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  1. Just wanted to hear from people who have programmed for the Atari 7800 as to their opinion if the system would be as capable of handling the game as well as did the NES. The closest thing we have is Dark Chamber's and the is the poor mans version of Gauntlet by far. Also the Sega Master system did version that is very faithful to arcade. Just curious how Atari's own 7800 could have fared given proper resources for a Gauntlet title.
  2. It was a commercial failure due to near no 3rd party titles to compel many people to buy the console.
  3. Still want this game. The Tengen Gauntlet on the NES was phenomenal for bring the feel, look, and sound of the arcade home. Could the Atari 7800 handle this as well as the NES did graphics and game play wise (now sound I know would need a Yahma 2151 or at minimum a Pokey chip to compete with what the NES had)?
  4. Wow, this is cool! I never knew of this Star Raiders themed McDonald's game before. Did anyone here ever get these at game cards McDonald's back in 1982? I hope some lucky kid got the Atari computer that was the grand prize for this game. Were the other Atari titles that McDonald did a game for?
  5. So exciting how the Atari VCS is very accessible for anyone program games for.
  6. This game looks like fun and the sprites are cute. A nice nod to 8-bit gaming. An original platformer is just what I wanted from my Atari VCS game library
  7. Good news that they are working on properly granting us access to the BIOS.
  8. @Albert Seems like we need a sub forum here for Atari VCS programming just like for the other consoles on this forums.
  9. When I Googled the result swere coming back as 1983, but when added 1984 to my search show that other report it came out in 1984, Apparent there is some confusion with some as to the actual release date of Pitfall II on 2600, but looking at the manual I see on the last page that 1984 is the date listed, so that is correct date. Still the date aside the use a DPC type chip in Gyruss (I know that would this have been in 1984 that it would not have been the Activision DPC chip but some similar chip since Acttivision would not have given their new and most advanced chip to a competitor like Parker Brothers since they would have been in competition to sell the best and most advanced games) would have overcome the same challenges as Pitfall II: Lost Cavern did on the 2600 where the 2 channel sound was not sufficient to allow both sound effects and music simultaneously. Still would love to see a homebrew using such a method if anyone ever decides to take on that challenge.
  10. Having those sound effects would be so cool, and some graphical enhancements from the DPC and a 32K size
  11. Gyuss for the Atari 2600 is a respectable port considering the limitations of the 2600 hardware. Forgoing the sound effects in the game due the limited 2 channel sound on the 2600 and going in favor of being able to have the Toccata and Fugue in D minor in game music was the right decision since the game is not the same without that song during gameplay. That being said I was thinking about the Activison DPC chip that David Crane designed and used inPitfall II: Lost Caverns and how it enhanced the 2600 processing capabilities and also added 4 channel sound. Gyruss was released in 1984 on the 2600 so this was a year after Pitfall II, and it would have been an epic port and the killer app for the 2600 that year had it employed such a chip so that the sound effects could have been added along with the music and whatever other enchantments that DPC co-processing capabilities would have made possible. It would be awesome to seem an improved homebrew version of the game employing such methods.
  12. My eject button gives power for 1 second then all is dead again
  13. I should probably get both done. So wonder that crappy capacitors are blowing up hardware for the era.
  14. I actually have 2 version 1.1 original XBOX consoles. Now I fear the other one is about to blow up soon as well, but that other one hasn't been turned on in years
  15. Thanks, I will wait on you reply. I don't blame you if you don't work on newer consoles since they are aren't so friendly as the older generation that ended with the 16 bit era.
  16. Based on the manufaucturing date on my console it looks like is is most likely a version 1.1 console. I just want to ship the console off to someone who can fix it. Can you do the repair or recommend anyone if you don't work consoles such as the original XBOX?
  17. Would this be a repair job that you would take on if I sent it to you. Also how to I determine the console version?
  18. There doesn't seem to be a section for the original XBOX here on the AtariAge forumsso I hope the Modern Gaming section is the best place to post this topic.. My original XBOX will not power on. It worked just fine the last time it was played, but I havent played it in over a year. Here are the symptoms: - when I press the power button there is no response at all - pressing the eject button will cause the LED around the eject button to light green for a moment and the fans are heard for a second, but then the system powers back down Not sure what could have have happened, as all was in working order last time it was used.
  19. Yes, that was what I was getting at with this. To me it seemed being an Atari Console its should be grouped under Atari Systems. This being an Atari first site that is where it should be whereas other non Atari consoles are generalized in the categories they get placed in.
  20. You will have to do as Peter on Family Guy did and get a secret credit card that the wife does know about 😉
  21. Hocakes reference aside since I have no metrics for it some big name titles keep selling (Adventure II for example) and as you said if it is kept on AtariAge then programmer keeps getting paid for each sale as opposed to the bloated eBay resells.
  22. Not hard at all to say. Die hard retro fans tend to be willing to pay big buck to get some rare title. Put in the AtariAge store and it will sell like hotcakes. I see it all the time with home brews where they have is limited 1 production run and then eBay poachers gouge those fans who will pay any price to obtain that said game on a system from yesteryear.
  23. Yeah, take your time. No rush on this stuff
  24. I see under Classic Gaming > Modern Gaming > Atari VCS. Is that the new forum? Look like it was here already since there are topic in it already dating back to Nov 2020. Just making sure that I am not confused. I thought it was going to be under Atari Systems > Atari VCS. Either way is fine but I thought it would be under the Atari Systems section. Just want to make sure I undering correctly where the new sub forum for the Atari VCS is located.
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