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  1. Have you considered remaking the game for the Atari 7800? I know it would mean restarting but with the capabilities of the 7800 you could make it so much more than than the original. The game is amazing and this is type of game that the Atari 7800 is sorely missing. I still hope that if you ever do look to revisit this game concept that you code it for the 7800. With the shared hardware architecture between the 2 systems it should be quick for you to pickup 7800 coding. The 2600 version of your game is amazing and really pushes the boundaries of what one expects 2600 game play and capabilities are. So while your original version is a great proof of concept you could really make it shine by coding it on the 7800 and to take advantage of the 7800 XM Expansion Module that is very near completion now after all these years in developments.
  2. Just asking if it was possible. I know that 2600 games boot the 7800 console into to 2600 mode, but being an add on I wouldn't be surprised it you could make calls to the XM hardware even in 2600 mode if it was coded to allow access. I can see where it would be desirable if someone wanted to make a more complex 2600 game utilizing the XM additional RAM and had improved sound capabilities.
  3. Curt Vendel, can you or any of the others who have been developing and coding for the XM board answer this?
  4. One thing I will say is that I find the TIA sound to better than the sound produced on the Sega Master System that was just very plinky and high pitched. The 2600 had some a nice range of sound from low deep rumbles to high pitched sounds. Master System sound on the other hand just tends to make my ears want to bleed. That all being said as these demos have pointed out it is how you use the hardware, so if you are clever you can get a lot of mileage out of these chips with clever programming to mask their limitations. The music in Jr Pac-Man for the 2600, the warbling sound of Jr and gobbling of the pellet are some great examples of what the TIA can do and I always found those sounds very pleasing when playing the game.
  5. Just curious if 2600 games running on the Atari 7800 thorough the XM peripheral will be able to access the XM hardware and take advantage of those features to make more epic 2600 games.
  6. These are shipping to fill pre-orders now or are these more dev boards shipments?
  7. Honestly this as title is not my first choice. I feel that the Lynx already did this well and other would rather see something different. I would be more interested in seeing a title like Psycho Fox on the 7800. That being said what I really want is an original epic platformer along the scale of Super Mario Bros 3 so that we can see the hardware pushed and finally find out what thus console is really capable of.
  8. Ah ha, it is an Activision shell! I can see that on the backside of your cartridge. Did Imagic and Actvision have some sort of partnership to distribute games outside the US? Just odd that Imagic was using actual Activision shells since to the best of my knowledge they were 2 separate companies.
  9. Looking on eBay something the other day I found interesting. Apparently in some regions outside the US Fire Fighter was released with a green label and a shell that resembles the standard Atari 2600 US Activision cartridge shells (as opposed the silver label and tapered end that is was the standard for Imagic games in the US). I have never seen this variant before this and is it not listed on the Atariage software page. Just thought I would share this since I am sure many others haven't seen Imagic games that resemble this.
  10. Same here never heard of it, but it looks amazing Look like sort of an R-Type game. That would definitively fill that genre well by adding this to the Jaguar's library.
  11. How does one place an order for the game? I got the IntellivisionRevolution December 2019 Newsletter today and it made mention of the game, but when I go to the Intellivision Revolution store I don't see it there, nor can I find and details here in the thread or with a Google search on how to place a order. Does this mean that orders are not being taken yet since it says that the game will be released in 2020?
  12. Wow, that would be so awesome! Maybe you can see if you friend would be interested in porting it to the Jaguar. I know in recently years we have been graced by quite a few ST ports to the Jaguar due to the similar architecture of the 2 platforms.
  13. I just came across gameplay footage of Tenseiryuu: Saint Dragon today (first time that I had seen or heard of it) and my first thought was that it looked amazing and something would perform well as a port to the Jaguar. I know that it probably isn't ever likely to happen, but one can always hope & dream.
  14. Looks amazing! I hope this will see a physical release once it is complete.
  15. I had a ColecoVision console that wasn't producing audio, and I sent it to Cro§Bow for service and he quickly identified and resolved the issue. I was provided with a very detailed analysis of the the problem and given options to resolve the problem. After performing the repair Cro§Bow showed me a thorough demonstration of the repaired console and went over the methods used to verify that all was in working order. The console also got a needed cleaning and is nice & presentable now. I highly recommend contacting him for vintage video game console repair and I will not hesitate to take avaiil of his services for any future repair needs that i have.
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