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  1. Wow, awesome. Thanks for the quick reply Al!
  2. Al, now that the Atari VCS has launched and people are have started getting them in hand when will a Atari VCS sub forum under Atari Systems be opened for the new console? This is AtariAge after all and we should not start fragmenting the structure on the forums by denying the new console as part of Atari's legacy because there are some who have a negative impression of the new console or Atari as they are in 2020. There are sill many fan who are excited by it and want place to come together in a civil manner to discuss the console.
  3. I am looking forward to adding this game to my Atari Lynx game collection once it is released. The graphics are beautiful. It shows off what the Lynx is capable of.
  4. I was always curious since the 5200 release in 2007 of Adventure II what factors led to the exclusion of the bat from the game. Not taking anything away from this amazing game. I bough the collectors edition when it released and it is a wonderful homage to the original game. Can you give any details on what reasons the bat wasn't included in the game?
  5. Al, we know that AtariAge does have a waiting list, but what npturton is getting at with his question is if this pre-order list takes into consideration the position that we were in on the pre-orders from RetroHQ so that we are not at the end of the line behind others who got on the AtariAge list after those of use who ordered previously over a year ago.
  6. I totally agree with you. At this point just a SD cart with 1 Hokey would be perfect. If the 7800 XM does get picked up by someone once all is sorted out with the future of project that is where we will get all the extra features that are nice to have but not necessary for playing the existing games. As for SD cart its main goals should just be to provide a format that can play any exciting released games, so SD storage and 1 Hokey will suffice.
  7. I want to reserve one when you are ready to start taking orders/pre-orders.
  8. Sorry if there question has been addressed already, I wasn't able to find the answer in the thread due to how long it is. Are orders for the cart going to be taken here in this thread, or via PM, or will it be some other website? I am interested in reserving one so if a per-order list has already been started or if you are taking payment now tell me what needs to be done. Thanks!
  9. I get it you don't like the Atari VCS. If you think proving a point to me you aren't. I am content to enjoy what have purchased. I know what I intend to use my device for and your attempts to try to show those who have purchased the Atari VCS that they are "foolish" is just immature. You think you are being clever with your efforts to passively aggressively troll me since I am not one of the toxic trollish fanboys who are on the bash the Atari VCS bandwagon. That being said I will not further indulge you in the pointless back and forth exchange as that enables trolls such as yourself who want to try sour those of us who are excited for the new consoles that we have purchased.
  10. No, I mean real new 2-D content with modern HD graphics
  11. I mean new modern retro inspired content. Not the old ROM's on a flashback device.
  12. This will have been well worth the wait to have this device in my entertainment center serving up not onlny modern retro inspired contend, but also serving as my universal retro console emulation device letting me run any emulated console that I want. I know a lot of people are critical that that it has taken this long to get to this point we are at now with the devices ready to ship, but I fully agree with Atari's decision to delay and redesign it with the console with the AMD Ryzen R1606G processor instead of going with the older model that was on the original specs sheet. Yes, it is long shot for this device becoming a success and having a thriving ecosystem, but I hope that it will bring 2-D retro gaming mainstream. If nothing else I will always have it for the purpose or retro game console emulation and have this device as my one stop for playing all of the old game from the various console on yesteryear on my TV.
  13. Chase the Chuckwagon is an an early example of tie in promotional marketing. Really was a new concept then for game. I suspect that Tooth Decay is supposed to be the Crest, Cavity Creeps but wasn't officially licensed (I am sure that the programmer took inspiration from the Crest commercials that were being ran during that same period of time).
  14. Agreed, I don't think he is actually playing anything that is probably why they didn't bother to show the screen as they did with another game system that he was playing later in the film. I suspect that it was not considered important enough and too much hassle to get an old analog based game console hooked up to a HD TV. That being said there are clearly sounds from an Atari 2600 game if you listen closely. My guess is that is that game is Millipede base on what I heard.
  15. Can anyone else tell from the game sounds if it is Millipede or what game is being played?
  16. Two Atari 2600 Joystick controllers and 2 paddle controllers in "The Babysitter: Killer Queen" Netflix film that was released 2 days ago. They never showed the TV screen, but I think from the sounds of the game it was Millipede that was being played.
  17. I saw a picture of a cartridge only the label end that said "Earth Attack". Upon Googling it I found this is just Defender. Same game as Defender, but a different name and not relapsed by Atari. What is the deal with that? Is there some difference that I am not seeing?
  18. I'm going to load the demo to get a good look at the game. Unfortunately those old OEM passive matrix screens don't let you see much more than a harsh white glare in these videos.
  19. Tidus79001


    Just listening to the music it sounds very similar to the sound that Lynx produces from its audio chip.
  20. Tidus79001


    Yeah, that is was my thought that a simplified version of it could retain much of what this PICO-8 demo shows. I would love to have a game like this on the Lynx. I had never head of PICO-8 before this but think it it brilliant, but still would like to see real retro hardware like the Lynx having a go at games like this.
  21. I can't run a full version on Windows, full version of Linux or Chrome OS and easily emulate any console I want. I like the flexibility of all it will allow. Raspberry Pi's are too narrow in function and under powered.
  22. Tundrorock didn't ask anything. All he did was put a trolling meme saying "there are going to be games for your gaming console, right?". That implis that Atari has no intention of making games for the Atari VCS when they have stated "As of today, we have so far only announced the Atari VCS Vault of 100 classic arcade and home titles, along with Missile Command: Recharged, but there will be many more coming for launch and beyond that we very much look forward to announcing". That is trolling trying to suggest non truths or spread misinform for the purpose disparaging something the troll personally of dislikes. Trolls be like
  23. ROFLMFAO, Nothing at all was said, just trolling. There will be new games just at the stated in Q&A last moth ( https://medium.com/@atarivcs/atari-vcs-july-2020-q-a-with-coo-381f121f664c) Trolls are gonna troll.
  24. I see the trolls have moved to this thread now since the other Atari VCS thread in the Atari 2600 section of the forums finally got locked.
  25. Plex sounds good to me as I do want the Atari VCS to be a multi function device (new retro inspired games, indie games, modern games, a full PC that I can emulate other retro consoles on and a multimedia platform) https://medium.com/@atarivcs/what-plex-means-to-the-atari-vcs-and-to-atari-vcs-owners-4fc9d36d3984
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