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  1. Thanks so much man! Well, that was easy enough! getting it from console 5
  2. Hi, new to this topic... How does one go about purchasing a screen mod for the Lynx? Thanks all!
  3. I want the case, just not sure if I have the Lynx 1 or 2, so not sure if it would fit, I read at the beginning if the thread we could request the case but not glued? sorry if I misunderstood
  4. So, how do I get my hands in one of these? Sorry, been away from the retro gaming community for a while and kinda lost touch with all the developments
  5. Hi, Could I please be put on thew waiting list for a cart with cover but unglued? Thanks for the great work!
  6. Several issues. First, the Jag code was a mix of assembly and C, and the compiler used was done in-house by ID. The tools for recompiling were lost for some time. Also, the WADs are in a different format to those of the PC. The source for Jag Doom has been out for years and this is the first that has been done with it. If it was easy, we would have seen something before now. It's not "just a matter of changing a few textures". Stephen Anderson AH ha! I knew that had to been something, that's why I asked first! Cudos to you sir!!
  7. Here is why I asked... from what I remember, and I've done plenty of this; Making Doom mods was a snap, crap I'd do them just because I was bored and had nothing better to do, took me from 2-6 hours to make a MOD, I worked on total conversion packeges for doom which didn't take more then 3 months, from concept to working game, and this is all people doing that on their spare time. So, don't get me wrong here, but I don't see what's the big deal of changing a couple of textures, cerating a character and making different objects, that's the kind of stuff I used to do in a matter of hours.. Were the tools lost or something? There were tons of tools available to unpack WAD files, to re-crompres them, and endless turorials which were very well documented; I probably still have the MOD's and tools I used on my server somewhere... And that's why I asked if somehow, on the JAG, these files were encrypted/locked or just different somehow which makes creating mods so hard...
  8. Completely honest question guys.. Is the doom engine/game that different on the JAG then it was on the PC? It it locked or something? I'll wait for replies before making any comments...
  9. uhhh.. What's the url for this site? I found another site which is asking $89 for the base unit $200 for the jag cd, and the cheapest game is $39 with aVp being $99!?
  10. HA! I HEAR you guys! (drum roll ) I actually got a tape drive with the package too!! It has one tape, I'll try it out... I never had an Atari back in the day, but yeah, loading tapes into my CoCo was a lot of "fun"!! Thanks again guys
  11. Thanks a ton guys!! So my atari 8 bit adventure starts!! I don't mind the key cick sound, but the loading is a little much! I really love the Spectrum click, there's something so soothing about it Happy new year all!!
  12. A ha!! Thanks man!! Also, another little question... Any way to stop the beeping sound when the programs are loading? Kinda anoying...
  13. Sorry guys, yeah I could look it up, but it's a bit of a wierd problem, for me, and until I found a way to search the whole afternoon would be gone! So, I got my 130xe with a 1050 disk drive, and a whole bunch of floppies.. Here's my problem As far as I can see these disk are bootable (most of them are actually originals!), some of them boot just fine, but others, let's say "SpyXSpy" complains that it needs 48k ram and asks me to remove the cartrige? The 130XE is a 128k machine, correct? I know that's bank switched, but it should have at least 64k avaible, right? Besides, why would this guy have these many 48k disks if he wasn't able to run them? What am I doing wrong?
  14. Alright dudes!! Sorry for starting a flame war The offer is out there, for whenever anybody feels like taking it up. I can do Models/textures/animations and Sound design, sound track and Sound FX's That's all
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