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  1. Will there be a 2020 ? Hopefully with more A8 machines ?
  2. Yes the Atari Handheld Touch Me was sold after Simon BUT the idea for Simon was stolen by Ralph Baer from Atari’s arcade version of a Touch Me. So the original idea will always be Atari’s however, Ralph did improve it by using color lights and more pleasant sounds. thanks for posting about that video and indeed I had already seen it while searching but regretfully it doesn’t give a clue about how to open it without damaging it. luckily, I already found the problem. The battery connector was simply bad, a common issue I believe. This one looks like poorly resoldered. Maybe a battery had been leaking although I see no evidence of that. Anyway I spliced a new connector into the original wires and it works fine now, but I’d still like to open it to solder the wires properly to the PCB.
  3. I just receive a little gem I always wanted to own in the collection. It’s Atari’s handheld version of Touch Me. Regretfully it is completely dead. I hope it’s a simple issue with the battery connector so I want to have a look inside but before I damage the old plastic case, does anybody know how this is supposed to be opened ?
  4. Hey there, I have a loose cartridge Shadow of the Beast that feels very sad because I never use it anymore since owning the SD cart. Therefore it is looking for a better home.... let me know if anyone is interested, shipping from The Netherlands.
  5. Please name which Atar arcade games in the 70s used POKEYs ? none did sir as it got out only in 1979. Further IMHO, Atari Coin-op never managed to pull very much from POKEY at all. Centipede is just a number of fairly simple sounds. The best they did was with Star Wars...but they used 4 POKEYS and a TI voice synth controlled by a separate CPU. But ven wth 4 POKEYs they didn’t think of creating true stereo but added a simple fake stereo phase shifting set-up. nah...POKEY was used meagrely by Atari coin op, but then again, how well was it used in the A8 machines in 1983 ?
  6. Yes I think those resistors are only there for Apple chargers or something like that.
  7. Yeah I understand what it means but not why it was posted....
  8. In my 35 years of electronics I haven't found one 78XX go bad like that. You might be confusing this with other Atari power supplies which do NOT use 78XX's but other voltage regulators instead. These control a power transistor and THOSE DO go bad and can short input to output.....like the famous Ingot does....
  9. So.....did anyone watch the video.......and can explain me why this works ?
  10. I am positive I measured level changes in the S signals during boot-up. This is what causes the machine to crash, because the result of this toggling between 0 and 1 means AntiX is switching between ANTICs during boot-up.... If this is because of VBXE detection: you cannot have a VBXE AND AntiX inside your machine at the same time, so if one chooses for AntiX there is no use in sensing VBXE........would this open up the route to two versions of your firmware ?
  11. .....and now you can pray this will run 35 years just like the original power supplies have.... I'll never change them to cheap Chinese switching stuff....78XX's may not be the most efficient, they are VERY reliable and IF they die, they die peacefully by lowering their output voltage to something safe. Switching PSU's can die in much worse ways.....killing your machine.
  12. I wish I would understand more about hardware and software....I'm really not that great at electronics. I learned enough to service it, not design complex things. This is why AntiX is a very simple device. I stand corrected on the M ports /stereo pokey detection at boot up by U1MB. What I still don't understand it why the S ports need to toggle during boot up. This would affect _any_ device connected to it....and is surely not desirable for any other device as well... The _only_ requirement AntiX has is one of the S ports to be either high or low _and remain_ in that state for the rest of the time the machine is running.... My brain is probably to simple to not understand why U1MB cannot behave that way with your firmware Jon. Candle's firmware does NOT toggle the S outputs during boot. They are either high of low depending on what you choose in the menu the next time you do a cold-boot. This is what we need...and I just don't understand why it is not possible to have your firmware act the same way. Look, there is zero obligation for you to even try to get this working...but it feels like something _so_ simple for me. Please explain me....WHY do the S ports toggle during boot with your firmware, but not with Candle's ? [EDIT] Mmmm, I might have had AntiX connected to one of the M ports and use the Stereo toggling in the menu with the original U1MB firmware. Are the M and S ports so much different then ? Wouldn't adding anything in hardware cause the selection between ANTICs be "too late" ? In theory, the selection probably has to be done before the very first clock-cycle because a regular machine has ANTIC "ready" from the very first instance ?
  13. There will be only one version. The only difference will be for the 400/800 which will require an extension flat-cable PCB. I am sorry about the delay in the project. The main reason for this is a little thing I have been going though and it's called... divorce. It's fun, you guys should try it ! Anyway...I am actually now through the divorce process.....and my ex will be leaving my house march the first which should bring me back to having some peace and quite and time for fun stuff..... OK back on topic: Here's a little video I shot during the ABBUC JHV demonstration. It's interesting because it shows switching ANTICs by using one of the outputs of U1MB and the menu to switch WITHOUT resetting. As you can see this works. The U1MB switching possibility is very much depending on the firmware you use. (By the way you do NOT need a U-switch to switch AntiX. You only need to hook up one wire between AntiX and U1MB). I have tried it with the original Candle firmware (the version that Lotharek delivers when you buy U1MB) and it works absolutely flawless. Not saying always without reset, but not resetting between switching ANTICs is just an (interesting) gimmick. With Jon's Firmwares I had very mixed results depending on the version of his firmware. As it is now, it works for me. I use my 600XL with NTSC ANTIC 95% of the time. Only when I run a demo or game that is PAL specific I switch back. This sometimes requires me to execute a few resets before it works. The issue is that Jon's firmware does advanced tricks to detect f.i. if there is a Stereo POKEY installed. Personally I wouldn't need that detection because I "know" I have one installed. Maybe a special version of the U1MB firmware could be made that refrains from this advanced toggling of the U1MB output ports during boot-up and include AntiX as one of the devices in the menu. I don't know, Jon definitely put a number of hours of trying to get it to work but I think he lost interest because AntiX is a pretty dumb and "rough" device in that it is not a software controlled thing. This normally requires that AntiX is switched BEFORE powering up and left alone until switched off. I'm not saying it damages anything when you try to switch on the fly, but it sure crashes anything that is running when you try. I have actually deliberately hard-switched between ANTICs numerous numerous times to make sure it wouldn't damage anything.... Anyway....so....either you use a mechanical switch OR you live with whatever (small) issues there are using U1MB with Jon's firmware (IMHO, a U1MB _without_ Jon's firmware is only half as great....Jon's work is simply brilliant and everyone should send him 10 euro's or so if you use his firmware). Here's the video which shows that potentially....switching is very possible...
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