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  1. 2021 OE HSC (will be updating this post as season goes) (New) Gyruss Autofire hack 78,700 zylon
  2. After all the shooting, we'll take a more puzzling approach and play Blueprint on defaults. Use real 5200 systems and Atari-mfg controls. -1 HSC pt penalty for period analog sticks (Wico). Only modern tech allowed are flashcarts/SD loaders running original Roms. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records. Round ends when month does. Current HSC record- Rolled- do the same to claim the fame, and a +1 Current scores- current standings- DamonicFury - 20 jetset - 19 zylon - 19 rubeon - 18 Bemis - 17 RangerG - 12 Blueprint (1982) (CBS) (U).a52
  3. Feb ends with a bang and a mixed finish. Defending champ DamonicFury bagged the win in stellar fashion, but not the record, while 2nd place set the 1st benchmark on this title. I intend to run maybe 2 of these "possible" games in our annual run. Fair warning- Millipede is planned... Thanks to all who played, and suffered great pains, this round Our next challenge will be up tonight. Final scores- 220,400 DamonicFury+1+11=12 78,700 zylon +10 76,250 Bemis+1+9=10 46,050 jetset+1+8=9 26,600 rubeon +7 23,050 RangerG +6
  4. autofire or standard for this run? There is no Wico penalty this round for anyone.
  5. Mine only works perfectly with the top off, lol
  6. Wow! 🏳️ I'm a raise the French flag on this one.
  7. Of my two controllers handy, one works on this game, and the other only kinda. While fun, it's definitely one of our oddball games on 5200
  8. 89,173 via XEGS. It's actually harder on here, as you don't need a button press for draw, making it easier to go off your lines.
  9. Ok, I was just gonna delete it, but that's fine.
  10. I pinned this one, but not the duplicate, as I see no difference.
  11. I do have an "Ultimate Qix" for C64 on disk.
  12. It's a "risk vs reward" game, all the way through. Most of my HSC players opt for pumping up the multiplier method.
  13. I have the 5200 PP, & PPx+, A8 PP, PPx+, & Patent PP v5, as well as both Qix between XE and 5200
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