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  1. I suspect by Native retro emulation Atari means emulation directly built into the Atari OS as opposed to PC mode. This should be interesting as Atari will have to be careful about licensing for games and hardware that they emulate but this is very exciting this is something they are looking to add to the Atari OS. This would be a great feature to add as a selling point.
  2. I did get in contact with the author of the video and he tested via USB 3.1 for me to compare that against the results he got with the stock 8 GB with Windows 10 installed in PC mode. Also he now has 16GB as opposed to the 8 GB stock memory that he used during his testing in January. The results of his new test are also 30-32 FPS with 16 GB of memory vs 8 GB stock and USB 3.1 this time vs the m.2 he used previously. Also another person with a stock Atari VCS with no upgrades running on a USB 3.0 SSD saw 23.7 FPS on his test. My take away from this is that the m.2 has little to no impact on the FPS (if there was frequent reading & writing this would would be more of a factor) and looks like my use of 2400 MHz vs the stock 8 GB Kingston that run at 2600 MHz is most likely the major cause of the lower FPS. I went with 32 GB G.Skill DDR4 2400 as was advised by another backer but found that many people mistakenly thought the stock memory was 2400 MHz but I looked up the specs last night on the stock stick and can say for a fact that it is has a 2666 Mhz clock speed. I have now ordered 32 G of DDR4 3200 MHz and will put that in my console. I will give my sister the 32 GB of 2400 MHz memory for the Atari VCS that I am giving to her (she will only run the Atari VCSr or emulators of old classic consoles in PC mode so this lower speed memory won't be a big deal for her). A few safe & useful things to do will following the steps in this video I have linked on this reply is as follows (the default setting in the BIOS are based on the stock 8 GB of DD4 2666 MHz memory so these should be adjusted to reflect the specs of the upgraded memory and allocate the additional memory to the GPU to optimize performance). ------------------------------------------------- - Set the memory speed in the BIOS to ensure that clock on that is matches the rated speed for the memory. - Allocate more system RAM as video memory (I'm going to go with 4 GB since I have 32 GB installed in my Atari VCS and that will be a nice boost in games that use a lot of video memory and this is double the default 2 GB that was based on an Atari VCS with the stock 8 GB of memory). *One other thing shown in the video was how to change the TDP from 35W to 54W but I don't think that I will do that as I don't want to put any undue stress on my Atari VCS and risk damaging or overheating it (for those who want to do this it is advised to replace the stock thermal pad with Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste to enhance the cooling).
  3. Just noticed that my link for the overclockign video in my orignal post isn't a hyperlink. I include a proper link here for anyone who wants to check itout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAkWAf2Heww
  4. Yeah, that is smart. I user Arctic Silver on all my build as that is the best money can buy. How more stress does the overclocking put on the console. Is is going to shorten the life of console or overheat it?
  5. Can you post the link to that video? I would appreciate it greatly.
  6. Interesting, I probably won't do any overclocking as I don't want to put stress on the console that might cause it damage over time. That being said can you answer the following? - Are using a m.2 or is it a USB 3.1 Gen 2 SSD you use? - How did you overclock the RAM (AMD Overdrive or BIOS setting and what settings did you adjust in either of those).?
  7. Yes, and this is why I want that extra 10 FPS. I had 32 GB vs the 8 the tested had and he was averaging 10 more FPS than moe The only things I can note is as follow: - The RAM the author of had was the stock 8 GB of DDR 4 2666MHz (he told me he hadn't upgrade) that came with the console vs the 32 GB of DD4 2400MHz RAM that I have - The author of the video was using 500 GB M.2 internal SSD drive (Western Blue 3D NAND WDS500G2B0B) vs my 2 TB SAMSUNG 870 QVO SATA III in a USB 3.1 enclosure Just seems odd to me his system getting 10 FPS more on average base of these points: = 2666MHz vs 2400MHz is negligible in speed different - My memory size is large enough it aid the GPU - T\here will not be paging to the SSD so read & write time for USB should me much of a factor (normally once a game is load there isn't going to be constant stream of reading & writing either) Can his negligible different in memory speed or internal m.2 actually be the the difference in 10 FPS. If that is the case I am OK with adjust my config to match that if mean getting a 10 FPS performance boost.
  8. Even if only someone running Window 10 via USB 3.1 on their Atari VCS can post their nubmer that would be very helpful to me because it lets me if if the FPS I am seeing with my config is comparable to theirs with that same sort of setup. The test parameters are run the Unigine Heaven Benchmark using Medium quality and 1280x720 full screen resolution.
  9. This video shows another Atari VCS owner benchmarking his Atari VCS using Unigine Heaven Benchmark with as averaged 30 FPS. I did the same test on my Atari VCS using the same settings as in his video (Medium quality and 1280x720full screen resolution) but got about 19-20 FPS. I an to figure out why there is such a huge difference between what he got on his Atari VCS vs what I got on mine. I need to determine why that would be the case. Here are my specs: - Windows 10 Home - 32 GB of DDR4 RAM (G.SKILL Ripjaws Series DDR4 PC4-19200 2400MHz F4-2400C16D-32GRS). CPU-Z reports the memory is running in Dual Channel mode at 1197 MHz DRAM Frequency (Uncore Frequency is showing 597.8 MHz, but sometime jumps to 1197.7 if it sits on that tab, but not sure if that mean anything or not) - 2 TB SAMSUNG 870 QVO SATA III in a USB 3.1 enclosure I spoke with the author of the video and he said that his specs at the time were as follows: - Memory was the stock 8gb Kingston (2x4g) that came preinstalled on the Atari VCS - 500 GB M.2 internal SSD drive (Western Blue 3D NAND WDS500G2B0B) I also have a M.2 installed in my Atari VCS as well as the SATA III SSD that I run the Windows 10 from via a USB 3.1 enclosure, but didn't install Windows on it since I didn't want it to screw with the Atari OS. I'm just a bit hesitant to do this (without knowing this is going to fix the issue or if this what is making my FPS lower) since I am going to have to open my Atari VCS up again and the risk of unwanted changes to the Atari OS boot loader from Windows 10 on the m2. Can anyone tell me what they are seeing for FPS on Unigine Heaven Benchmark running with Medium quality and 1280x720 full screen resolution via a USB 3.1 SATA III drive and also the same or another person post what they are getting from the same test with Window 10 installed on a m.2 drive in their Atari VCS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAkWAf2Heww
  10. At least in this day & age with emulation you can still play all those old system and have access to all the games that we couldn't afford to purchase back then. Anything from the original XBOX and on have issue due to severs that no longer exist or just technical issue of aging hardware dying. With these old consoles even 44 year later the original hardware still works (the biggest challenge is getting this old analog base signal to work on HD TV) . Another great thing about now is you have an entire community of games like yourself to share the experience of these old consoles & games that you enjoy. Even though those systems are long since retired products you can still get tons of new games thanks to a thriving homebrew community. They are making these old consoles do crazy things that we didn't even dream possible back in the day, push the hardware further that we knew it could go. Seeing these homebrew blows my mind. It challenges everything I thought I knew about those old systems. It wows and leave me leave me astonished and saying this should not be possible on this old hardware and it is truly awe inspiring and make the kid in my that loved those old systems squeal with delight.
  11. Good I like a challenge. I beat Star Raider on the T40 setting and that was no easy feat.
  12. Ccrowd funding might be a an option if you need a bit more cash to work on this (I would be one on your first backers for sure). If not completed still even what you have would be a great WIP game if for the community to play if you decide to share the ROM at some point here on the forums.
  13. @Andrew Davie Wow, this game looks amazing! You certainly have skilled talent making the 2600 do what you are with this game and a very creative to imagine such a game like this within the modest limit of the console. I have never seen anything like this attempted on a Atari 2600. How far along is the game and once it is finished are you going to be selling it in the AtariAge store (this game is one game that I am eager to add to my Atari 2600 games library).
  14. I have seen it but never really spent anytime playing with it despite my intentions to do so. Maybe I will fire it up soon on my Atari VCS in PC mode using a NES emulator and my 8Bitdo Arcade Stick that I got specifically for use with NES games in PC mode since that controller is very much like the old NES Advantage controllers.
  15. Wow, I never knew that Doug Neubauer worked on a space game for the Nintendo NES, let alone any more space games after Star Raiders and Solaris. I know that Doug states this wasn't completed but I wonder if there is any early prototype out there of it, or any details on the game. It would be great to know how far it got even if just to the point of concept art and to see any of it if it still exists. Too bad this never came to be as it would have been EPIC! https://dougneubauer.com/atari/
  16. That does sound amazing for the TIA. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Personally I love the NES version of Gauntlet, the music, graphics and sounds are amazing. Love the whole quest to find the correct path to the vault and all the power ups for each of the characters. The only think that would have been better is 4 players, but for what Tengen managed to achieve on the NES really does an admirable job of recreating the arcade experience on a home console and expanding upon it. Ideally if I could have any very of Gauntlet on the Atari 7800 it would be Tengen's NES version, but have 4 player support and the character voices that were absent from it.
  18. Yay. Just noticed that the Atari VCS is now in it proper place under the Atari Systems section on the forum and no longer under Modern Console. Now it has joined the rest of the Atari family tree on this site and that is just as it should be. Thanks, Albert.
  19. @Albert Did this ever get a release in the AtariAge store or will it still be added there at some point?
  20. I put an in valid link in when I created this thread. Here is the working link to the article where Steam CEO, Gabe Newel responds to the question of if Steam will be coming to any consoles. https://www.makeuseof.com/valve-gabe-newell-suggests-steam-on-consoles/
  21. I don't think they would. This would just give them a steady steam of mainstream content (new and back catalog titles). As for the Atari OS store they should focus that on first party exclusive and HD 2D retro indie titles and other services that a consumer wants to add to their Atari VCS.
  22. https://www.makeuseof.com/valve-gabe-newell-suggests-steam-on-console I suspect that Steam is part of Atari's unannounced news that has been alluded to several times on the Atari VCS Founders Discord channel times by the Atari moderators who are telling us that there will be some big news revealed after the console has officially launched. When Steam CEO, Gabe Newell replies "You'll have a better idea of that by the end of the year." to the question "Will Steam be coming to console or staying on PC?" I can only think this must mean the Atari VCS. Atari announced a partnership with Ultra last Sept, but we have seen nothing of that so it is not a new announcement, but more of unfulfilled partnership. We have already seen Atari add a couple gaming services to the VCS so why would Atari not also add Steam. It seems Atari's strategy is more partnerships & services than making their own content and Steam has a huge library (new, old and indie) so this would fit that model. Personally I would rather have Steam than Ultra. - Barring additional delays it is the only new console that is launching this year that would be capable of running Steam what else is launching this year that would be a platform that could easy integrate Steam since by design the Atari VCS has standard PC components and runs Linux so that would make it easier to implement adding Steam and getting games to run that are in the Steam library than it would be with closed platforms with highly customized hardware & software such as the PlayStation, XBOX or Switch. - Why would Sony, Microsoft or even Nintendo be interested in Steam on their consoles as they have plenty of content and adding a third party game store like Steam would essentially take the cut of the sale from them since their ecosystem is profit from their own stores. - Amico which might release this year is ARM based, PS5, XBOX Series X/S and Switch have already launched and also are closed platforms in term of architecture OS. Atari has the only console with standard PC architecture. - Steam in the past few years has made moves to make the platform it own service by creation of the Steam OS and introduction of Steam Machines that promote Linux as a viable alternative Windows. Steam also wants to reach gamers who sit on the sofa as opposed PC gaming. Unfortunately Steam Machines didn't sell well as generic devices. The Atari VCS would give Steam a dedicated platform that opens a direct market to console gamers on a device from a company that is long established with console gaming and who is now selling a device that promotes Linux as a viable platform for gaming. - It is a logical and beneficial pairing for Atari since it gives VCS the steady stream of content that it needs. To me such an arrangement of adding Steam to Atari VCS OS would be a huge win for the traditional console gamers, since it in effect opens up PC exclusive titles to those gamers who miss out on a such titles since they cannot easily play them from the comfort of their sofas in front of their HD TV. The Atari VCS trolls will still knock the console and say that this just makes Atari VCS a Steam Machine and offers no value as video game console should Steam be added a service to the Atari OS. What they don't want to acknowledge is that there are many console gamers who aren't playing games that are on the PC since many of them have no desire to go through the hassle to to setting up a PC or some number of those gamers who are not technically proficient enough to do that or even those would find PC mode to be a challenge to get up & running on the Atari VCS. Overall Steam running as its own service on the Atari VCS OS would be much less clunky & confusing for those type of gamers. The Atari VCS can with Steam can make those games easily accessible to those type of gamers and open a market to publishers of a whole new audience they have no direct access access to on traditional video game consoles.
  23. Wow! this game is amazing! Keep bringing titles like this to the Atari VCS as these type of games will be the bread & butter for the console. Compelling titles like this is what the Atari VCS needs among it library to turn heads and sell consoles!
  24. Jetboard Joust has officially released on the Atari VCS. This game is truly the definition of HD 2D retro style gaming that I hope consoles like the Atari VCS will be key in inspiring of wave of next generation 2D games.
  25. Tengen NES version version is only 2 player as opposed to 4 unlike the later Gauntlet II version published on the NES by Mindscape. Mayve a 7899 QuadTari can be released to handle 4 player since this support only1 button joysticks since it is intend as 2600 product and isn't compatible with 7800 multi button controllers. Personally I like the Tengen version the best. I do wonder if the 7800 XM (if released) could produce a version that could compete on par with NES Tengen version, or even the Mindscape version.
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