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  1. Also at least i got Percepts with my Odyssey so it turned out to be an acceptable price. I now also have a case, AC adaptor, Orignal role of tape, and the shooting gallery. All for under 350 so it turned out okay
  2. And no i put up that i want to buy the Six extra games because i cannot afford the ones on ebay. Too much for me. Common guys im not that retarded as to make a fake freaking account to try to mooch things off people here. Please get over it. You can't afford the games on ebay yet you're talking about how a $999 Vectrex system is possibly a good deal. You sure don't make much sense! ....and to top it all off, you can't afford the ones on eBay because some bozo is charging $800 for the games, sort of like a certain person's $999 Vectrex auction Didnt say I personally thought a Vectrex for A thousand was a GOOD deal. Im saying to some people its easier and more efficient to go that way. And i know its my fault. Thats why sometimes its better to just do it one time and get everything. Anyway lets stop attacking me for doing nothing. Unless someone has a spare set of the six extra games from 72 and would help me out with that
  3. And no i put up that i want to buy the Six extra games because i cannot afford the ones on ebay. Too much for me. Common guys im not that retarded as to make a fake freaking account to try to mooch things off people here. Please get over it.
  4. No it didnt say anything about being complete, eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140363840575. Honestly I didnt know much about it at that time and i didnt realize how much it needed. But ive slowly acquired all the peices to it, even the original roll of tape. All i need is a set of the original batteries and it will be CIB And i Completely agree. Thats what im saying. Ive paid around $300 total for my odyssey, love it by the way, and sometimes i wonder if i should have saved the time and bout it for more but all at once. But its been an adventure
  5. Im looking to find any of the original '72 Odyseey Advertisements, especially the ones from magazines. let me know what you have and what you want for them. I still need the six page advertisement and any from magazines/magnavox catalouges
  6. No the ones for the Original Odyssey. They came out in 1972. Baseball, Fun zoo, Wipeout, Volleyball, invasion, handball
  7. i would like to look around here and find some good deals. Im trying to complete my odyssey and Atari collection at the moment
  8. Some people in here need to watch their tongues to be honest. I am NOT the one selling this. Can you not get that through your thick skull. I wouldnt personally pay $1000 for this but if i wanted all that stuff id consider. I paid $100 for my odyssey, it was missing so much that the seller failed to tell me about. By the time I acquired all the things it was missing i was over $300. Part of me wishes i paid the extra and got the whole thing at once. Ive paid almost $100 in seperate shipping. So once again sometimes you pay a price to get it all at once. So lets grow up and use this space for something that has some meaning. To be honest im getting sick of people accusing me of being anyone but who i am. But it gets old just seeing childish stuff posted here about anyone and their prices. People need to be constructive and not immature children.
  9. Nope not my auction. I dont have anything that complete. I have purchased stuff from the same person and he is amazingly flexible on his price. He sold me a bunch of stuff to complete my odyssey at a very reasonable price. But irregaurdless of who it is i think people need to stop making topics on such a stupid subject. Personally i think it is childish to take time to attack someone else for whatever they want to do. Like it was said, this isnt cuba and a seller can charge whatever they want.
  10. Also not my auction. Im trying to defend the free economy
  11. Im just saying ive bought plenty of stuff on ebay, some of which didnt work when it arrived. Including a vectrex. Ive gotten to the point id rather spend more and know what im getting. And for some reason every vintage system on ebay doesnt even show it working and they all say untested and as is. It gets old to be honest. Id rather just pay more and do it one time. Not have to buy it three or four times to get a complete working system. In my collection of vintage systems i have bought my share of DOA systems. Im trying to say that if someone is willing to repair and show that an item works its worth more. If you dont want to pay that much take the risk on a system that may or may not work.
  12. This is the issue that people cause. Do you have any idea what a complete vectrex is worth. Have you ever seen another for sale. Probably not. Dont attack people for the way they run there business. If noone buys it he will probably lower the price. Once again sometimes you pay more for a Complete and Mint set. Its called collecting. Its not supposed to be cheap. So dont be so judgemental
  13. Seriously get over it. If someone wants to charge more then you want to pay then dont freaking buy it. I still would rather pay more for something o know works then some peice of crap on ebay. I have purchased systems that were DOA and i was just outta my money. You pay a premium for working and complete. Get off it
  14. I would be very interested in both of these. Would you mind emailing me some pictures. Thank you
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