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  1. The 5200 version had dots which is why the 7800 version was even more irritating as it felt like a step backward. As for burn in there should be much concern about that unless you are going to leave the screen on a static non changing image for extended periods. Anyhow thanks again for point me to the ROM.
  2. yes, perfect. Thank you. This revision is SO MUCH BETTER that the one that was released on the 7800 by Atari. What was Atari things using dashes instead of dot for the pellets. Not to mention that there is something slight off by the way the ghosts are drawn and the mazes as well.
  3. Does anyone know where I can download this ROM (ATARI 7800 Ms Pac Man Graphics MS PACMAN Hack 20150220). I have tried searching it but no luck on finding it. One thing about the Atari 7800 release of MS. Pac-Man that annoyed me was that the pellets were dashes like the 2600 instead of dots. While that is OK for a 2600 I think it was a bit lazy for a 7800 game.
  4. Best part out of all of the solutions below is that you are changing the original configuration of the console or risking any damage to the hardware and it is cheap. Also the 2600 is no where near HD so I don't see much benefit with high tech mod which would show no real improvement in image. Example OR there are are newer RF switchboxes that have coax connection built onto them. This would probably be a better option than the using a coax adapter on the VHF lead on a old switchbox. Also AtariAge has a RF to coax adapter that you can purchase from the AtariAge store. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=42
  5. As a very low tech solution I used the old original RF switchbox and connected a coax adapter to the VHF terminal leads. Plugged that into the coax jack on my HD TV, set the input on thd TV to coax and was able to get a picture from the 2600 without issue.
  6. To each their own. Not knocking anyone if they like it. Just isn't a game that I am fond of myself
  7. Tried it. It isn't a perfect game but is much more interesting and the more variety in the game play. I would buy this game over Fire Fighter Again not a perfect game but is much more interesting and the more variety in the game play. I would buy this game over Fire Fighter Hmmmm, this one. Now it suffer more from being repetitive than anything else. A few tweaks to the game play and it is passable. Still I would take this game over Fire Fighter. Imagic is known for some very good game but unfortunately Fire Fighter wasn't on of them. Fire Fighter was just lazy and that the couldn't see it or still just published it to make a buck is sad.
  8. I am going to download the Pac-Kong ROM and try it tonight. I have looked at the screenshots and it already looks more interesting and palatable than the turd that is Fire Fighter.
  9. Never heard of it. What is it? The bastard offspring of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong?
  10. It is available here on AtariAge. Download the ROM. I promise that you'll be sorry that you did. Remember time spent wasted on this game is time in your life that you will never get back.
  11. It's all good Just fun to remember this gams and how it will always stick with me as the worst video game ever It has potential but not much going on there to warrant calling that finished product. It needed much more in terms of gameplay variety and challenge to be considered a real game. it was more like a bad demo concept for a game. https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=176 70 and 75% is WAY better than this game deserves. I am going to give it a nice 20% and if I was really generous maybe 30%
  12. Fire Fighter! There I have said it. Need I say anything more? This is a tale of horror. Be forewarned! The year is 1982 and I get a nice remote control car for Christmas, but wait the car is broken. Lets go exchange it for a new one, but wait...they are out remote control cars like the one that isn't working. No worries, let just exchange it for something else. Mom: What would you like? Me: I don't know Mom: How about a video game? Me: Which one Mom: Here is Fire Fighter video game Me: Ok, lets go with that one That was all tongue in cheek (my rant that is, but it is a true account of how I discovered the worst 2600 game and WORST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER). Fire Fighter is a game truly fit for the ones you LOATHE (not love)! OMG, such an awful game. Who the hell gave it reviews of between 60 - 75%. Seriously the game is the worst. Awful graphics, hideous sounds, sadistic control scheme, and the most boring dull game play ever conceived. Hell even letting the building get totally consumed in flames is more fun than actually putting the fire out, BUT they even ruin that as the building will not burn down and flame burn out all the while with the idiot at the top waving his hands around as if I should care if he burn up or not (sadly he never does). Yeah, Imagic they really know how the suck all of the fun out a game. They should have tossed the code for the game and all the cartridges into a burning building. People say that E.T. is a bad game but in my opinion it really isn't . It is misunderstood and not that bad if you bother to read the manual. If you want a bad E.T game try out E.T.: Interplanetary Mission on the PS1. That is the game that should have been buried in the dessert instead of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the 2600. I mean did they go out of their way to make it that bad in a attempt to make it worse that what was on the 2600 (which I don't think is really all that bad by 2600 standards)? I would rather be stuck playing E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for all eternity than being subjected to Fire Fighter.
  13. Is the manual available online in PDF format or images? I do plan on buying a boxed copy for the Atari Age store but would like to have the electronic manual as well to go along with ROM I downloaded for the game. Thanks
  14. I just figured out the issue. The ROM I download earlier was named D.K.VCS_Title.bin. Apparent it is only the title screen and that is why there is no response as there is no code for it to do more. I searched again for the D.K VCS ROM and came across D.K.VCS_PRGE_151015_NTSC.bin and this does work perfectly. Such an amazing feat on the 2600 that the game matches the arcade so closely. Stunning to see the old 2600 VCS pulling these tricks in spite its limited capabilities. 2600 after all this time still hasn't lost its charm for me. Thanks again for your help!
  15. No, luck. Tried again using the spacebar and no response from the game. It is almost as if the it doesn't see the mapping of the key even though I have verified that the space is set to Fire.
  16. I have tried 2 homebrews today using Stella 5.0.2 to try out D.K VCS and cannot get the game to respond to the keyboard input. I have checked the Input Settings in Stella for the game and confirmed the the keys are mapped. P0 Fire = Space, Left CTRL P1 Fire = F F1 and F2 are seem to be performing their respective functions. It seem to be on the fire button and without this working I have been unable to start the game using the keyboard. It only seems to be homebrews having this issue as I have tested actual released/licensed games and they are working without issue. *was having issues with Princess Rescue earlier but it is working now (not sure why it wasn't and now is and I have confirmed the D.K. VCS matches the setup for that game). Is there something simple that I am missing and should check. Have been searching for a while and not coming up with anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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