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  1. Looking for one of these... loose is fine or already on a controller...
  2. UPDATE: I finally got my switches from jolly ol' England today. I put the new one in and it works like a champ All (320K) memory tests good too... Thank you, Roger
  3. You can ship software via Media Mail... much cheaper. Roger
  4. Nope, the metal toggle on the switch will not move at all.
  5. Here's the culprit... the switch was completely inoperable. Roger
  6. I just inherited this 130XE... I think I'll just replace the switch all together. Is the UK guy on eBay the only source for us people in the US? Thank you, Roger
  7. Yes, totally worth it. I have an IBM 5170 as well as a 486, P1 and P2 setups... no issues whatsoever with any of these and they were all acquired extremely inexpensively. Roger
  8. $9.99 each plus shipping from 80138. IDE - Quantum Fireball ST 6480AT 3.5 Series - 6 GB - Western Digital WD Caviar WD300 - 30 GB - Samsung SpinPoint SV6003H - 60 GB - IBM model: DTTA-371010 - 10.1 GB SATA - Western Digital WD800JD - 80 GB (two SATA cables included) I connected all drives to my computer via a USB HD enclosure. All drives were visible... I then formatted each drive without any issues. Discounts given on purchase of multiple drives. Let me know if you need pics... Thank you, Roger
  9. Is the 130XE still available? Thank you
  10. Looking for a clean & fully functional modem for my 800XL. I'd like a 1030 but please let me know what you have. Thank you, Roger
  11. Thank you for the info... just gotta find a modem now Roger
  12. So, just to be clear here, I have Ooma in my house and if I get an Atari 1030 modem, I should be able to get online that way? If so, this is great Thank you, Roger
  13. I've got a number of these too... Roger
  14. I recently loaded these on to an old Packard Bell Legend computer and they worked flawlessly. Please see the pictures and ask with any and all questions. $10 plus Media Mail shipping from 80138. Thank you!
  15. One and only bump... if you're interested, please make an offer. Thank you
  16. 2 Nintendo GameCube games and one black controller. Star Wars Rogue Leader Squadron II and Resident Evil. Both games and the controller tested fine on my Wii. You get a memory card as well. The disks have a couple of very light surface scratches but they function perfectly fine. Please ask with any questions. SOLD.
  17. eBay removed my listing while allowing many, many others to remain active I know, it's a conspiracy Anyway, I'm selling an original Wii with all original boxes, manuals, cables, Wii Sports game, etc. plus an SD card with the NES and SNES emulators. There are other "things" on the SD card that I can elaborate upon via a private message. The only thing missing is the Wii-mote and numchuk. I can provide pics if you really need them... everything is already boxed up since it was on eBay and they deleted all of my pictures. $75 shipped anywhere in the US. If you don't like the price, please make an offer. I'll place it on Craigslist tomorrow afternoon if there's no interest. Thank you!
  18. You get the 1200XL, Atari PSU and a vintage home made dust cover. Memory tests good, cartridge slot (see picture of ROTJ game playing), sound tests good but the keyboard has issues. Some keys work, some do not... I believe that this is typical of these 1200XL units. I'm sure that this is an easy fix but I don't have the time for it. I will package with care. If you have any questions, please ask. SOLD. Thank you!
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