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  1. I think it's one of the games they relased in 1984 (Tapper, Telly Turtle, ... ?) Chronological list
  2. You can check variations here : http://colecoboxart.com/colecovision_listofgames.htm#homebrews
  3. It is in the "unreleased before 1986" list : http://colecoboxart.com/colecovision_listofgames.htm#unreleased
  4. I've got the same catalog here : http://colecoboxart.com/colecovision_docs.htm#brochures I think I saw this poster somewhere in a mafazine... The stickers look great !
  5. Here is the transcript on my site : http://colecoboxart.com/colecovision_prototypes.htm
  6. Maybe difference between developer and publisher Sierra : http://colecoboxart.com/colecovision-publishers-developers.htm#sie Sydney : http://colecoboxart.com/colecovision-publishers-developers.htm#syd
  7. I always write rubbish in all the manuals I make (almost all manuals of Collectorvision these last 10 years). Nobody complained, so I guess nobody reads them… Nah, I’ve only said that to push people have a look at their manuals
  8. I would like to make repros of the “extra bottoms” (I don’t know how to call them) slipped on some of Activision’s boxes. I’ve got the one for Zenji. I think there must be some for Decathlon, Pitfall II and H.E.R.O. (maybe others?) I would be grateful if someone could scan or take a picture of his “extra bottom” box so that I can remake it for my boxes.
  9. In this document : http://colecoboxart.com/scans/ads/CvPressKit1982.pdf
  10. Great info ! Can I use these materials on my site (no watermarks of course) ?
  11. Starcom was programmed by BFG. Opcode's bosconian is a hack of a MSX or SG-1000 game, not an upgrade of BFG's game.
  12. I remember making the more recent boxes : http://colecoboxart.com/games-references.htm But I don't know the rom revisions on the cartridges.
  13. Great! May I put some of your scans on www.colecoboxart.com (which I have juste updated by the way) ?
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