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  1. Yeah there's times where you have to put fanboism aside and get a machine that's more popular in order to play the most games. Growing up I had an Atari 130XE computer, which was very hard to find software for w/o going through mail order, and a NES for games that are not only easier to get but also available for rentals. Had Nintendo not became as popular in the States I probably would have gotten a C-64 as a games machine, but I doubt my parent would let me have two computers at the same time. Nowadays you can have more than one system but back then if you were a kid you couldn't...
  2. I tried it in Windows 10 and it doesn't work. I don't think captialization matters like it does in Linux so might it be something with the SDL2 file?
  3. NatsumeAtari?? https://www.natsumeatari.co.jp/ Was there a different Atari in Japan that wasn't the same as our French "friends"?
  4. MrMaddog

    z26 4.x

    Tried it out and there's still a problem with the high pitch noise when playing Kid Vid games...
  5. Pong...the only time where it's not fun to play with yourself.
  6. In the late 80's Atari Corp. used ST computers for their SDKs, it's a cable that plugs in the cart slots of both the ST and the 2600/7800 and a cross assembler. In fact the Tramiels used the STs for alot of things in their company including replacements for VAX terminals. It probably explains why people who made 7800 games also made 2600 versions...
  7. At least there was a Sega & Nintendo system to fight over. Try being an Atari fanboi in the 90's when the Jaguar came out, you know the wonder console that would put Atari back in the spotlight and can also be a 64-bit multimedia computer...
  8. Welp, RIP 3DS & Virtual Console service...
  9. Yeah, well I actually used Linux and liked it. It's not the OS I have a problem with (It's great especially for batch processing) but the ideology that comes long with the FOSS philosophy. Again nothing wrong with FOSS itself but with the way the neckbeards with anything that's not "free". It's just a computer platform, not a bloody religion. TBH, I cared a lot about that stuff in my 20's but then had to grow the F' up because of more important things in life besides petty online arguments.
  10. I'm starting up Shenmue 1...man I love playing Dreamcast ports on my Xbox.
  11. Try downloading a patch for your game off the web... I remember doing that for UT3 so I wouldn't have to do that run it through Steam.
  12. I give up, how can I reply or start a status? It shows the type in box but keeps sending me to this activity page where I can't type anything...
  13. I'd also recommend dual booting 98 SE & XP since XP is recommended for playing early-to-mid 2000's games that won't run on Win 98 (artifical check) or even modern PC's that are 64-bit. With both OS's, you'll have the best of all the 32-bit Windows games.
  14. The No Intro format is pretty much the universal standard for ROMS right now. The only formats that do need headers for emulation is Lynx, NES & N64. 2600 ROMS run fine without headers so there was no need for any... ProTip: No Intro roms won't work on MAME, but other emulators are fine.
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