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  1. Is it still possible to get one of these ?
  2. To stay on topic: I saw Preppie 1 and 2 being mentioned. Wouldn't call them underrated, most A8 gamers love those. However, I am always annoyed that another fantastic (but brutal) game from Russ Wetmore is always forgotten: Even though this game got converted from the TRS-80 version (Russes other games weren't particularly original either), the graphics and sound are relatively simple for an A8 game, it's brilliant. Freaking hard though. I still can't get very far. Another one I found to be pretty original in concept and nicely done regarding graphics is:
  3. Commodore sold between 12 and 17 million C64s. That is also a very small percentage of the total population world-wide who had one. Compare to PS2: 155 million units sold. And still, "everybody" remembers the C64. The times were simply different then. Computers were bought by young people like us, not afraid for them instead wanting to learn about them. My dad never was interested in it, I played an occasional game of "Countries of Europe" with my mum. My dad only got interested in computers after he got one at his desk at work...that was indeed PC time (late 80's).
  4. You mean NES etc. The thing is that in the US it seems there were SO many more game console users than computer users. In Europe, most people switched to homecomputers after their initial console like the VCS/Intellivision/Colecovision. The main reason was: free software. Lots of it.
  5. True. But think about the fact that while we were playing black and white Space Invaders in the arcades, we could (in theory) be also playing colourful, 3D, strategy and map controlled Star Raiders at home. To be honest: the price of an Atari 800 plus the Star Raiders cartridge and a joystick and a colour TV was not that much lower than a Space Invaders arcade machine in 1979.....
  6. Well that maybe true for people like you in the US, but most certainly not for people in Europe. We didn't all switch to PC's and Macs after the first 8 bit machines. Loads of ST and Amiga users here....
  7. Yeah but I can’t set that right, because he said “use 48 bytes”. anyway Bruce Lee, PAL and NTSC. looks like I need to adjust the picture a bit but I guess this is what José means…
  8. About the B&O MX8000: this is a CRT TV but it’s one of the very last generation. It uses digital processing and has a lot of settings, especially in the service menu. This may explain that while it’s a CRT TV, it still,displays the colour line. I’ll try Bruce Lee ASAP.
  9. Aha OK. So the colour bar on the left wasn’t there before (in earliest versions of the picture) because it has less colours ? what do you mean with “use 48Bytes mode” ?
  10. On this one the top of the letters is to "greyish" IMHO.
  11. Yep.... this is the one for me. Showing in PAL only because colors were designed for it. The letters are now much more in the atmosphere of the colors of the rest of the picture....warm and glowy.... Absolutely love it !!!!
  12. @ivop IMHO the blues are not really of a cold hue, they lean more to the purple side….. I don’t experience it as cold…more as a “night shadow”…..
  13. “This is a real A8 machines problem”…………. nope. It’s the other way around. by the way my B&O MX8000 is from between 2002 and 2006. Not sure if that’s considered “old” by the way 2: I really like the brown version.
  14. My screenshots, RGB through Sophia 1, Bang & Olufsen MX8000 CRT TV. No idea why there now is a vertical line on the left ? Wasn’t there with earlier versions. First one is NTSC ANTIC , second PAL ANTIC.
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