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  1. @Utopia: Yes there seem to be two "edges" in my voicemodule that hinder my LTO Flash. "Glad" to hear I'm not the only one having this issue.
  2. Sorry to bump this thread but I am having trouble inserting my LTO Flash into the slot of the Intellivoice. It just doesn't fit. Is anyone else having this problem? Can't find any info on it. Cheers!
  3. I would love to join too :-) I love this system a.) How you got your system? 11th Birthday b.) Your favorite memory of the system or games? Lots and lots. Vicious Munchkin competitions and lot's of battles in one of the best two-player games ever: Stonesling! c.) The weirdest thing you have typed into "Type and Tell" to make The Voice say? Never played it Have been on the VP forums for a looooong time, one of the first if I remember correctly Using the same name on the VP forums.
  4. Aaah.. so that was the big secret yesterday I will, off course, buy one :-)
  5. I am so ashamed ieposta... I completely forgot to tell you that the update worked. I thought I did, but today I received a PM from you asking me if I had tried the update. I'll pm you my home adress so you can come visit and kick me I am using the old Harmony, not the Encore. I haven't had any problems with it since you posted the update. Looking forward to the release. Its a great game and the boxart is looking awesome.
  6. Well, thanks to the LTO Flash and a little help from Intvsteve I am finally able to play The Dreadnaught Factor on my PAL Inty. Another reason to be really happy with this great FlashCart!
  7. Retrogamesshop absolutely! You won't have the risk of having to pay import taxes. If I had imported it from the USA import taxes would have probably added at least $35.
  8. Bought the LTO Flash at the Retrofair Bochum in Germany from retrogamesshop.com yesterday. Thanks Marc! Installed the menu software, connected the LTO, installed roms, created menu and booted the LTO on my Inty. Everything works like a breeze. Tried out a lot of games and no problems at all. Menu software is very straightforward and the few questions I had were easily solved by using the manual. I have been looking forward to a device like this for years and I am a 100% happy with it. Congratulations on a job really well done! Now I have to find that post from Elektronite where they said that they will be releasing their games as downloadable roms.
  9. Ah excellent! Thank you very much Trebor!
  10. Yes!!! I will order soon! Thanks Juan!
  11. Really appreciate this! Thank you thank you thank you!
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