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  1. Depending on the price of this and the SNES games/ systems and controllers you have I may be interested, PM me please, thanks!
  2. Looking to buy Jack bros and golf for the virtual boy. They prefferably have to be both complete. Jack bros can either be american or Japanese, Golf has to be the American version. I can trade for other games just ask Thanks!
  3. I NEED THAT VIRTUAL BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PM ME IF ITS FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Is chrono cross complete?
  5. Sorry for late reply- its probably best to put them on ebay as they arent what I wanted initially and therefore too much for me, thanks!
  6. How much were you thinking before including shipping to the UK? Thanks!
  7. Yes I may be interested in this depending on what other you had? Thanks!
  8. NTSC-U Exclusives i'm guessing? Do you have a rough list of what your looking for. No not neccesarily NTSC-U exclusives- like I want the donkey kongs on NTSC...
  9. Looking to buy NTSC SNES games, looking to pretty much any, although I do have a few. I live in the UK, but please still offer me what you have, we can surely sort omething out
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