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  1. Like some here I started emulation on the ST from the 8-bit emulators, like ST Xformer, to ST emulators on the PC's which made going to WintelLand easier to stomach. For Atari computer emualtion I just run the emus themselves and use the file selector. I group each ROM cart, disk and executable files in a subdirectory. On the ST emulators like Steem I not only have a directory for disk images but also a mounted folder to use as a hard drive for stuff I can run from the GEM desktop. On arcade & console stuff I do use frontends. I still use HyperSpin and RocketLauncher for MAME games even though it's getting long in the tooth. LaunchBox is great for organizing games by system and whatever catagory you want to make. I also use it for keeping all my DOS based games I bought from digital storefronts (ie. Steam, GOG, Origin...) in one place. For console games I use that to either run in RetroArch or dedicated emulators via RocketLauncher so I can have bezels & CRT shaders.
  2. Just right after Microsoft killed off Cortana on the Xbox...smart move.
  3. Which issue of EGM was that? I'd love to see that ad since I hated 90's gaming mags & ads even back then...
  4. Wow, so the childish Amico doesn't "have" 3D graphics but the VCS will? Sounds like there's still butthurt over the George Pimpton ads from 40 years ago...yeah I was too back when I was like five years old. Anyway, like the man himself said...
  5. The hubris began when Nolan Bushnell himself ran Atari in the 70's, he was more interested in hot tub parties than actually running the business so he ended up having to sell to Warner which set off this unfortunate chain of events. I really like the guy and the company he made but that's the sad truth. And this incarnation of Atari is a lot like the Tramiel version where they had a history of screwing over developers, customers, dealers and consulting engineers (see the history of the Lynx). But at least they released computers with operating systems included... Right now I just wish this curse of people trying to bring back "the brand" only to end in disaster would just end, all it's doing is making the Atari name become even more of a joke than it already is. As the guy from Pet Semetary said, sometimes dead is better.
  6. Not so much as sexism as more like the urban decay of the early 80's...
  7. Here's another suggestion, adding a field that shows if the game is trackball compatible or not...or even if the game can be play with a digital joystick (via Mastertronic) or needs the full 360 degree analog controller. Trust me it feels like a different system with each game having their own control scheme.
  8. I know, I spent the last 25 years wishing there really was a modernized version of the Atari ST computer. Stuff like Firebee is way too expensive, Aranym is a pain to set up in Linux (which is also a pain to set up as well.) and there's way too much East European drama for things like the ComosEx to use on my old STe. I would love to use BeePi to run FreeMiNT on a RPi or even a virtual machine but with work and my other retro gaming hobbies I just don't have the time. Plus to be even more honest, I'm fine using Windows 10 on my gaming PC since it connects to my Xbox One & Android phone, runs all my games & emulators and feels more productive using apps on it. And since MS is no longer a monopoly I no longer feel any guilt over using it... Yeah I will admit I wanted the Atari VCS to be the official sucessor, even if it ran a Linux distro in sandbox mode, but it's a completely hot mess now. Besides of there's one thing I've learned from using the ST, is that Atari in any incarnation doesn't give a damn about their customers and it's up to the users to create a strong community to get the most out of their machines.
  9. I agree, I've never been any more embarassed by the brand name than I am now...
  10. I use it on a MAMEcade for when I want to play with arcade controls. I had a 2600 trackball that I used for 8-way joystick games BITD so I mapped the mouse axis to use a joystick direction...which makes it possible to play 2600 Centipede with a mouse and also a trackball. One word of caution, when reconfiguring keys for other Atari controllers (ie paddles) MAME doesn't rememeber anything over than for the joysticks.
  11. Another advice is always test your systems before selling them and only hire who want to work instead of "dudes" who just want to hang out. I remember this one store (called LameGamers, of all things) that had a reputation of selling non-working Xboxes and the staff act like they rather be somewhere else (unless there's girls around), and sure enough that place closed down. Don't be like that store...
  12. Well here's Atari's own thang... https://venturebeat.com/2019/09/29/atari-antstream-arcade-to-bring-thousands-of-retro-games-to-atari-vcs-console/ So now instead of getting Atari Vault or even getting to buy their 2600 titles we have to have a subscription just to play their games instead? 🤷‍♂️
  13. Yeah, that's why I hate playing SNES games like Super Mario World because of the changed control scheme that wants you to use all four buttons... I'm used to using B for running & A for jumping since that's how Super Mario Bros. and other Nintendo games were on the NES and Game Boy. But having to hold Y on the left hand side and press B on the bottom to jump makes it hard for my to get pass the first couple levels. plus to me pressing A is suppose to be jump but that's now something different. No problem with Sega games though since their controllers have buttons lined up linearly. Modern console games do use the same setup but the character is running towards the inside of the screen and I don't need to hold any face button to run fast...
  14. So basically, Namco owns the Ms. Pac-Man name & IP but GCC still owns the game code. This is Donkey Kong all over again... So what's gonna happen to all digital versions of Ms. Pac-Man during this legal quagmire, will they get pulled and delisted? 😕
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