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  1. Love this.. well done guys! 👍
  2. Nobody ever wants to hear it, but being in the packaging industry for over 30 years, I believe it would be fairly easy to duplicate older packaging, At least the plastic aspect and how the boxes were sealed in plastic. No idea on hang tags, price stickers and the like. Personally, I would never pay extra for a "sealed" game under the impression that it would be original.
  3. absolutely wonderful and fun stuff Jay! You're on a tear with these. Love seeing things like that. The coffee mugs are so 80's.. love 'em!
  4. really cool 👍 Do you have the actual sheet or just the picture?
  5. Superman can be done with, as low as, zero seconds on the clock by faffing about with the game select button as you move Clark.
  6. '79 Sears Telegames with Football, Baseball, Basketball and Pong Sports - obviously Dad was a Sears man(and a sports man). 2 months later for my birthday - Superman!
  7. maibock


  8. Definitely interested in new sports games for the 2600!
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