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  1. Still looking for one? Thank you
  2. Heavy is the head that wears the crown
  3. Yes, I have it now. The person I got it from bought it at a local comic shop. I'm not sure who had it before then... what a long strange trip it must have been... Thank you, Roger
  4. Picking this up locally tomorrow... kind of cool. Has anyone ever seen something like this before? This is for Numberland Nightwatch (1983). Thanks, Roger
  5. Still looking. List has been updated. Thank you, Roger
  6. Trades considered as well... this gets recycled this weekend... Thank you
  7. Genuine Atari C017945 Power Supply 400/800/1200XL. Tested on an Atari 800 computer and it worked perfectly. $9.99 plus shipping from 80138.
  8. Found one... the search continues. Thank you
  9. I'll pass on those, thank you.
  10. The search continues... Thank you
  11. I used mine BITD during high school ('85-86') and I loved it... I don't remember having any issues with it... the quality was great (for the time) too.
  12. Looking for these DC games: complete, clean and reasonably priced. I'd like to acquire them in multiples to save on shipping. Crazy Taxi need the manual Daytona USA need the manual Dino Crisis Ecco the Dolphin need the manual F355 Challenge need the manual Hydro Thunder need the manual Namco Museum need the manual NFL Blitz 2001 NHL 2K2 Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 need the manual San Francisco Rush 2049 Sega GT need the manual Spider-Man need the manual Star Wars Demolition need the manual Star Wars Episode I Pod Racer need the manual Virtua Tennis Thank you
  13. Thing is, he only wants to pay half up front and the remainder upon arrival...
  14. Understanding Atari Graphics by Michael Boom 1982. 101 Atari Computer Programming Tips and Tricks by Alan North 1983. Your Atari Computer - a guide to Atari 400/800 personal computers by Ion Poole 1982. An Atari for Kids by Sharon Boren 1984. All books are in used condition with various stages of wear. If these do not sell, they will go to Salvation Army. Media Mail from 80138. Thank you.
  15. Bump... wow, nothing out there
  16. Anyone got one in good shape? Thank you
  17. Does anyone have one of these microdrive controllers? Seems like a good option for the CFFA? Thank you, Roger
  18. I got into an argument with some stranger that I was play Pac-Man against on a 2600 in Wilson's (Service Merchandise)... neither of us got thrown out but we raised some eyebrows
  19. My first foray into PC's was with an Amstrad PC1512 in the late 80's. It had the dual floppy drive (no hard drive) and, looking back on it today, it seems pretty damn archaic. Funny thing is that I purchased it at Dilliards (in Fort Worth, TX) of all places... I never knew they sold computers. This would be like buying a new PC at Macy's today. Lot of good memories with that computer though... at the time, it was such a huge upgrade from my 800XL setup It bridged the gap until I got my 386 Compudyne PC at CompUSA years later Roger
  20. Found this and had to post it here... Enjoy
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