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  1. awesome now all i got to do is get the cd rom add on and one question why have you been down on the jag scene
  2. Thanx for that i ahve decided to get the BJL im currently trying to buy one from belboz right now
  3. alrite will do thank you guys so much im glad my jump into the Jag portal was meet very warmly now all i got to do is get the adapter and i should be on my way
  4. yes im paying attention i jsut sent him a message
  5. i am low on cash and the BJL mod sounds the easiest and cheapest the skunkboard if i could find a cheaper would be a good idea but i digress i think the BJL would be best which brings me to my next question how do you work the BJL how do you install it and then how do you work it so you can play games on it
  6. Thank you ovallbuggmann and im assuming that later in life it would be a goodidea to get the cd rom attachment just one more question what does the BJL chip do and how do you make it work
  7. All right let me make this clear this is the first time i have ever dived into the home brew scene i choose the jaguar because it had the biggest and what seemed the most impressive home brew scene now i have another request for you guys can you make me a list of what i can do to get the most out of my jaguar and possibly how much it will cost because i don't have a lot of cash to burn but i am willing if the gaming is good with the Jag i know the CD is really fucking expensive so im not too sure about that but anyway if you guys could make a list of possibilities that i can do with the Jaguar and i don't care if its necessary or not i just want to know my options
  8. where do you get bjl cd or cart or a skunkboard (and from what i have seen the skunkboard looks easiest)
  9. Thank You for the advice so far all of you and i will defiantly look at those sites and the only i want to ask is how does modding/ putting homebrew games on a Jag happen i mean i get the whole put the mod chip on put what about after that
  10. Hi I just purchased a Jaguar from my local retro gaming store in the hopes of doing some good homebrew gaming now i have little to no exp. so i want to ask how do you start modding/hombrewing the Atari Jaguar
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