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  1. Sometimes the lines at the local Micro Centers can get pretty long so this is definitely something people should take advantage of.
  2. Just remember this is not the same Activision that we all know and love. This is new Activision that would sell its mother for a supply drop in COD.
  3. I ordered mine on the Best Buy site this morning. I noticed the controllers are a fairly hot commodity. They appear to be sold out everywhere.
  4. I just got off the phone with our local Best Buy and was told that they were not sure if the release is going to be online only or local. She told me to call back Tuesday morning to see if they had received any units.
  5. Micro Center is still not showing a listing for this and GameStop now has a release date of 07-02-21? I thought this was supposed to be released this Tuesday?
  6. Yet another killer conversion Graeme. Buy this game. You will not be disappointed.
  7. Now I just need to decide which version to pick up...
  8. Looking forward to your review.
  9. I was looking at the Raspberry Pi 4 accessories on the Micro Center site when I found this? There does not seem to be any YouTube videos on this? Does anyone have one that they can comment on the build quality? EDIT: I forgot to mention this one has a Raspberry Pi inside. They have other models that are USB with no Pi.
  10. His loss to his family and this community is truly incalculable. RIP Curt.
  11. I picked this up at Micro Center today. I figured some of you might be interested since oddly enough this isn't listed on their website.
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