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  1. You almost have to have one of these to know what Adam is talking about. I collect as well and I have 100% had greater appreciation for the art when I try the game for the first time and find it to be awesome. Haven't had any disappointments, but I don't play much these days either and I'm sure the reverse is true as Adam is implying (a terrible game might take a little of the shine off). I'll post one too; Double Dragon V jaguar. I've heard this game is terrible but I don't care. I just won't play it hehehe
  2. Great job Tim. I've seen books like this before in other areas of interest and few if any are as well done. Kudos.
  3. Looking forward to your book and hope everyone buys a copy. Fwiw though I think Adams question is about originals and I believe it is just Surround and nothing else in that collection as far as 2600 goes. Im glad those materials found a good home
  4. I hope people can appreciate how incredible these are. I'm not on AA that much and I'm biased since I've known Adam for years, and along the way picked up one 2600 piece myself (below), but to me these are the best items ever posted on AA. How could any retail item ever compare, and here you have the original paintings to not just any old titles, but Berzerk and Galaxian - are you kidding me! Here's my one 2600 piece:
  5. is that homer under there? your sig line suggests it. I'm not going to venture into 1-3. The swap meet thing I will comment on as I did the same thing once years ago at a comic convention, but with nes games. I was pretty shocked too - the eyes glazed over at the comics but people woke up and their faces came alive when they saw the games. Didn't really translate to any sales for me either so I wouldn't jump to many conclusions from it. Its neat that they get such a reaction from people but it doesn't mean they are going to go sell their car to buy a rare cart.
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