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  1. Crashing through the sky, comes the fearful cry.... COBRA......COOOOBRAAAAA!
  2. different games were written with different ranges of the control pots to be read. Apparently, there wasn't a "standard" for this.
  3. Our game this month is Berzerk. Play on defaults, beginning at level 1, using real 5200 systems and Atari mfg controls. Period analog sticks (Wico) may be used with a -1HSCpt penalty. Only modern exceptions allowed are, flashcarts/SD loaders running original Roms. Round ends when month does. Current HSC record- Bust it for a bonus point! Berzerk - (Level 1) rayik 28,440 Current scores- MrTrust 4,620 current standings- DamonicFury - 31 jetset - 27 rubeon - 27 zylon - 26 Bemis - 23 RangerG - 17 MrTrust - 10 Berzerk.BIN
  4. March comes to a close with DamonicFury bagging a convincing win, while the other places were well fought for. 😎👍 Before we March on to the next month's game, thanks to those who played. April's round will be up this evening. Final scores- 71,200 DamonicFury +11 41,150 MrTrust +10 29,100 rubeon +9 25,950 jetset +8 19,200 zylon +7 18,850 Bemis +6 15,750 RangerG +5
  5. They say that you play too loud; well baby that's tough.

  6. I'll be up thataways firing up the 2-port in few days.
  7. This is a game that I never gave a 2nd thought to, until playing it for HSC rounds. It grew on me and turned into one of my faves on the system. While kinda silly, it has a charm and there's more to it than expected.
  8. 2021 OE HSC (will be updating this post as season goes) (New) Gyruss Autofire hack 78,700 zylon
  9. After all the shooting, we'll take a more puzzling approach and play Blueprint on defaults. Use real 5200 systems and Atari-mfg controls. -1 HSC pt penalty for period analog sticks (Wico). Only modern tech allowed are flashcarts/SD loaders running original Roms. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records. Round ends when month does. Current HSC record- Rolled- do the same to claim the fame, and a +1 Final scores- 71,200 DamonicFury +11 41,150 MrTrust +10 29,100 rubeon +9 25,950 jetset +8 19,200 zylon +7 18,850 Bemis +6 15,750 RangerG +5 current standings- DamonicFury - 20 jetset - 19 zylon - 19 rubeon - 18 Bemis - 17 RangerG - 12 Blueprint (1982) (CBS) (U).a52
  10. Feb ends with a bang and a mixed finish. Defending champ DamonicFury bagged the win in stellar fashion, but not the record, while 2nd place set the 1st benchmark on this title. I intend to run maybe 2 of these "possible" games in our annual run. Fair warning- Millipede is planned... Thanks to all who played, and suffered great pains, this round Our next challenge will be up tonight. I'm sure I'll get smoked off that title the next time either HSC plays this, lol. Final scores- 220,400 DamonicFury+1+11=12 78,700 zylon +10 76,250 Bemis+1+9=10 46,050 jetset+1+8=9 26,600 rubeon +7 23,050 RangerG +6
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