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  1. ROFLMFAO, Nothing at all was said, just trolling. There will be new games just at the stated in Q&A last moth ( https://medium.com/@atarivcs/atari-vcs-july-2020-q-a-with-coo-381f121f664c) Trolls are gonna troll.
  2. I see the trolls have moved to this thread now since the other Atari VCS thread in the Atari 2600 section of the forums finally got locked.
  3. Plex sounds good to me as I do want the Atari VCS to be a multi function device (new retro inspired games, indie games, modern games, a full PC that I can emulate other retro consoles on and a multimedia platform) https://medium.com/@atarivcs/what-plex-means-to-the-atari-vcs-and-to-atari-vcs-owners-4fc9d36d3984
  4. This game certainly look like it has lot of potential to shine. I do hope that there will be physical release when development of the game is completed.
  5. Tidus79001


    I would love to see Zepton game ported to the Atari Lynx. It is a retro inspired game made for PICO-8 virtual video game console. I think the Lynx could handle this game for the most part. That being said there does are to be are rotation of the background in relations to ship when the ships moves up, down, left or right so it my require making the background more static. It would also be interesting to see this ported also to the Atari Jaguar and to the Atari 7800 using the XM once that releases. Such a exciting looking game and it would be inst resting to see how much of it can accomplished on actual retro console hardware.
  6. I sent payment tonight via PayPal for AtariAge reservation AA#58. I forgot to include my LTO Flash! unique ID on the instructions with my PayPal payment. I have emailed you my LTO Flash! unique ID and sent it you in PM here on AtariAge. Can you add this to my order details? Thanks.
  7. Under the Tramiel's is when the rudder fell off
  8. Because often that is what is done in this thread when disparaging the Atari VCS.
  9. Funny all of you have been silent about the news of the delay of the Intellivision Amico. If this was the Atari announcing a delay you would be be trolling that news to no end. Yep, Hypocrisy is alive and well in this thread. That being said I am not upset about the delay I want Intellivsion to take time and get things right and not just rush something out just to compete the stated October 2020 release date for the Atari VCS. Product launch delays are normal so I am not go to act like this is some cause for concern. Better to take the time make the it the product that people were expectting as opposed to cutting corners just to rush it market or leave things out unfinished or dropping feature that was supposed to be in the product just to make some date that can be adjusted for the better good for the product and the consumers who paid for that product.
  10. -Many like myself do no enjoy mobile gaming with its clunky touchscreen control that don't lend themselves well to a lot genres of games. It a find for limited type of gameplay but often leaves a lot to be desired. - Before you retort that you can pair a controller to the mobile device I am going to say once you do that it stop being a mobile device and you can'teasily carry around a full size controller in your pocket so that just adds bulk and the you end up carrying a backpack or something to put these type of accessories in. - The Atari VCS is hybrid of console and PC. It was never intended to be dedicated console with a closed proprietary eco system like dedicated consoles. - The Atari VCS at launch will have 100 retro titles included for free accessible in the Atari vault - There will be original and content added to the the Atari Store over time. You can't expect at day one that all content will be available and announced. Just like any console the content grows over time and what is being offered gets expanded upon and enhanched. - Many find a device such as the Atari VCS tappealing as it can be retro gaming console or PC use for emulation of other consoles of whatever else want to purpose it to. The Atari Wireless Classic Joystick and the modern controller a very nice to have for such a setup. The design looks sleek. provides a reasonable amount of power for device its size (mid gaming laptop performance), is near silent and will seamlessly integrate and blend into the entertainment center setup for many and make and retro and Indieg aming accessible to anyone from their sofa and without the need to setting up a dedicated PC to do this.
  11. The Atari VCS isn't try to be the most powerful console on the market. They are trying to carve out a niche for themselves in a crowded console market and cannot compete toe to to with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo since the don't have a resources or money for such battles. It isn't how powerful you console is but what you do with it, as the old saying goes the software makes the hardware. Many time in video history as less technically advance console have been more successful while consoles with higher spec and vastly improved capabilities have fallen flat on their face. Nintendo is prime example that you don't need to have the most powerful and most technically advanced console on the marker to be a successful gaming platform and carve out niche in which to thrive.
  12. Please add my to the pre-order list for 1 copy of the game
  13. I know that pooling of talent and resources wont' happen between Atari and Intellivision but pooling resources in this many would help to make a better product for all involved as each company has different things they are bringing to the table that would make a the venture more viable of and increase the odd of successful for building a thriving retro gaming console more as each of them are attempting to do. I like that Atari is putting a huge focus on indie titles and setting up the Atari VCS development as a platform to promote development of that type original content and making development for the console easily accessible to these developers looking to get these game off the ground and in front of an audience of gamers who might not otherwise ever play these titles if the only way to access them was to sit in front of a PC. I applaud Atari for wanting to get back to their roots of being a video game hardware platform. I have always rooted for them even when the odd were against them and while they was letting us down under the Tramiel's as well as during it Golden Era under Nolan Bushnell. I have always been an Atari fan and love their legacy they created and that is still impacting video games even today, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The MiSTer and Raspberry Pi are both fine platforms, but for many setting it up is going to be a bit of a technical challenge. The Atari VCS out of the box is designed for retro gaming by just plugging it in, and that make it accessible to a less tech savvy crowed or those who just want who might want experience retro gaming without any in depth process to get it up and running. A person doesn't have to know what hardware to buy, how to assemble it, how to configure and how to get ROM's in order to enjoy retro gaming content with the Atari VCS since out of the box it will include many retro times and gaming services for retro and indie content. Also MiSTer and Raspberry Pi are both are very limited in overall power and what they can do since they are ARM devices and running customer Linux OS's. The Atari VCS is much more powerful flexible for letting you purpose to many uses just than dedicated retro gaming such as those other platforms. As they said in their QA& update today on the topic of comparison to the Raspberry PI, the Ouya or even an ARM hardware devices. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Atari VCS makes the games accessible to anyone including those who aren't PC gamers. The format that Atari VCS is offering and services are attractive me and many other games who would like to play these game from the luxury of our sofa by just plugging in the console having immediate access and all this is available. The Atari VCS is also flexible enough to allow those such as myself who are inclined to do so the capability to configure the console to do more and be much more than what it is pre-configured to do out of the box running in its native the Atari World OS mode The ability to enhance the performance of the Atari VCS by adding additional DDR4 RAM and M.2 storage is a huge feature for expanding the abilities of the console. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Atari VCS price was announced long before the COVID crisis even existed. Most people reserved their console during the Indiegogo campaign and pre-order window prior to the one just announced this month and both of those were long before this current crisis. Your same argument can be made towards Microsoft and Sony releasing high priced premium consoles which are "substantial amounts of money at a time of severe uncertainty". The Atari VCS It is a fair price for what they are offering, but you probably didn't both to read the update today that went over the topic is of is MSRP. As for delays I am happy that they delayed in order to build the Atari VCS with cutting edge hardware for mini PC class device instead to releasing it with an older architecture just to get it out faster. The Atari VCS will be one of the first devices to use the R1606G which AMD developed in conjunction with Atari to meet the requirements of the Atari VCS. The performance of the Atari VCS is going to be on par with a mid range gaming laptop and a price point far below what it would cost to build a high end gaming PC that will run well over $1,000 and put it out of range of what many people are willing to pay or can afford for gaming device. The architecture of the Atari VCS puts in the perfect sweet spot of performance vs affordability. That level of performance, small form factor, low noise and design and functionality of the console is very attractive to many as a retro gaming platform and emulation console that fits into our entertainment center setup and looks sleek.
  14. I agree that two of these retro gaming consoles is going to cause fragmentation for a building a dominant platform for retro gaming. The Intellivision Amico just always seemed to be to be a "me too" response with less expensive hardware to what the Atari VCS was interned to be with full PC architecture. With an ARM device this is going limit the available power of the console and make it single purpose since it is stuck running a custom Android OS as opposed to full PC architecture that is much more powerful and also allows it to be a multi purpose device running Windows and Linux OS's that can configure to be an emulator console or whatever else you want to purpose it to be. It would be great to see Atari and Intellivision pool their talent to be one viable retro gaming platform so that this concept gets off the ground and stays alive. That being said, completion does drive innovation and can spur even better fruit for us as games to enjoy as each platform duke it out to become the dominant retro gaming platform. All I know is either way I am exited as the console wars of the 80's and 90's was an exciting time in gaming gave is a lot of gems that even to this day we are still nostalgic about and that continue to entail and inspire us. - The Atari VCS has the better architecture. but we don't know much of what sort fire party titles we might see on the console. We do know that there be a few third party retro gaming services such as Antstream (retro arcade titles), Airconsole (apps that of the type found on Android and iOS), and Game Jolt (indie platform) - The Intellivision Amico seems to have a better grasp on remaking retro titles and a passion to reinvent and innovate for a new era of 2D gaming Here is how I see that ideally Atari and Intellivision if so inclined to do so could pool their talent for the greater benefit of such a retro gaming platform: -Let Atari produce the hardware and manufacture the console as they have more capital, resource and connections to retail and other bushiness to promote and run that sort of operation as well a huge library to classic title many of which were big hits back in to day - Intellivision can be the innovators in providing kick ass titles. Remakes of classic tittles (both Intellivion and Atari owned titles as well as other retro titles then can get licensed to remake) and original 2D HD games) - Still include retro gaming services such as Antstream so that classic titles from other companies find its way to the console, Airconsole for quick fun addictive light gaming, and Game Jolt to attract the indie developers - All this in addition to making it an open development platform that anyone can develop content on and publish their homebrewed games to. As well as offer making possible to for the community of homebrewer's to share their talent and knowledge while serving as platform and helping to connect each to others to learn and collaborate on projects. I wish I had the resources to build such a dream platform as the model I describe above. It would be everything I as retro gaming enthusiast could ask for.
  15. I will enjoy both my Atari VCS and Intellivision Amico. I'm not playing favorites for either console.
  16. Not championing either console over the other perhaps you missed the part in my post I where said the following...
  17. Intellivision can put out cornball videos each week that have no value at all towards informing us as to the production status of the Amico console, and you guys have wet dreams over that project, but when Atari on a regular basis is giving detailed production updates, news about partnerships and content on the upcoming Atari VCS you crap all over them saying there is no transparency to the how the project is being conducted. Before you call me an shill being paid to promote the Atari VCS I want all of you to know that I have a pre-order for the Intellivision Amico Founder Edition console as well as being a backer of the Atari VCS on the day its Indiegogo campaign launched, so I have a vested interested in seeing both consoles reach production and succeed. I truly feel that both consoles are a big win for retro gaming enthusiasts, indie developers and homebrewer's should either of these consoles succeed, let alone both. It just comes across as a double standard when legitimate serious news from one project is treated with scorn, distrust and disdain, while comedic non news from the other project is treated like gospel.
  18. I am not involved with Atari. I am just a lifelong gamer who enjoys retro games and have been playing video games since the Atari 2600 first launched.. I was an backer in the Indigogo campaign, so that makes me a customer.
  19. That is one thing, but nice try to trying to cherry pick that out of all the points made but for bringing this experience to the living room opens up an whole new audience who might not otherwise experience these services such as retro and indie games. That is niche thing for people to do on their PCs, so it the Atari VCS expands that audience by bring that to the TV & sofa then it help that community to grow and more homebrew love so. I think there is potential for this to be a great opportunity for aspiring hombrewers and indie devs.
  20. Having a discussion and debate on point is trolling? Who knew?! SJW much? I guess it take a toll to know a troll since all I hear in this thread is term tacos when any attempt at real discussion and debate is attempted.
  21. It allow those services on your TV without setting up laptop or desktop. No configuring as it is pre-configured to be a service on the Atari VCS. Never did I say you can't get those services elsewhere but for an person who might not have a home PC (many as odd it is seems to me just use their phones for everything) or doesn't want the bother of setting it up or doesn't have controller for the PC it makes it accessible. You can play that ignorant card as much as you want but anyone being intellectually honest knows that is why the Atari VCS is being built with these features. It allows other OS's to run so you can load and ran any PC apps (hmmm, I wonder what PC apps that gamers might want to run. Oh that's right emulators!). Sure you have a little work to do installing the OS and configuring an emulator but on any other console this option doesn't exist at all. They went well over their goal for how much money they raised vs their minimum target so yes they met and exceeded their goals, not yours or anyone else's, Nuff said.
  22. I guess those public demos was all fake news as is all the updates and info that they have shared on the development and production process for this console. It is unprecedented the level of transparency there has been to the development process of this console. No other company has ever shown you every step of the console from design to production and then internals of their to be released product because it is usually kept under wraps and only limited details revealed until late in the game so as to not give the competition an edge on how to one up their new product.
  23. There is the Atari store that is to have retro title and original content. Then there a partner services retro and indie services that include: Antstream Arcade AirConsole Game Jolt They can charge whatever price they want. That being said for a device that can sever as a full PC running Windows and be used to run any emulator is HUGE bonus and very attractive to many retro gamers I think it a very reasonable prices. The design and power in that footprint and the overall aesthetic of the console as well and the controllers (Atari Classic Joystick and Atari Modern Controller) is big draw vs being the alternative of a clunky setup using a laptop, micro form factor desktop PC or under powered ARM device running a custom Linux OS. There are many people to just want a device such as the Atari VCS that is already prebuilt as a retro gaming rig as opposed to finding all the parts and putting it all together themselves and the overwhelming surpassing of the target goal during the Indiegogo campaign as well as the the pre-orders proves that. Whatever your take on it is there is not any other console that is offering what the Atari VCS is in terms of content, services and serving as multi purpose universal retro gaming device.
  24. I am interested in the game. Please add me to the reservation list.
  25. The Atari VCS isn't trying to compete head to head with XBOX Series X and the PS5. It is supposed to be an alternative gaming experience focusing on retro titles and indie games. If you haven't figured that out yet then you are just being willfully ignorant of the fact that the Atari VCS (and Intellivision Amico) never have been intended to go intohead on head competitors with those other aforementioned consoles from Microsoft and Sony.
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