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  1. My bad... $30 plus shipping. Also posted on eBay but at a higher price 😉 Thank you
  2. I tested it on Dig Dug and Donkey Kong and it worked flawlessly. It does show a mark or two on the case. $30 plus shipping from 80138. Thank you.
  3. Works great. New keyboard mylar and new power supply. Some slight discoloration on the case. Memory passes test. $130 plus shipping from 80138. Thank you.
  4. I just need the manuals that go in the front of the disc case for these two games. Clean and complete, please. Thank you
  5. Looking for a clean one that works, for a fair price. Thank you, Roger
  6. From a technical standpoint, I didn't think it was relevant but here you go... BTW, please feel free to read the posting title... More often than not, they can be very educational.
  7. I grew up in Vancouver during this time and I know I had to buy my Indus GT drive from the US. There wasn't much of anything available in Canada, or least in Vancouver at the time. I used to see all of the ads in Antic and always wondered what most of the stuff looked in person!
  8. I've been restoring this disk drive and I've hit a wall (so to speak)... you can see the thread here: With not a lot of time (or knowledge) to finish this project, I've decided to trade it to someone who really wants it. I will provide all pictures that I've taken so far as well as pics from a gentleman on FB that has one as well (we've been comparing pics throughout this process). As far as trades, I'm looking for an XF551 drive, 130XE or 1200XL. I've always wanted something from the 520/1040 ST line as well... Please, just let me know what you have. Thank you, Roger
  9. I'm figuring out that I just don't have the time (or knowledge) to troubleshoot this... at some point today, I'll post it in the Marketplace for trade. Maybe someone else can restore it to it's former glory. Thank you, Roger
  10. More info to come but I did verify that my PCB is the exact same version as the guy's on FB.
  11. Now the connections at the very back of the disk drive...
  12. Now the fun part(s)... this is where these wires are supposed to connect.
  13. So I got this dual drive from another member on the forum and they never really had the time to "play with it." The only thing confirmed before I got it was that it "turned on." Once I got it, there were things rattling around inside the case so I took it completely apart and found multiple broken voltage regulators that I replaced. I took pictures before and during this "frame off restoration" so that mistakes wouldn't be made... Now the perplexing part, I got everything put back together except for the power switch wire and the red light wire... both come from the front of the drive and connect to the PCB at the rear for power. I've been talking with an incredibly helpful fellow on FB who has the same drive but his wiring (colors) connected differently on the PCB than mine did when I got it. After doing the restoration on this bad boy, the last thing I want to do is connect a wire incorrectly and fry the whole damn thing. What makes this interesting is I have very little knowledge of electronics... I can solder just fine but things like checking continuity, etc are way over my head. Any suggestions? Thank you, Roger
  14. Very cool. I think OG Wilson later became Service Merchandise.
  15. Found it... on the power supply board (far left). I'm guessing that these should be easy to replace?!? They appear to be riveted in on the back... I can drill it out and re-rivet it?
  16. Any update on this? I have one as well and would love some sort of documentation on it. I can't find anything on the web... Also, when I got this drive, the piece pictured below was loose in the case... any ideas as to what it is? Thank you, Roger
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