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  1. High Score Club. you've posted this thread in that very subforum. There are 2- the regular HSC and the OE HSC. I moderated both for many years and now only run the OE HSC.
  2. Join us when I run this one in the HSC, old school all the way. 👸😈
  3. He used to run a custom cycle shop, but has only pushed up daisies last 13yrs.
  4. As long as you're hunting bananas on your own time. What happens outside the HSC stays outside the HSC. We do allow period analog sticks such as the Wico, if you find/have one. Only a -1 hsc pt penalty per round if used. I'll have to get in a game or two this week perhaps. Been nursing pinched nerves in my left arm and shoulder last 2 weeks, but can play this one 1-handed if need be.
  5. Play anytime, one game, whole season, doesn't matter. This HSC is about how would you have done in the days before the improvements many have come to enjoy. The 5200 has strengths and weaknesses, and this club explores them all. I never submit a score until I see another, not fond of playing unopposed rounds. We run a game each month, and I try to mix it up some, or as best the original titles allow. I flat out suck at just about all but 5 or 7 titles on 5200, you'll know them when we hit them. RangerG and I seem to have a regular golf scoring thing going on here, so rounds are winnable and not always the same person. I also don't have a lot of playtime, so get further handicapped. I would discourage excessive hunting, or camping to pump up scores. Usually not a problem in games like this, but scores that just don't fit the round reached mark will raise an eyebrow.
  6. I planned this one to give y'all a break on the fire buttons. I see it's "on" now.
  7. Our game for February is Ms Pacman. Play on default settings using real 5200 systems and Atari mfg controls. Use of period 3rd party analog sticks allowed with a 1 HSC pt penalty. Only modern exceptions allowed are, SD loaders and flashcarts running original Roms. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records. Round ends when month does. (I was going to run Super Cobra, but will pass on helicopters for a bit) Current HSC record- Bust it for a bonus point! Ms Pac Man - (Cherries) Cafeman 115,080 Current scores: 59,950 DamonicFury -1 51,730 roadrunner 35,640 hoosierdadee78 33,610 troff 32,210 rubeon 30,440 Rogerpoco 13,250 RangerG Current standings: rubeon - 11 DamonicFury - 10 Rogerpoco - 9 Bemis - 8 roadrunner - 7 RangerG - 6 zylon - 5 Ms. Pac-Man.BIN
  8. The month of January goes to rubeon for some excellent play. 👍 Don't worry folks, I was able to secure last place, so we've get 'em surrounded. 🤣 Thanks to those who played and I'll get our next game up soon. Final scores: 60 saved - rubeon +11 47 saved - DamonicFury +10 45 saved - Rogerpoco +9 34 saved - Bemis +8 30 saved - roadrunner +7 12 saved - RangerG +6 4 saved - zylon +5
  9. I got 4 and not wasting the data to send a pic.
  10. very tough game without recent practice. I rarely even get that far, but since there's finally a score, I'll give it some more runs.
  11. Mainly time, then energy. I drive 75 miles daily, manage a fence manufacturing department, work part time at a non-profit recycling center, give sewing machine lessons, repair sewing machines, and make things for the homeless. I rarely play a few games monthly. Since the reformatting here, I've been on less and less, so I never even see what's being played.
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