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  1. Crap...I already see what happened.... I edited the video to get rid of the first part which was not so interesting I MHO but it looks like the stupid YouTube editor only removed the sound part !
  2. Hey guys, I have had this video material for quite a long time but couldn't publicize it any earlier.....the source is straight (digitalized copy) from the Dutch public broadcasting archives. It's a very nice vintage Dutch TV program mostly about arcades but there's also a nice part from 20.51 with some (simple) demo of an Atari 800, which is quite remarkable as the 800 was never officially imported into The Netherlands. Naturally we Atari freaks also directly recognize Star Raiders as the game being used in the background.... There are subtitles but I apologize for the poor English up ahead, but at least you can get an idea what is said. Enjoy !
  3. Couldn’t agree more.....and all this because of an amazing game...
  4. Why indeed, nothing of this has to do with the game Albert....
  5. Uhmmm, I know hundreds of GREAT games from the gone 40+ years...
  6. It’s not a game of luck, it’s a game of skill. I only use the default setting for the joystick and use a Suzo Competition Pro with leaf switches which gives very fine control and very short travel and throw. you need a great joystick for sure. The trick for the long jumps is to get up to speed by running a short distance and then jumping with diagonal upwards pushing of the joystick...
  7. Yeah I read your explanation earlier on. what you call a “minor speed” issue is for my a huge difference. to each his own, and I’m happy with my prototype AntiX so I have the best of both worlds in one machine 😁
  8. It’s actually a very fun game. The level design is quite challenging and differing.I think I underestimated it at first. So far it has the “one more try” factor which is so important......it’s addictive and not only insanely beautiful looking. Because that it is, pure eye candy and I can’t believe that they pulled this from our beloved 70s technology box... (I appreciate games like Disc’o pop just as much by the way). I’m at Level 13 now. I discovered that you can pause the game by pushing the space bar and if you then move the joystick the screen scrolls around following the stick, making it possible to “see ahead” if you need. I didn’t really need it in gameplay yet though...but it might help to see where you have to jump to next...so far I guesstimated the location of yet unknown platforms... the fact that the “remaining gems” counter has three digits promises some big levels up ahead....
  9. This is so funny as I can't stand playing the vast majority of games (the pre 1987 ones I guess) on PAL anymore. Being from The Netherlands, I grew up using PAL A8 machines and never knew better, but once I discovered the NTSC speed, I never wanted to go back. I only switch to PAL ANTIC when really needed, like with these more recent games and demos. It's not only the speed increase with NTSC by the way. Many older games only produce the correct colors on NTSC (Pac Man f.i.), but there's also 60Hz which greatly reduces flicker (let's say it eliminates it) and you get the correct aspect ratio as it was intended by the A8 developers.
  10. Hmmm, although I will still defend the A8 platform against any ignorant guy who has never actually played it or seen demos on it, I have mostly left my "platform battle days" behind. However: with all respect: Albert looks insanely good for game for a 1979 released piece of hardware. BUT..... the gameplay can in NO WAY compete to the complex, fun and challenging game design of SMB. Game design is not the same thing as fantastic graphics. I learned that when I first played Dragon's Lair in the arcade: I was AWED by the graphics but after two tries (with double the price of regular games at that time) I walked away, completely disappointed and thinking: if this is the way games are going to go, I'm done with it. To make Albert compete with SMB it would need a LOT of work because, fun as it is, the gameplay is rather one dimensional. Apart from "clearing the screen" there are no (sub)goals, there's no way to kill enemies etc. This is all _fine_ but it makes comparing it to SMB rather pointless. it's just a whole different game.
  11. THANK YOU !!!!!!! The original would fail to run on my 600XL with Sophia RGB (and AntiX set to PAL ANTIC) because of this stupid check. This version runs perfectly on it !!!! (By the way, when I switch AntiX to NTSC it still runs, but obviously the colors change (not to their advantage) and there's an occasional glitch on Albert. Worst though its that it is a lot _slower_ and speed varies a bit. But at least you can get an idea of the game. I didn't notice any other graphics issues.... Now I need to find Bomb Jack and Pang! again....
  12. Scored somewhere in the 210000 after a few games. Mind you that was with 3 (small Dutch) beers down the hatch.... I find it a bit unfair that when the bears are shot and dying, they can still kill you when you walk into them, but that's the case with many more games and if the original was that way....surely don't change that Oh I also had a glitch/bug: at one moment one of the drones actually entered a top right corner of one of the boxes. It left a black "hole" but I could still "paint" the box and complete the level. It was in a situation where I was at the top of the screen and the drones where "queuing up" to get me.... By the way, there are some "magicians" here on this forum that specialize in creating the most awesome title screens....I'd love to see the C64 title screen version converted (and of course hugely improved) to the A8 ! By the way Jon, did you do the C64 version ? As it shows "Digital Monastery" in the scrolling text in the main menu. Also, is there some kind of manual for the C16 version of Major Blink ? I know the game is simple enough but I can't find anything online ? While searching for that, I found this very nice interview: http://classic-games.pl/jon-williams-the-classics-creator-an-interview-english-version/ Really enjoyed reading it (especially that you used an A8 to develop games on the Commodore.... LOL)
  13. LOL. I once sent my high score (WR) on Donkey Kong on the A8 to Landon Dyer (who programmed it) and he said that it was nuts and that he had never reached anywhere near that score..... Sure is nice to hear. I found the new version of Major Blink to be indeed harder....I didn't check scores or levels....let me try again
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