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    Jr. Pac's Wants

    Evidence suggests not that old
  2. Since I know this ill answer. No they do not. It uses one of the carts that come with the system. I believe #3
  3. Part of the appeal of Odysseys games is the box, in my opinion. Id prefer a box but thats just me
  4. these days you cant post things you might be ashamed of, they will show up on google.
  5. True The Odyssey pongs never seem to do well. Its a shame because they are fun
  6. Ive never seen one around here. Im just refering to ebay prices.
  7. I sent you the best scan I could get
  8. Ill ask around. I do collect pongs but im less knowledgable then with other systems.
  9. They are very cool. Is that the system you remember. I can ask around about others
  10. Ive never heard of one but you should ask This guy. If he doesnt know about it then probably not
  11. The Video ActionIII and IV has a robot feature. So you can play that one alone. Also has a skill setting.
  12. Probably could have just made your own.
  13. Its an okay price. Ive seen many sell for only $10. So its not an unusually good price
  14. Me too but im hoping the price will continue to go down
  15. I just purchase a book with schematics for this system the other day, with the expectation of helping you out. Ill try to scan it for you when i get it
  16. Dam that is a good deal on those 72 games. I wish you had these when I bought mine. My first set I paid $170 plus shipping for, On ebay. Missing two wipeout cars. All the boxes were really worn but Wipeouts was trash. For a set as clean as these is literally a steal.
  17. On a system like this a non-original replacement know would make it no better. if I were to spend $1,200 on a pong arcade it better be all original and working
  18. True they are pretty uncommon. But considering the missing knob Id think Closer to the $800. One was for sale on craigslist here for months at $800 in better shape.
  19. The price seems a little high to me
  20. SHouldnt this be in the wanted forum Just saying
  21. I consider my Odyssey Collection complete. I have all Seperate games released(CIB), The standard and export systems released, The blue cartridge, and all homebrews released so far. But in my opinion no collection is ever really "complete." New things will always turn up, I know ill never stop hunting
  22. I like the idea. You know id buy this. If you need any help on it you know where to find me
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