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  1. doctor_x They say that timing is everything I think I paid too much more my Indus but if I can complete it with software and manuals, I guess I can live with that. Thanks, Roger
  2. WOW, that's awesome! Please keep me updated... Thank you, Roger
  3. Thanks for the link. Instead of making a new post, I will ask this question in this one... Does anyone have a set of original Indus GT software and manuals that they could part with (sell)? Thanks again, Roger
  4. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks, Roger
  5. Well, I just got my supposed MINT complete Indus GT over the weekend and the only disk that it came with is the DOS XL disk... can anyone tell me exactly which ones came with the drive originally? And, of course, where I can get the other ones?!? Thanks, Roger
  6. I sent mine yesterday but still no reply
  7. Just curious if anyone thinks that $99 is a fair price on a MINT and totally complete Indus GT? Has all cables, black carrying case, software, etc. Thanks, Roger
  8. I didn't have this exact modem with my 800XL (I think it was the style that was made for the XL series) but I clearly remember going onto bulletin boards back in 1985 or 86... I lived in Vancouver and the boards were all in the US... I completely lost track of time and our first phone bill with the modem involved was $700 Needless to say the modem got put up... for a very long time Roger
  9. That link worked perfectly! Thank you to everyone that assisted on this I sincerely appreciate it. Roger
  10. I left a message but no response Still looking. Thanks, Roger
  11. I saw that... thanks, but I need the whole issue in PDF format. Thanks again, Roger
  12. I just need this issue in a PDF... can anyone help? Thanks, Roger
  13. I'm assuming that you can use the Wico or Suncom sticks with this adaptor too?!? Thanks, Roger
  14. My first computer was an Atari 800XL (w/Indus GT drive). Next was an Amstrad 1512. From there, it was (I think) a 386 clone from CompUSA and the rest is a blur... Roger
  15. Can't remember the name but it was in a very small strip mall across from my high school (secondary school) in King City, Ontario (just north of Toronto) We used to go there EVERY day after school while we were waiting on the buses to come pick us up! Most of the games were clones or rip offs and not original but it didn't matter... Roger
  16. It's been a while on this post... does anyone know of any new links for EG scans?!? Thanks, Roger
  17. Looking for a complete set up (all original with carrying case, disks, etc.) Thanks, Roger
  18. Is the Indus GT disk drive still available? Thanks, Roger
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