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  1. No you can't. A ) That would be against the terms. B ) No Jag emulator emulates main code rules. I take it you don't have a Jag and are one of those ROM downloading ho's? Dude...get a real Jag if you dont have one. The emulators do not run most of the software anyway. The game is rather self explanitory. Ships surround you from all 6 directions. They fire bombs at you. You fire a lazer beam at them, destroying the incoming bombs and the enemy ships that fire said bombs. Just curious, what is the ™ for? Is the name Surrounded really trademarkable? Kind regards,
  2. Here....this is a newer version with a starfield backdrop. Same rules apply. Upload device to Jag ONLY and no copies to be posted anywhere else. AA only! No Selling or distributing free or otherwise on CD or any other medium. No disassembling!!!!! You download it from here and upload it to your Jag using Skunkboard, PSE, JagServer, BJL, BJL CD, Alpine or JUGS. Any other is a violation and strictly prohibited. Consider this a Happy New Year re-release! SURROUND.BIN Enjoy, Steve "Gorf" Scavone, CEO, 3DSSS Could you maybe give a quick description of the gameplay, maybe some instructions.... oh and I gather that we can't use this on an emulator
  3. Surrounded!™ how can I play this game? is there any more information on it? thank you
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