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  1. Thanks for the responses - Also, why were Front Line, Polairs, and Jungle Hunt not the 2600 versions in Atari Flashback? And, what is the game "Strip Off"? Chris.
  2. Does anyone know why the AtGames Atari systems use the 5200 version of Space Invaders, instead of the 2600 Space Invaders? All the other games on the system appear to be the 2600 versions.
  3. Has anyone ever created ROM files from the pre-2600 systems (Stunt Cycle, Video Pinball, Super Pong, etc.) for use in Stella, Mame, or similar PC emulators?
  4. I have a 5200 controller where the joystick only goes right, not left, and the up/down only occasionally works. I have cleaned the contacts and all the buttons work fine. When I have it apart I can manually move the two joystick controls and up/down and left/right work fine. Note that the problem is worse with games such as Zaxxon, and games that just require right-left and up-down such as DigDug work better but not 100%. Is there a way to fix the joystick? Chris.
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