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  1. Exactly. I want a proper solution that isn't a laptop. It is the right solution for me and I respect that it might not be the solution for others.
  2. Just curious is this hack has changed the behavior of the pump requiring the fire button to be pressed repeatedly to keep the pumping action going. Would love to see a version of Dig Dug where the pump action is accurate to the arcade experience as it was very unique and made it feel as if you were actually operating a pump to the point where the enemies inflated to the point of explosion.
  3. That is why I haven't been following this thread on a regular basis. This isn't much of value to be learned in this thread and listening to people trolling and pissing & moaning is not a productive use of my time.
  4. The specs on the Atari VCS blow away any of the Raspberry Pi models. My reasons as stated above and the better specs on the Atari VCS make Raspberry Pi a very unappealing alternative.
  5. - Full version of Windows 10 x86/x64 or Linux x86/x64 distro vs a custom ARM based OS - Not an ARM CPU like a Raspberry Pi that has limited processing power - AMD graphics as vs limited graphical capabilities of an Arm based SoC For me this is the perfect retro gaming emulation device and is going to be a nice and flexible solution for playing all those old games on my TV.
  6. Even if it does fail I will be ok with that as I my other intended use for the console will be booting into Windows or Linux and using those OS'es to run any video game emulator I want. Having a system that interfaces easily with my TV and those 2 Atari VCS controllers (classics and modern) is going to make playing old school games a joy. Best to have another usage scenario for the console and I do certainly have mine and it will fit the bill well.
  7. Here is a look at the actual system board for all the trolls in this thread who keep complaining that no hardware exists. Personally I am excited about this new console and looking forward to receiving mine. https://medium.com/@atarivcs/here-come-the-games-7f50f5a17b85
  8. Watching that video of the NES version of Pac-Land makes me appreciate just how good and arcade faithful the Lynx version is in comparison.
  9. I did notice your thread and wanted to start one specifically for the purposes of this project so that there wouldn't be any confusion to this being totally separate from other 7800 SD carts.
  10. Just found this today. I don't think a thread exists for this yet (I apologize in advance if I am creating a duplicate thread). Very much looking forward this amazing SD card solution from SainT, https://www.retrorgb.com/atari-7800-sd-multi-cart-announced-by-retrohq.html Release date and price point remain unknown for the moment.
  11. Has anyone tested this with an Atari 7800 and confirmed if both buttons work independently of each other for 7800 2 button games?
  12. Thanks for the update Curt. Family and work obligations come first. I eagerly and patiently await the next update on this project.
  13. Thanks Al! I truly appreciate it.
  14. I wanted to purchase a copy of both Jr. Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man for the Atari 7800 but found that they are no longer in the AtariAge store. Does anyone has a copy of these games they want to sell? Will there be more another run of copies released?
  15. I don't know of the Concerto 2 and it was my understanding that all the previous 7800 multi carts were not available any longer and possibly. I know that you make top notch products so waiting for your 7800 SD cart is fine by me.
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