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  1. https://collectorvision.com/games/iceworld.php
  2. Trunk and cheat is written “trompe” in French, sounds identical.
  3. Make sure your files on SD card have a correct naming : https://collectorvision.com/phoenix/index.html#notes
  4. Look in the store. If it’s not there, it means it’s not available yet.
  5. Surprising. Has anybody else the same problem as Youkie ?
  6. Yeah, that’s for sure 😄
  7. It's still under construction, but you should ask Toby for that.
  8. Recently I came across the manuals of Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.1 and Vol2 and I was wondering if anybody had decoded the two small messages I left at the back cover?
  9. Sorry about that. I try my best, but yes, English is not my native language and sometimes I do mistakes and my word processor gets confused with the use of French/UK English/US English. I’ve learnt English by playing The Hobbit adventure game on my Oric Atmos computer back in the days, so I guess I’m getting rusty (and old).
  10. Each time I come across this kind of information I try to add it to my site http://colecoboxart.com
  11. Off topic, but did you notice that the NES and the ColecoVision share the same font?
  12. For those interested : Electronic Fun June 1983 French translation here
  13. Updated : http://colecoboxart.com/colecovision_prototypes.htm
  14. I think it is partly my fault. When I do the packaging and manual, most of the time I only have a rom (beta or not) and no memo or instruction from the author or programmer. There’s a lot of guessing in all I write and sometimes I don’t have the capacity to test everything. As this game is a port of the SG-1000 or 3000 version, I must have thought that you needed the SGM to run it. My bad, sorry.
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