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  1. I personally am waiting for the game. Id rather have it in my collection
  2. The pictures at the end are in the other Contest thread
  3. They often sneak by without him winning.I myself have had many odyssey systems. most didnt work right when I bought them and unless you can repair them yourself it gets quit costly. Thats what I was saying about his systems. At least they work. Keep trying and you should find one cheap, just know they are very tempermental and dont be surprised if your first one doesn't work. Of the 7 US odysseys I have owned only 2 worked perfectly If I had known I could have sold you one but I just sold my two spare systems. Best of luck.
  4. You can think that if you may but Robot King Nes is 70 years old. I doubt he will out live Ralph. you can say what ever you want but its kind of sad to call a seller "bad" because they buy and make a profit. Isnt that the point of capitalism. Free markets set the price for items. If people never paid the prices he couldnt charge them.
  5. I actually know RobotKingNES pretty well. And I know he he told you that he couldnt buy the system because Ralph isnt okay with people selling his signature. I also know for a fact that he has a few in his possession that he promised he wouldnt sell until Ralph passes on. I know his selling style upsets many people but I will say this. When you buy from him you know what your getting and its quality. He has sold me many items at very fair prices. He asks a premium for the systems he has but the does have them repaired and shows them working which is rare on ebay. Maybe the price is a little high but people do buy them. Anyway my point is that it is not fair to come on here and claim that he tried to buy it from you at the listing price when that is not the case.
  6. I thought about trying to win this as I would like it to stay with a collector, However I already have two signed Odysseys. Good luck. Its a bummer to have to sell it
  7. Thanks Psychedelic. It took 6 months of negotiations but I finally got it.
  8. Thank you both Updated with my Prized Collection piece. The Overkal. One of the Rarest systems I know to exist. Only 4 boxed systems that I know of
  9. Updated with my Newest addition the Ultra rare ITT odyssee boxed. I also posted a picture of my two Apex-Magnavox Blue cartridges.
  10. SOunds like a nice collection and a very fair price for whats incuded
  11. way to think positive thats what I always go with when i sell stuff for a low price. Wish Id paid more attention. I would have bid more than $40
  12. Bummer about the low sale but if you remember you asked me once before to price a canadian odyssey 2 for you and I told you around that price. Poor Odyssey 2 doesnt get much love.
  13. I would still like the game myself. Im just gettting Anxious to get it is all
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