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  1. For games & demos, just stick to Hatari and/or Steem to emulate a basic ST computer. Aranym is for running FreeMiNT on a virtual TT type machine with a 68040, great for GEM apps but way too fast for ST games.
  2. I'll add Switchblade II to the list... I enjoyed the ST version a lot but the levels are so huge so it feels more like a slow moving and drawn out Metrovania game. The Lynx version breaks them down in linear stages that are better suited for a handheld. Not to mention it's nice having an actual "jump button".
  3. I did find the XSX impressive from the hardware prespective, so that's why I gave a vote to the underdog option.... And at least I can still play my existing games if I do upgrade instead of having yet another Nintendo branded doorstop. But gamewise, there's nothing that makes me want to spend lots of money right now. I hardly have any time or cash to play the latest AAA games so my time on my Xbox is either for streaming or playing short arcade type games (thank goodness for Game Pass so I can at least sample what's out there). Not to mention I'm still on a 1080p display and also I want to upgrade my PC setup first.
  4. For me, it's a toss up between Atari BASIC (8-bit) and STOS (ST) as both were made to take full advantage of their respective Atari's graphical & sound capabilities. Great for game like stuff... I also like Microsoft BASIC for it's universial approach of source code being transportable to any computer, which is better suited for college & professional settings. That's the only time I ever used ST BASIC for my coursework.
  5. Yeah I remember... Kelsey Lewin did a video back then explaining that it was a 'boxed' copy from when it was a black box launch title. So I would imagine that the boxed copy of SMB is more rare than the ones included with later NES consoles. More like Air Raiders vs. Combat...
  6. Yeah, digital is fine cause you still move & fire in only eight directions...like for about 80% of 5200 games.
  7. That's only for people who want to run Linux in Sandbox mode, it doesn't even matter for the emulated & small indy games that are planned. And...existing consoles can run Borderlands at a smooth 60 FPS.
  8. GEMDOS was a port of DRI's own MS-DOS clone, that's why TOS can natively read PC formated disks. Originally it was to be based on the 68K version of CP/M but it just wasn't feasable. There's still confusion about TOS being based on CP/M-68K because of the demo units at CES '85 running it, but on the finished ST's nope... Magic Sac / Spectre GCR runs the code on the Mac ROMS, via the cart, and remaps calls to the Mac hardware to the ST version...so it's what kids nowadays would call virtualization. The PC version of MS-DOS does require full emulation through either software (slow!) or an Intel clone CPU. MiNT runs as an extension of the existing TOS operating system by adding UNIX-like functions, in that regard think of TOS as a BIOS with a built in DOS & basic GUI. Hope this clears some things up...
  9. It uses Hatari for the "Super STe" mode, so Falcon emulation can be done that way...
  10. Didn't the World Tour version replaced the red crosses on the medkits with pills? (Seems more apporiate for the 'roid scarfing Dukester...)
  11. Well Jack Tramiel's reputation didn't help much either. He screwed over the dealers, mass marketers, componet suppliers and developers so not many people left were willing to do business with [whatever company he ran]... Atari did run a huge marketing campaign for the Jaguar in the States but the time between the console launch (Nov. '93) and when they had killer app games like Tempest 2000 (April '94), potential buyers had already moved on to the other 4th & 5th generation systems. It was a victim of the "wait & see" attitude everyone had at the time, especially with so many competing platforms.
  12. Not only that, but the BPS version has a weird control scheme where you press Down to rotate the piece and 'A' to drop. Very confusing to those used to the Western versions...
  13. Yeah, you still need to use Origin even if you run the games through Steam... I don't even bother buying Uplay games from Steam since I'm better off just running the Uplay client (and putting up with the obnoxious upgrades everytime I start it) w/o going through Steam first.
  14. Ah, I see... And I thought I had to get something like a XEP80 for an 80 columns on the Atari 8-bit. Anyone used 1st XLent Word Processor? I've lusted for that program after reading about in Antic.
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