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  1. To be fair, it's not only Atari SA that's been affected by this but other companies like Apple as well... https://www.businessinsider.com/apple-airpod-shortage-wuhan-coronavirus-2020-2?op=1 But with the VCS having been delayed with BS excuses by FauxTari many times before...no wonder why people think it's yet another one as well.
  2. I didn't live near the Boscov's in Hazelton at the time but the store in Wilkes-Barre had an exhibit of different video games & computers to play on. My mom took me to it and later that Christmas I received an Atari 2600 and a copy of Donkey Kong, which was one of the games I played there. So yeah, Boscov's was a major start of my gaming life...
  3. Ok, how about this scenario... You have a real Sega Saturn (or some other 4th/5th gen CD-ROM console) and imported games, but you can't read any Japanese text. Then you find out that RetroArch can translate the text using an AI service and can use physical disks. Is it worth building a $400 NUC w/ DVD drive to be able to play your imported games that you couldn't get far with before on actual hardware?
  4. "Everyone stop gaming on your big clunky consoles and PC's because iPhones are it's at baby! Who needs to play Call of Duty when you can enjoy Candy Crush Saga!! For now on all games must be free to play with lots of IAPs & MTXs in order to appease our millennial masters..."
  5. Ok, I played around with Altirra this weekend... Yes the 5200 Trak-Ball does output analog joystick signals, the emulator still has to simulate the motion of the trackball itself. That's why emulators have the Trakball as a seperate controller and only some games work well with it. While you can emulate the joystick with the mouse in Atirra, it's not a good idea it doesn't move well in all directions. Ironically, using a mouse as a joystick to play 5200 Missile Command in Atari Vault (w/ the DLC) works just fine...
  6. So Atari is just like Konami...a dead brand that only makes crappy mobile games and old ass complilations.
  7. Here's a list of all supported Trakball games on the 5200: https://atariage.com/controller_page.php?SystemID=5200&ControllerID=8 The AtariAge version of Tempest also supports the Trakball... Simulated Analog is used for games like Gorf & Star Wars that require a non-centering joystick. Using the Xbox thumbstick which does automatically center, it's hard to keep the ship exactly where you want it because it keeps moving to the middle of the screen. The option should be off when playing games like Pac-Man so it can be a centering joystick. A mouse is like an upside down trackball so it should work well with Trakball games. It doesn't work well with Kat5200 right now but does with Altirra (last time I've used it). Kat5200 will also let you emulate a Trakball using the Xbox thumbstick, which is recommended for Galaxian & Missile Command since auto-centering thumbsticks act funny in those games. Right now I'm using an Xbox controller even for Trakball games (still feels like using an analog joystick but much quicker) but someday I like to get a real trackball controler for my PC to play that stuff.
  8. Playnite is another good universal PC game launcher, which I switched to since Steam was downgraded. (I use GOG Galaxy strictly for older PC stuff) At least with Galaxy 2.0 I can finally add some old disk installed games along side the GOG ones...
  9. I didn't get those games because I was waiting for Ep. 3 to come out...well that ain't happening.
  10. Super Breakout works better set as a Trackball game & Gorf needs to be set to Simulated Analog. Yeah, KAT5200 does need to have the mouse fixed...
  11. I once used a RAMdisk to speed the loading of games that had lots of files. I used the one that came with the STOS compiler to automatically copy a selected directory to it's RAMdisk and running it from there. The overall copy & load times were quicker than just loading off the floppy disk.
  12. That's more than what Nintendo gives you on a real Switch...
  13. This reminds me of an agurment I'd always had with my friend over how to pronounce Gradius. I say it as "GRAY-DE-US" like everyone else and he always says it's "GRAH-DE-US". And he insists he's right from all the anime he's watched...
  14. The Saturn should have had all it's problems fixed at the beginning of it's launch. Sega should have allowed their American division to go through with the Saturnday launch plans and also have an upward upgrade path for exisiting Genesis & 32X owners. Instead they only listened to the hardware designers and jealous salarymen who were too damn polite to aggressively compete against Sony and Nintendo. I understand in Japan they needed a clean break from the unsucessful Mega Drive, but that's not who the rest of the world works...so they broke their trust with their loyal customers and developers to the point were not even the Dreamcast, great as it was, could regain it back.
  15. In the 90's, emulators were one of the reasons why I got into using Wintel PC's. I can still run my Atari ST and 8-bit games & programs, play early 80's games from my childhood, check out other systems I missed out on like the Intellivision & Vectrex, and even play any Legend of Zelda game without having to buy a Nintendo console...all on the same machine that plays the latest PC games! And I had found memories of using the early DOS based emulators. I used them for many years till I replaced got a new gamepad that didn't work with DOS games under Win98, so I replaced them with Windows native versions. Even the Playstation had some cool arcade game collections like Namco Museum and Midway Arcade's Greatest Hits. When I had to sell my PSX to pay off my bills, I missed the arcade games so I bought them back and played the "backups" on MAME. Great times man...
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