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  1. I disagree with that price from personal experience. Id say the case, with instructions and original zip lock, is worth more like $75
  2. The question is where do we go from here? Any suggestions.
  3. With the box and carrying case this is definately worth the asking price. It also has some 72 game parts. I see Funzoo cards and I believe the invasion overlays in there as well as percepts. Not a bad set for a starter.
  4. I talked to him on facebook and he assured me he was shipping on 5/12. When I contacted him the next day to see if he had gotten any out he informed me that his wife had left him that day. Honestly, I just want what I rightfully paid for in good faith 16 moths ago
  5. If you post pics of some of the stuff you have done I bet youll get more preorders. I think it looks great so far
  6. If anyone is on the fence about this it is a very cool game. You wont regret picking it up
  7. Im looking to find an Odyssey 4000 on the cheap for a project Im working on. No need for an RF switch, which is half of its value. Also no need for a box. I do need it to work though Let me know if you have one cheap. I dont want to pay ridiculous ebay prices
  8. I want to see a picture of these games as proof they exist. I have messaged him on facebook and he posts everyday but ignores my emails. Im starting to get annoyed
  9. Thats some cool stuff. Very clean too. Nice collection
  10. njb12287


    I think some people believe that if an Item has a ton of bids from the same person they must have a crazy high number on it and decide not to bid. Doesnt work often
  11. Ya I messaged him on facebook a week ago aswell. Nothing I think 14 months has passed the point of rediculous. I think we at least deserve a picture of the games made
  12. Has any one heard from this guy. Its been another two months.
  13. Id prefer it to be working. The ones that pop up on ebay the seller wants way too much for PM me if you have a loose Atari Super Pong Ten. I may also have some items for trade
  14. I try ebay.de for these. Heres one and its a nice set http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fitm%2FMB-MicroVision-7-Spielen-Vintage-%2F180789905082%3Fpt%3DDE_Konsolen%26hash%3Ditem2a17eb06ba
  15. I looked for one for quit some time and they are very hard to find. I think your price of $40-$50 may be a little low but maybe im wrong.
  16. I have had alot of luck finding the rarest Odyssey stuff. Maybe because I use all my spare time hunting through the internet. If you want to see some of my collection it can be seen here http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/158274-njb12287s-100-complete-odyssey-collection/ I hope you get it and it works well. If not I can help you with setting it up to work correctly and help you with any other stuff. Im sure youll love it. there is no gaming experience quite like the odyssey
  17. Nice score on the Odyssey on Ebay. I was going to bid on that myself but Alas I forgot. As for if they work on pal I beleive they do. I have a rare export Odyssey that was sold in Australia (mine came from New Zealand) and the board inside the system is the exact same as the US Odyssey. The only difference is the one sold in Australia has no AC power input so you have to use batteries. So I would think you should be fine. If you have any questions or need any thing(such as extra games or a cord to eliminate the switch box feel free to ask. I often have extras laying around)
  18. Id Like to see pictures of this myself. As for a value that is difficult to determine. If it truely is in used condition with the Batteries and tape Id say around $400 is a fair price, maybe more if someone really wanted it. It is very hard to find this system in unused condition. Once I see pics I can Tell you if it is unused as I have 2 Unused Odysseys of my own Feel Free to PM me with an questions
  19. Ive talked to him on Facebook a bit over the last few months. He says he is just very busy with his new company and with Christmas in a couple days im not sure you will hear back promptly
  20. He hasnt been on here in months so I doubt posting here will get his attention.
  21. I love the fact that you are making Odyssey games, We know how obsessed I am with it. I just want to point out something. Magnavox never said that the Odyssey only works on Magnavox TVs. This thought came about because they were always played on magnavox tvs in commercials and only sold in the Magnavox Store. Even today gaming companies would only show the system on their brand of tv if they have one (sony for instance.) Why not advertise your own stuff. Consumers back then had never seen a videogame and they simply didnt know any better. Just trying to be informative
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