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  2. I don't think the Swedish version really exists. All that has been found is one system, that looks homemade and not identical to the one in the ad that supports its existence. I think that's a prototype but maybe one will turn up There is also the Mexican Odisea and the ITT Odyssee which has different cards. I saw an instruction manual in Portuguese once and another seller claiming to have a complete system but I have yet to see anything come of that. Ive never seen a Japanese one sell but I am well aware of their existence. Im told is just a US Odyssey with an added photocopied instruction manual in Japanese.
  3. I dont believe the games that came in the systems had numbers. However, it would have been around the time of the 73 games so soccer would have been numbered with those number sequences which didnt used 1TL numbers
  4. I posted my incredibly rare German ITT Odyssee on ebay. The export Odyssey systems are the only way to get the game soccer. So if you are looking for a complete Odyssey game collection this is the only way to accomplish that task. The box is a reproduction but it is an amazingly nice copy. The only item missing from the system is the original switch box which often goes missing. I only know of a few this close to complete. Bidding starts at .99 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 330860356143
  5. I have done a ton of transactions with Stupus, both sales and purchases. He is a top notch seller with the best items and he is a great buyer. I couldnt imagine a better person to deal with
  6. I received my copy today and I am floored by the quality of this game. It has amazing details and the peices are expertly crafted. I think this is something Magnavox would have produced themselves. Great work
  7. I received mine complete but the tube is labeled backwards. I know its kind of lame to complain when others havent even received theres but I paid for a product and waited a long time to not receive a perfect copy I sent him a message on facebook directing him this way
  8. If he is replacing issues I wouldnt mind a game tube with the graphics on the right way
  9. I totally understand how you feel. I have had luck contacting him on facebook
  10. You know what I bet happened. When I got mine it just had a 8x11 peice of paper wrapped around the center with my shipping address. It was only affixed with one peice of tape. So I bet that paper came off so now the post office doesnt know where to take it
  11. I pulled this out to play it today and realized that the stickers for the Odysseys and the image you made for the box are on the wrong sides, ie they are on opposite sides
  12. I can honestly say that I think this will be a truely amazing release. The attention to details and quality is second to none. Plus itll be nice to have an original looking homebrew. The other thing I think is great about this is the box art. I think it would have been a natural progression for Magnavox back in the day as they went from having only the overlay on the front to having a half box graphic.
  13. Your lucky thats all that you lost. it would have been neat if an empty tube had shown up
  14. Id be interested in the same thing. I know someone on here who can print full size Odyssey boxes, I have seen his work and its great. I have asked if he would do it but dont want to divulge who it is in case he doesnt want too.
  15. Curiously, why did you design this to use cart 11. The game doesnt use the unique feature of cart 11 so cart 8 really is the correct cart to use
  16. I didnt get a chance to play it yet. I set up the game and it looks fun. Ill try it out over the weekend. Nice looking game though.
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