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  1. Hello all I’m looking to locate a renewed Magnavox Odyssey, preferably in the shipping box. Let me know if you’d have one you’d sell! Thanks all!!!
  2. Thank you Mike! ya I already have an ITT Odyssee so looking for the version Magnavox released
  3. Thank you Mike for the information! I have actually owned a German export in the past and would like to own one again. I’m also looking for the Standard export if you knew of one 🙂.
  4. I know this topic is very old but I’m looking for a German export Odyssey and wanted to see if anyone had heard of on potentially for sale?
  5. Updated: I did find a box ITT Odyssee and Odisea (just need a couple parts to complete).
  6. Hey all Looking to sell these. Nice set of Odyssey Pong Service manuals. Good condition. Asking 80shipped ($10 each).
  7. If you do make these I’d love a copy 🙂
  8. I got mine today! Really nice work on these. Thank you for making them!
  9. Hello all i have a couple N64 games for sale. Price includes shipping. Star Wars Rogue Squadron(boxed)-$75 Clayfighters 63 1/3(boxed) -$125 Wave Race (boxed)-$70 $220 for the 3. I will test before I ship. Let me know if you’d like more pictures. I am open to offers to and trades for Magnavox Odyssey items or pong systems.
  10. I think it would be cool to get an owners list. I have a set of 73 games now too. Bought from another collector.
  11. I have a spare copy of WIN for sale. Box is in decent condition with a small bit of wear on one side (see picture). Comes complete with: 2 overlays cards: 18 word, 9 image, 18 number 4 slates 4 pencils These don’t come up a lot. Asking $275 shipped to the lower 48.
  12. I sent you another message also. I hope you are doing well
  13. I thought it was worth posting here. I’m trying to find a copy of this game if anyone would have one for sale!
  14. Hello all Im looking to track down some Odyssey items and thought I’d post my wanted listed in case anyone has any of these items. Thank you! Any advertisements for the Odyssey (either flyer style ads or magazines with ads) Homebrews: Odyssey Evil Peacekeeper commando Mentis cohorts Odyssey now packs 1-2 Dodgeball Foreign systems: Export odyssey (both standard and German) ITT odyssee- switch box Magnavox Odisea - box Overkal -Most pieces Telematch De Panoramic videojuel(Argentina) Planil Odyssey(Brazil) US item: Original bag for poker chips from carrying case misc paperwork: registration card for US system first run manual(pink screens) First and second run service manual Anything else interesting that anyone may have.
  15. I’m going to bump my own 10 year old post since I’m looking for these again 🙂
  16. I thought I’d post here. I’m trying to find a copy of this game if anyone had one they would sell. Either this one or the LE version.
  17. Hello all for sale is a Magnavox Odyssey Rifle. It is complete with all 4 foam pieces which you don’t see a lot. It has all 8 overlays, both carts and manual(not pictured). Asking $150 plus shipping. there is a crack forming in the sight so I took the spring out but it is present. PM me with any questions.
  18. I’m not sure if you found yours but I’m looking for those too! Good luck on the search
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