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  1. Thanks, a lot of people forget some of the awesome games that came out for those computers.
  2. Hello all, been a while since I posted here. Got a chance to redo my game room a few weeks ago, our kids bought us a new stand for out TV so I dragged the old one to the basement game room. It works great and now my room is a lot more organized. The first stand is a nice little one I found for my Atari and Intellivision systems. I use the 7800 for playing 2600 games. Here are my 7800 games. Here are my Atari 2600, 5200, and Intellivision games. This is our old TV stand now in the game room. My SEGA consoles! The NES and SNES. N64, Game Cube, and the Wii. My Coleco Vision. The three modules for the Coleco Vision. This is my other TV stand for my other game systems. Playstation nested in a Space Station storage case. The Wii U and 360 controllers. My Panasonic FZ-10 3DO console. The TurboGrafix I found at a flea market for $8! Heavily modded Xbox and Atari Jaguar. NEO GEO X Gold system. This is the main TV for all systems on this stand. Below are the Xbox 360 and phat PS-2. Crappy pic (not as bad in real life) of my PS-3 in the living room. Here is the main area for my games, the rest are in the bottom of the two TV stands. The 360 and Game Cube games. This is my PC and Amiga 2000HD. The PC hosts files for the Amiga and the Commodore 64. An early production VIC-20 computer. Finally a nice Commodore 128. Fun game PC and used for calling BBS's. Hope you enjoyed the tour. I have more pics of other things in my collection on my Game Room web page: http://www.n8ie.com/gr
  3. I have the exact same bin, it's great for extra controllers, PS, cables, ect.
  4. Picked this up today at a local game store. Now to find room to add it to my systems! :-)
  5. Thanks and I'll keep an eye out for you.
  6. Sometimes Karma will shine down on us, it did for me last week. I had placed an add on a local for sale/wanted group looking for Amiga stuff. After a week I got a random call from a guy who said he had two Amiga Tech. A4000 T's for sale. We talked for a while and come to find out they are both stock 68040/25 with keyboards, no mice, and one has 8MB RAM the other has 16MB. He was asking a price for both that was less than what one would pay for just one, and these look as near new as you can get. So I bought them! I have one sold and keeping the other for myself. I'm one happy camper!
  7. Sunday I went to a Ham Radio Swap Meet and found a box with two Nintendo Game Cubes, one controller, and two microphones. One of the Cubes has a dead motor. One of the Cubes had the Game Boy player with a boxed disk! There were four games, two notable are Kirby Airride and Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus. The Phantasy Star is CIB with manual and in near mint condition! Got all this for $20. Made my day!!!
  8. Been working on my Amiga 500 housed in a Bodega Bay case for a while now. I've installed a Super Denise to give it full ECS, a new Kick ROM 3.1, and a few other goodies. This will be my primary gaming system and sits next to my A-2000 HD. I have a few case mods left for the Bodega Bay, the leg on the right side is held in place with rivets. I'm going to drill them out and replace with bolts to make it sturdier, and make up a pair of cables to bring the joystick ports to the side of the case.
  9. I'd go for it! VICE is good but nothing is better than the feel of real hardware. That being said don't go into deep at the start, get a C64C and if you can a pair of 1541 drives. There are plenty of user forums to help you get started and many here to help you. Let us know what you decide.
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