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  1. For 2 hours woth of work it is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for whipping up this example for me so quickly in such a short span of time. One of these days I am going to try to learn C or assembly but honestly it's a bit daunting knowing where or how to begin in such a journey with such a steep learning curve. I truly for a long time have wanted to contribute to the retro gaming ecosystem that is keeping these old video games system alive and thriving as opposed to relegated to the dustbins of history. What is the best way as an entry point for such a learning endeavor (any constructive advice on this would be appreciated)? Most tutorials I have seen do seem to expect that the individual already has rudimentary understanding of assembly or C (last time I did any programming was 30 years ago in my teens and that was Basic and Cobol and not at an very advanced level). I would love to one day be able to leave my legacy for these old systems and have something to show here along with all of the rest of the talented people here on AtariAge and throughout the retro gaming development community at large (as well as alongside the official titles that were progammed and published by the talented programmers back in the day when these systems were still on the market) whose talent and hard work that I have had pleasure of enjoying over these years while exploring my love of these old systems via purchasing and playing the games that they have created.
  2. OMG, that looks amazing. What is it? I would love to try out that game even if it is unfinished. Is this ROM available somewhere for download.
  3. mmmmm, looks yummy. Do I see the beginnings of Star Raiders for the Lynx in the making? When I was the 3D topic that is where my mind immediately went daydreaming of the possibilities it would lend to such a game.
  4. Very excited to hear this is so close to production and the shipping stage. Thanks Curt for sticking with the project and bringing this gift to all us Atari 7800 fans.
  5. Not sure if this is a known issue or not, but I found that the search function on the non forum section of the AtariAge website has been broken since the forum upgrade took place last weekend. When you search for a title it only will bring up the entire 20 page list of 2600 titles regardless of what title or system you used in the search criteria.
  6. Yeah, my original 7800 that I had as kid didn't have that issue (it was a early modeldthat had the expansion port). I ended up selling that console, but years later end up getting another 7800 for retro gaming and found out about this tight cartridge slot problem. Researched the issue and found out that this was due to the piss poor redesigns implemented by the Tramiels. I then sought out an early model 7800 with expansion port to replace the Tramiel crap model 7800 console and lo and behold all my cartridges that didn't fit in the Tramiel el cheapo special fit nicely in the 7800 that was designed to the pre -Tramiel Atari original specs for the console.
  7. It's the Tramiel effect. Redesign everything that works perfectly but only cheaper and not to proper specs based on the original and properly functional designed models. Same thing with the 7800 early version of that console that have the expansion port where the fit cartridges well (for the most part except on some rare and not widely used non standard 2600 cartridge shell designs), but after the Tramiel el cheapo redesign even 7800 cartridges barely fit into the console and even including ones that did fit fine in the older model of the console. I get redesings happen on all consoles throughout their life cycles to reduce cost, parts change due to EOL components or cheaper more efficient replacements, and maybe to introduce some enhancements over the original specs, but with the Tramel's it was the opposite (take things away and make it less than technically advanced than the original and with design flaws on what they decided to keep). It was like a bad joke with them and then you realize that there is truly was no QA process or standard of excellence under their management (mismanagement is probably an more accurate term) and that the only thing that Jack Tramiel cared about was pinching pennies at the to the tune of cutting corners. The Tramiel motto on desing and function in short is no one will notice or care how screwed up it is because they will buy our products because it has the brand of the Atari label (knowing most fans still had the visions of the Atari of Nolan Bushnell's genius & magical innovation in their heads as opposed to the Atari of an delusional & incompetent old greed miester that then owned the company and would eventually run the company out of business).
  8. Was just inquiring. No rush or complaint intended. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.
  9. My eyes Are loving this new dark mode theme option (it's really helping with the eye strain). Attachments prior to the forum upgrade are going to come available again later this week? Found some demo ROM's this past weekend after the upgrade but no download links. Thanks for all the hard work on this valuable retro gaming website (it is one of my favorite and most frequently visited websites).
  10. Wow! Just saw this the other day on YouTube and I am blown away by the graphics, effects and music being pulled off in this demo. Just awe inspiring seeing what can be accomplished on the Atari 2600 with a bit of clever programming.
  11. According to the press release linked in the Atari VCS update newsletter from yesterday Indiegogo backers will be receiving their consoles in December 2019 which will be 3 months before the full retail rollout scheduled for March 2020. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EYUjfAfqzBo0d5G1I7qV_T-YpsojRBNiFGLcRIU4Lt8/mobilebasic
  12. Just got the email that the Atari VCS is going to have a demo showing at E3. Also interesting is that it looks like Indiegogo backers will be receiving their consoles in December 2019 which will be 3 months before the full retail rollout scheduled for March 2020. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EYUjfAfqzBo0d5G1I7qV_T-YpsojRBNiFGLcRIU4Lt8/mobilebasic At E3 this week, Atari plans to share demos of the Atari VCS dashboard and Sandbox Mode to showcase the power of the AMD tech that powers the VCS. Also, I noticed this one line in this press release that said “Discover What You and Atari Can Do.”. Sounds to me like that is going to be the marketing slogan for this new console.
  13. Is any sort of alternate method of controller IO possible with the Atari 7800 that doesn't access RIOT? Just seems to me that the speed of 1.79 MHz speed is mostly unusable since naturally controller input is going to account for a lot of the processing. Could an alternate input method for controller input be achieved through some of of device designed to interface controllers using the expansion port? Just a horrible design that the 7800 is crippled by being forced to use RIOT since this drops the speed to 1.19 MHz for controller IO and makes this unavoidable if RIOT is the only method. At least for sound if you used Pokey you don't have to touch the TIA and drop the CPU speed. Would be nice to keep the CPU running at it full 1.79 MHz speed at all time.
  14. I think you meant to say "now" all these devices are working together and mistyped "not" when you stated "all 3 audio devices are not all working together".
  15. I am interested in purchasing and AtariVox+ Speech Synthesizer but there don't seem to be any in stock in the AtariAge store. Are more going to be made available in the AtariAge store? If someone has one that they would like to sell go ahead and contact me.
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