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  1. Superman can be done with, as low as, zero seconds on the clock by faffing about with the game select button as you move Clark.
  2. '79 Sears Telegames with Football, Baseball, Basketball and Pong Sports - obviously Dad was a Sears man(and a sports man). 2 months later for my birthday - Superman!
  3. maibock


  4. Definitely interested in new sports games for the 2600!
  5. Yeah good one indeed! Really enjoy the videos featuring sports
  6. There's that erroneous "Game Tape" reference again..
  7. Really enjoyed the video man I like to fashion myself as a connoisseur of older sports video games, and ashamedly have never heard of XOR's NFL Challenge. Looks like a fantastic game that I'd sure I'd have enjoyed back in the day. We had Football for the TI-99 4a which was very similar to that, but a bit more basic. Have never played a 5200, and the football game on that, looks like I must give a try. Loved the first Madden and spent way too much time designing plays with the editing feature. Just a fun game. I'll second the hockey video, as that would be fun as well.
  8. Biiiiig swing and a miss! Adventure will still be on the top of my favorite Atari games, but yeah, no thanks on the book.
  9. Definitely used to do the Basketball one. In fact if you slowly pulled the one player away and then back, you could get interesting bouncing patterns which in return had some pretty bitchin' beats.
  10. I too love sports games. Really enjoy the designers' interpretations of the particular sport. Activision's Tennis is a fantastic game. Though my favorite would indeed be Football. Just played so much of that game as a kid. As well as Basketball. Ice Hockey also from Activision is a dandy as well..
  11. "It was 1980 something and....." Is how the beginning of the show usually goes.. and then it's a retrospective look upon someone's life on the 80's. When you look back on the 80's doesn't it all kinda blend together? Aren't your stories a bit jumbled and mixed up? I know mine are.. that is how I imagine the show might have a look at the 80's.
  12. oh that thing is sweet! nice find man..
  13. We got ours Christmas of 1980.. yeah doesn't help you, but there you go. Though now that I think about it, a neighborhood kid had Superman well before we even had an Atari.. I'll have to think on this. He also had Adventure as well, but the next time I visited the kid, his father returned the game because there was no score or timer and thought it wasn't really a game..(idiot)
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