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  1. Youd be better to spend a little less and get a complete system.
  2. Interesting Box. Are you planning on putting any Odyssey labeling on it.
  3. I'd like to even though I don't have an Odyssey, but $169? That seems like an awful lot of money to be spending for just 6 games. The 1972 games traditionally have sold for $25-30 a game in this condition.so that makes $150-$180 for the set. Plus its hard to get a whole set in good shape. Usually one or two games are trash. Plus he has all the peices. So considering this I think the price is pretty good. I paid $175 for my first set and they were trash. But I was impulsive and didnt take the time to research it. Lessons learned. So Id tell you that you probably wont see a set this nice for this low on ebay. If I didnt have them Id pay $200 for them and be happy with it AS for the 73 games they seem to go for around $200 a game in good shape. I've seen mint ones go up to $300 a game and bad ones missing peices still sell for $100.
  4. njb12287

    WTB Overkal

    Ya you did. Hard to say. Id pay around $750 depending on the condition, Less with no box. But if anyone had one Id consider pretty much anything
  5. Ya thanks. I cant wait. Sounds like itll be a awesome game!!
  6. Searching for an ISSA overkal and ITT odyssee CIB

  7. This one may or may not work but is only $10 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320698693256
  8. njb12287


    I've sold quit a bit of stuff to Uppy. Cant get a much better buyer. I have also had the pleasure to make some nice purchases and trades with him. Not only were all my transactions very reasonable but they all arrived fast and in the condition they left, which i cant say about many sellers on ebay. Hope to do business again
  9. njb12287

    WTB Overkal

    You got my hopes up ha ha Ya they are pretty rare plus its harder to find foreign systems
  10. No box and manual you can get the original really cheap. Less than $20 sometimes on ebay. Complete in box can go $100-$150.
  11. njb12287

    WTB Overkal

    126 views and no luck yet. Willing to pay quit alot
  12. Someone needs to grab those odyssey games. I paid the same amount for my first set in much worse condition. very fair price
  13. I saw this a few days ago. Very cool
  14. Hi sean If you want to know anything about any pong ask Adrian at Pong Picture Page. If he doesnt know it then its probably not known
  15. I know people with the schematics for 100, 200 and 4000 but noone with a 300 and its alot different than the others. The Wonderwizard has the same board if you could find out anything about that Oh and for reference Odyssey is amazing. the dedicated pongs are okay but not the same
  16. njb12287

    WTB Overkal

    Does anyone on here even own one
  17. Thank you both. Its been alot of work and it is never ending but i really do enjoy collecting odyssey stuff
  18. Not a bad price. Though FYI there is no known Cartridge #11.
  19. njb12287

    WTB Overkal

    Agreed. Lucky you dont own one. Youd be like all my other friends with one who never hear the end of me trying to buy it
  20. If not i know someone with a spare
  21. his brainwave sold for $300. Did you by chance buy it
  22. It was missing the 4 markers but not a bad price In my opinion complete games are worth around $250. So thats what id expect to pay.
  23. Thanks for the good wishes. Sold. Record time for me too
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