stick... any other suggestions? Thanks, Roger
  9. If anyone has any interest in these, please let me know. I'd much rather sell on here than on FeeBay. Thank you
  10. I appreciate the info but I just don't have the time to invest in fixing this... I posted the Happy upgrade in the Market place ($30) and the 1050 on FeeBay... Thank you to everyone that posted on this, Roger
  11. So I got the Happy swapped and re-installed in the 1050... it now responds and spins but I'm getting a ton of boot errors... the head is clean, any other ideas?!? Thanks, Roger
  12. OK, so I took the Happy upgrade out and put the original chips back in and it works fine... is this just a bad Happy upgrade?!? Out of curiosity, I put the Happy board back in and it was non-responsive again... I'm guessing that I can get the board swapped from Atarimax? Thanks, Roger
  13. Thanks Bob... does anyone have any suggestions on what specifically to look at/for (knowing that I don't have another 1050 to Frankenstein)? I appreciate everyone's help on this... Roger
  14. OK, does anything look "bad" in these pics? Thank you in advance!
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