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  1. NL here so for me it was 5:30. Have to start setting the alarm an hour earlier
  2. E-mail worked for me. Got it 20 minutes before I woke up, so I missed it.
  3. The game was programmed by Graham Thomasson who also programmed Super Cobra and Neutron Star for the videopac, I don’t know anything about the portuguese label. I have attached a .bin of the Videopac Robot City which you can try out on an emulater (O2EM). There are still a few copies of our release available in case anyone is interested: http://www.classic-consoles-center.at/videopac/robot-city-order-information pr_robot-city.bin
  4. Nice to see a Atari VCS release for Robot City which was originally created by Graham Thomasson for the Philips Videopac, as most here probably know. 😉 Funny story: I met Graham when I was about twelve years old. He worked at Philips in Eindhoven, the Netherlands at the Philips Special Products group. This group was mainly set up to develop games for the Videopac. Luckily for me, an uncle of mine was working in the office right next to the game developers. Once I found that out, I designed a game on paper and asked my uncle to give it to them. Apparantly they were pleasantly surprised by my initiative and they send me a letter inviting me to come and visit. (How I wish I still had that letter) The happy day arrived and I spend an afternoon at the developer's office and they showed me the games they were working on. I still remember they were working on three of the four Parker games: Popeye, Super Cobra and Q*Bert. Frogger was being developed somewhere else. After this visit they asked me if I wanted to be a beta-tester for their new games. You can guess my answer. They send me eproms and those carts you have to insert them into. I was a tester for all three Parker games, a game called 'The Black Hole' which later became 'Neutron Star' and Robot City. They gave me sheets with questions that I had to fill in and send back. I had to return everything and never got any kind of reward or thank you. (Except some great memories ) Skip to 2010... I run the website videopac.nl. Through the site's contact-form I received a message with the subject 'Free videopac stuff'. It was from Graham telling me he was getting rid of all his development stuff and was looking for a good home for it. Of course I offered my home . It took an email or two until we realized we had already met in 1982-ish. I flew to London with an empty suitcase and returned with a lot of Videopac prototype games (might be the exact eproms I tested as a kid). Of course it also included the Robot City proto's. In 2017 me and a friend released Robot City for the Videopac. I did the box-art and layout. I still consider Robot City one of the better/best games for the Videopac and I'm happy I was able to help make it's circle complete.
  5. To all the members of the videopac.nl forum roaming over here: Due to technical issues, unknown to me, the forum has been down since yesterday. i’ll try to resolve the issues but it might take a couple of days since my PC is inactive as my office is being redone. So bear with me, not all hope is lost. 😉 And no, even though the forum is down, happy pills are not going to fix this. 😁
  6. I am trying out a bunch of games but I see that the bin for Spaceman Splorf is missing. -edit- Never mind, I just discovered the video
  7. @Utopia: Yes there seem to be two "edges" in my voicemodule that hinder my LTO Flash. "Glad" to hear I'm not the only one having this issue.
  8. Sorry to bump this thread but I am having trouble inserting my LTO Flash into the slot of the Intellivoice. It just doesn't fit. Is anyone else having this problem? Can't find any info on it. Cheers!
  9. I would love to join too :-) I love this system a.) How you got your system? 11th Birthday b.) Your favorite memory of the system or games? Lots and lots. Vicious Munchkin competitions and lot's of battles in one of the best two-player games ever: Stonesling! c.) The weirdest thing you have typed into "Type and Tell" to make The Voice say? Never played it Have been on the VP forums for a looooong time, one of the first if I remember correctly Using the same name on the VP forums.
  10. Aaah.. so that was the big secret yesterday I will, off course, buy one :-)
  11. I am so ashamed ieposta... I completely forgot to tell you that the update worked. I thought I did, but today I received a PM from you asking me if I had tried the update. I'll pm you my home adress so you can come visit and kick me I am using the old Harmony, not the Encore. I haven't had any problems with it since you posted the update. Looking forward to the release. Its a great game and the boxart is looking awesome.
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