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  1. Thank you, karri and Merry Christmas!
  2. Thinking of Beethoven now - na na na naaaaaa ; how come? Missed a rope I guess this is fun, thanks to all for releasing the sound version !
  3. Thank you so much - and Merry Christmas everyone!!
  4. I played it just four days ago, got into day three
  5. Thank you for your work, it´s much appreciated
  6. Happy Easter, and thank you:)
  7. I like the BMW bike, too, but I enjoy the VW Beetle surfing levels even more
  8. They released only one version, did they? Will try again myself this weekend. it´s been years already.
  9. I don´t remember right now how, but I managed to kill him at third or fourth attempt. So it is possible just get the gun and ALL ammunition. Maybe you ran out of it too early? Look around, there is another box. I think you just did not pick up all ammo. I think there is no secret beyond this; after killing Hitler you see the credits and greetings to the Lynx fans. EDIT Have looked it up: 108stars has played through it on Youtube, have a look: Right before meeting and shooting the evil dictator, from 11:35 on, the player in the video has 48 HP and 11 bullets. First you empty your handgun on him, then you have to PASS him to the left and enter that room there, because in there is the machine gun and more ammo
  10. Gauntlet is okay but not the best. I haven´t played it in years, but I liked it when I discovered it in ca. 2011 but surely did not play it for longer than a few weeks. I think it would benefit greatly from multiplayer gaming. But it was a Lynx launch title and for 1989 it is really fine and an achievement I think. Being fair But like the others wrote, so many games of the Lynx are of more enduring fun with greater variety and in the long run more satisfying.
  11. Hooray what a Lynx year !!
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