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  1. You know what I bet happened. When I got mine it just had a 8x11 peice of paper wrapped around the center with my shipping address. It was only affixed with one peice of tape. So I bet that paper came off so now the post office doesnt know where to take it
  2. I pulled this out to play it today and realized that the stickers for the Odysseys and the image you made for the box are on the wrong sides, ie they are on opposite sides
  3. I can honestly say that I think this will be a truely amazing release. The attention to details and quality is second to none. Plus itll be nice to have an original looking homebrew. The other thing I think is great about this is the box art. I think it would have been a natural progression for Magnavox back in the day as they went from having only the overlay on the front to having a half box graphic.
  4. Your lucky thats all that you lost. it would have been neat if an empty tube had shown up
  5. Id be interested in the same thing. I know someone on here who can print full size Odyssey boxes, I have seen his work and its great. I have asked if he would do it but dont want to divulge who it is in case he doesnt want too.
  6. Curiously, why did you design this to use cart 11. The game doesnt use the unique feature of cart 11 so cart 8 really is the correct cart to use
  7. I didnt get a chance to play it yet. I set up the game and it looks fun. Ill try it out over the weekend. Nice looking game though.
  8. Im sorry if you are offended by that. I was simply updating people with the information you gave me. My apologies
  9. Thank you both. I have some more pics I need to get taken and posted. I try to keep new discoveries posted because noone else online posts newly found Odyssey items.
  10. That odyssey is a sad site.
  11. updated with signed shooting gallery and ac adaptor boxes
  12. Id think for over a million he could offer free shipping
  13. The system is actually incredibly rare in the box. So the price may not be crazy but its also a little rich for my blood. At half price id want it too.
  14. Its an intersting looking system. Id want one since Im in the US. With the built in monitor I wouldnt need a pal tv to play videopac games
  15. Ya I saw this on there the other day. Thats a nice system and the box is very rare to find. The price was a little high I think.
  16. Oh I wasnt interested in it myself, just hoping someone here would get it. I already have enough Odysseys
  17. Just because its a Model BLAK doesnt mean its a run 1.There was a Run 1 and Run 2 Model BLAK . The serial would start with a 6 or a 7 if its a 1972 run 1 unit and it would be stamped run 1, run 1A or run 1b on the bottom. Bummer. I was hoping someone here would get it
  18. I would definately say this is a model BLAK (so the first of the two models) based on the fact that it has the shiny top controllers. It also has a pink instruction manual so Id say its most likely a 1972. However, It has brown carts so it would have to be a late 1972. I have had systems that had all this featuresd but a 1975 system. Magnavox wasnt perfect to say the least. If you are looking for a 1972 Id go for it. I think it is a 1972 run 1 The overlays dont really get brittle. Maybe some more single player games will come out in the near future
  19. I knew someone would have to agree with me For reference here is what those 73 games look like
  20. I agree with both of these points. However, I think the Odyssey is the most interesting console to collect for. It really started the industry that we have all come to love. There are even some fun games to play. The basics like tennis, volleyball and handball are alot of fun. Also games like interplanetary voyage and Brainwave can be entertaining. Though I do disagree about the shelf appeal. I think the Odyssey boxes, especially the games, have a unique and interesting look and the 73 games have some of the best artwork of anygame. Of course I exclusively collect Odyssey so my opinion may be a little biased
  21. YOu would think it would be worth more but only the hardcore collectors really want it. Its a shame though
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