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  1. Ripper has Christopher Walken being very Christopher Walkeny (is that a word?) so I'd have to pick that one. Phantasmagoria the acting in it takes me out of the experience. The best fmv game I've played is the Tex Murphy games. Especially Under a Killing Moon. It feels like your watching a 1950s B detective movie set in the future
  2. most of the games came with the original binge one I bought, this one was just the system, and I picked up a few like Tunnels of Doom and Slymoids
  3. This is true, and I do have about 25 games, plus a few XB games I can load to play, so I have lots occupied till the right expansion comes along.
  4. Psycho Pinball for DOS, and 3D Ultra Pinball Thrillride for Windows (still have this game and runs on windows 8.1.)
  5. Mines pretty basic so far. Do have the Speech Synthesizer, want to get a nano-peb, but so far no luck there. Oh yeah, I do have Extended Basic and Editor/Assembler, just the base ones.
  6. There is an MBX system up on ebay if anyone is interested? Would like to have it, but out of my price range. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TI-99-4A-TI99-MBX-Expansion-System-Milton-Bradley-WORKS-In-Box-With-BASEBALL-/191582684866?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c9b37c6c2
  7. started out on an 8088 back in 84, and was strictly PC till about 97 when I got a Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. To be honest, have no interest in old PCs (Outside of the TI99/4A I just picked up) I still enjoy the games, bought several from GOG and they play just like I remember them, I used to love tinkering with them, reading books about PCs to get them most out of them, all that good stuff, but honestly just want to play now. Guess it's because I work on them every day has something to do with it. I can understand the respect for old systems especially the early ones like the 8088 and 286 those cases were like a tank (and kind of looked like one too) but me personally, dosbox is all I need for my old PC fix.
  8. After playing around with classic99 and Win994a, and finding this area of the site, I had to get a real system again, and learned a lot reading post. Heck I didn't even know they were still making hardware and software for this 35 year old system still, would love to get a PEB, but shipping puts it out of my price range, but getting a nano-peb soon. thank you all for all the info posted over the last few years that I'm still sifting through.
  9. Must be one of those rare Commodore 64s made by Texas Instruments, like that Atari II/e or the Apple 800XL "This is the "history of the Computer Industry" and anyone in the Business, might enjoy it for a "statement piece" in their office....or ...home..?" Shouldn't you know the history of the computer industry before saying "This is the history of the computer industry"? just a thought.
  10. figured they would all work, but never hurts to ask, thank you.
  11. Don't know if this has been asked, but I have 3 power supplies for the TI. the huge wall wart one, and two of the newer ones with the brick in the middle, one has the extra extension on the plug, Which one should I use? they all have the same part number and seem to have all the same voltage, just don't want to destroy the system so I'm asking the experts here. Thanks for your help.
  12. For loading files I use my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, and a app called JetAudio Basic with everything turned up. for recording I'm still working on that.
  13. Thanks. And yes never know, but it's amazing how they built things to last back then.
  14. thanks for that tip, a couple of the keys do that. LTA1982 is the code on the bottom, so looks like first week of May 82
  15. was going for $25 on ebay, figured I'd bid on it, probably wouldn't win, and next thing I know, I'm getting an email saying I won..... The copy of 99er magazine that came with it Vol. 1 No. 5, puts it in early 82, the keys still have the texture of a new keyboard too.
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