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  1. Can we please stop discussing something that is totally non existing yet (copyright troubles ), if ever. Let’s focus on the game. Today my step-son (17) walked in and saw me play PoP. He said.....hey.....from what year is that game, it looks way too advanced for such an old game (he’s referring to other games I regularly play on my 600XL.) I thought that was a great compliment, so I explained him that it was really revolutionary at the time and how Jordan created the animation..... I think it was pretty cool that he recognised the advanced animation for a kid who plays XBox games.
  2. That looks different and very nice. Any video preview ?
  3. Strangely enough, Nintendo never gave a thing about their arcade IP. Artwork repro’s are abundant and games have been heavily modified, almost creating new games with the usual heroes. They were aware of it all and never took any action, in fact, NOA helped with the artwork for the Sky Skipper cabinet.... but I think we might be losing focus. I must say I’m quite hooked to PoP. I saw it BITD but never actually played it.... love it !
  4. Is JM actually aware of this project ? If not, is/was he aware of the BBC version on which this is based ?
  5. Kinda missed most things about Sophia2. Is there a RGB Sophia 2 or are they digital out only ?
  6. Yeah I know. I was just kidding and being slightly sarcastic.
  7. OK an interesting thing just happened: after letting the demo run for at least 30 minutes (trouble free) I pressed the button of the joystick to start a game and it was during Jaffar “summoning” the hourglass.....so it might have been “exactly” during the flashing of the screen....next the load screen was white and I could barely make out the animated mouse and then the game screen looked like this. will be a bit hard to replicate this I guess, maybe with emulator at slow setting ?
  8. That’s pretty logical indeed, however, it would be extremely easy to also let it work with the option key and I’d love to see it added too. I had to press every key I could think of to figure out how to get in the settings screen 😁 I must say I like all default settings best now, especially the sound bank. im not entitled sure about the screen flipping on the text card screens. Since the first times I saw them I’m used to the effect (which isn’t bad at 60Hz.) and it does ASD some “depth”....not sure how to call it. Anyway, the “normal” screens look a bit boring compared... I tested all the most recent cartridge versions in my regular SIDE3-U1MB, Sophia1 RGB, AntiX set-up and all work fine. During boot I can briefly seen the added green screen quickly followed by the dancing lady (by the way, will she loose the anti-COVID mask in the final version ? ;);););););) ) she turns to light green very quickly. the PM graphics option works....but I don’t get any issues. not sure how long but I let one CAR version run the demo for 20 minutes or so and expedited no crash. I also managed to finally complete level 1 but now I’m stuck as I don’t know where to go after beating the first guard. But that’s part of the fun...
  9. Thanks, hadn't seen that ! It works great with Side3. I don't mind the limitations, I can race
  10. Actually that was only true for NTSC signals that were transmitted through the air back in the 60s/70s/80s. I personally like NTSC for the Atari 2600 (more colors, 60Hz., my B&O CRT accepts true NTSC (!)) and A8 machines (correct colors for the old games, 60Hz., my B&O accepts any hybrid signal (!). Yeah I know about the color pot...it's not different in PAL countries. Modern LCD/LED displays should display the same colors as CRT because CRT colors are infinite and correct. I guess top of line OLED screens can do this...but the cheaper and alther LCD/LED TVs.....meh.... anyway, that's not a problem I'll ever encounter Anyway, need to stay on topic....let's download the latest version of PoP..... the least thing I can do in return to the developers is test
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