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  1. I am like 90% sure you have what I need.
  2. You guys know the one.. the one that takes real controllers and the Flashback ones, and lets us use them on our PCs through USB? I straight out cannot find it.
  3. He's been whining nonstop for four years. I've just barely managed to keep my head above water but I keep it to myself. The ONE time I asked for help or sympathy in my situation, a moderator locked and deleted it in an hour. Therefore, I cordially invite you to blow it out your ass.
  4. I'd post a link but apparently the search results don;t go back that far.
  5. I'd be a little more forgiving if the one time I asked for help wasn't shut down cold. This piece of crap even added to it, something about other members and tricycles.
  6. But tell us again how the cat and the dog you lost lately, (in the same time period I lost four cats, two because I ran out of money to feed them and they took risks trying to hunt. Kinda sucks to have a cat meowing at you and the best you can do is to give a few pieces of deer meat form your own dinner to them) matter SO SO much. I'm intrigued. Really. Go on. it THRILLS me when people who've never been without water whine.. I mean talk about their problems.
  7. Saw the topic, knew it'd be Eric! Now time to read the latest chapter of the drama in the life of someone who has no family to support and who has, unlike me, been able to beg support form this board for years while I, with the severely mentally handicapped child once had the TEMERITY to ask for 45 bucks to fix my car got shut down. Let's see what his first world problem is this week.
  8. I didn;t get notifications for the past several games despite being subscribed *beats youtube*
  9. Well, Kit would definitely mention who started it. And would probably say the Twitter feed is how she gets updates
  10. The context being that the male dueteragonist will catch their roommate watching the 2018 "season" games, and whatnot. It's bad form to use real, non celebrity people (even their screen names) in a book without their go ahead. I mean sure if i mention Atariage and the league if they came here they'll figure it out anyway, but it's polite to ask.
  11. Any objection to me name dropping you as "tacrec from Atariage" in book 4?
  12. Redundant, yes i know.. but this is a lot more fun than it has any right to be. Can i steal this as a very minor subplot in book 4? The resident... scottish red head lesbian vampire retro gamer... (every man alive likes at least two of those words) is established as an Intellivison fan, and though this book takes place in 2018... I wanna steal this as a running minor plot point.
  13. This is more fun to watch than it has any right to be.
  14. Is there any "easy" way to determine which version you have?
  15. Yeah it's weird, I was thinking the exact same thing. When the hell did I become Weird AK?
  16. And thanks for the stuff, Joe. Seriously, this is wall to wall awesome.
  17. How much support do you need to not have to sell?
  18. I will say this much: When I was but a wee lad I used to make fun of those who had the Intellivison. I was wrong. i was so vERY wrong. The Inty would have been the right system for a nerdy brat like me. Here, one of our official theme songs:
  19. In some markets that's exactly what happened. Honestly that was the better way to do it, have someone trying to anticipate what the player would do: there's liek a 7 second delay to live TV.
  20. It's typical. They're just.. awful. You should have contacted ATGames directly.
  21. That's one of those TV POWW units. You'd yell into a phone that would hit the fire button.
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