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  1. Joystick only? Might as well play the 2600 version... I liked the Sinister Developments version of Centipede even though they made the game way too tough by using large bounding boxes for collision detection (pixels don't even touch!).
  2. Yeah... the earlier HP Deskjets used special cartridges for Epson emulation, same ones used for adding fonts, which made them useful on 8-bit computers.
  3. I've used Sebra BITD for my color monitor, mainly for monochrome games and drawing programs that require a more precise resolution than the "stretched out" medium resolution. And also for using high rez GDOS fonts which also work in low rez by disabling Sebra when rebooting. I couldn't get it to work on ST Emulators but they support real high rez mode on a VGA display so it's a moot point anyway...
  4. No way! That would have meant having to buy a seperate interface box just to use standard printers & modems like on the Atari 8-bit, which weren't available anymore. It was one of the reasons why I got a ST to use for college in the early 90's.
  5. It includes both the 30 levels from the Mac/Jag version (the Second Encounter) as well levels from the PC version (Third Encounter). Sadly the ST port crashes when you play Episode 1 (PC version), but the same first level is also in Episode 0 (Mac version).
  6. I remember that little controversy on the newsgroups... The real reason was that Gemulator used to be the only Atari ST emulator but soon more became available for free for Unices and even on MS-DOS, and Darek didn't like that at all! He made a lot of enemies in the ST community so he created SoftMac which also used the Gemulator board for ROMs...and same thing also happened with the Mac community. Interesting that the current version of Gemulator (and SoftMac which got merged in it) now uses ROM images, including EmuTOS, as the ISA based board is now useless! As for the OS & DOS images being included with Xformer, I believe that Atari gave Darek permission to included them with ST Xformer as they didn't want to officially support the 8-bit line anymore. This is why you can legally download them to use on other and better 8-bit emulators. (My personal interest in wanting Gemulator BITD was to have a more powerful TOS machine on at-the-time more available 486 hardware. When I finally got a PC that had Windows 98, it became a moot point with other ST emus available.)
  7. I wouldn't mind a custom Atari branded PC if the case can be either XL or ST style... 😉
  8. I've seen a video where someone put in 32Gb and overclocked it, but also he set aside dedicated memory for the GPU. Would setting off VRAM in the BIOS really improve GPU performace like having a seperate video card? (I never used interrgrated GPUs before.)
  9. Don't forget that DOS applications, like Word Perfect 5.1/6.0, also had character based GUIs that used the mouse. The Common User Access guidelines are used so apps written in DOS, Windows, OS/2 & Unix would have the same interface across different platforms.
  10. That's how it was for me as well. In the 80's and early 90's, buying a new computer meant you couldn't use any software you had before (unless you only used PC clones). All the sudden all computers had to be Windows PC's like it or not (yeah there were Macs but they were too expensive as well as incompable). Not only was I able to move from ST's to PC's using emulators but could also re-experience 2600 & even arcade games I loved as a kid but never thought I could play again. So I started seeing PC hardware as a universal standard that can run virtually anything out there.
  11. The Stella core in RetroArch only uses the analog joystick as the paddle. If the 2600-daptor II is emulating a mouse using the paddles, then you may want to use the Stella emulator itself which uses the mouse as a paddle.
  12. I remember trying out ANSITerm but felt at the time that using graphics to draw text was much slower than GEM's text routines (nevermind I was using a pokey 2400 modem) so I stuck with using the four colors I customized for STalker. There's also Taz, which I wish I knew about then, that used color cycling in medium resolution. That's more apporiate for the ANSI based BBS's than the dial up ISP's that used VT-100 emulation. https://sites.google.com/site/stessential/communications/taz
  13. Noice! I like virtual arcade setups like New Retro Arcade: Neon on Steam... 👍
  14. No one will miss that HDMI-in port... I had my cable box hooked through my X1 and there was way too much pixelization from the constant upscaling of the 1080i video. So I ended up hooking my cable box straight to the TV using component video. I do miss using OneGuide but that's it.
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