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  1. Fr0st


  2. True, but the pattern of dots changes! Maybe I misunderstood sorry
  3. Hopefully I have a house to live in soon and can pull all my stuff out of storage and actually play this
  4. It immediately reminded me of a game for the Commodore and spectrum called the halls of the things
  5. Atari is basically my childhood to me, the name alone gives me that feeling you can't quite catch when you remember being a kid, much like Christmas morning. I don't get too caught up with all the overselling of the brand these days to let it tarnish my personal memories, it's much the same with the way yoko has tarnished lennons name with all the tat she sells now with his image, fuck it I've still got my memories of my time with atari (and John lennon) so I'm happy
  6. My pins arrived to my work today; they truly are a beautiful job, thanks Bigfriendly! I have them stuck to my curtain window in work, another Atari item for my office I highly recommend people to pick these up, they look great!
  7. Fr0st

    WTB Pengo Pal 2600

    As per the title, if anyone has a copy of Pengo Pal for the 2600 to sell, please let me know, thanks.
  8. Hi, any chance of adding Ireland to the mailing list, I would love to purchase these, thank you
  9. It's nice to have a conversation about atari with random people in real life once in a while, I find it's always older people and they get all nostalgic which I like, telling me about what games they had, it's a little like finding out a bit of fun from their childhood, which is kind of my own reason for still collecting atari. Good prices you got too
  10. While I may never purchase, just in case I become flush with cash I'll ask, would you ship to Ireland for 500?
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