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  1. I appologize then for getting the database idea mixed up with the Hard Drive Adapted website, that's what happenes when I respond to a post too early in the morning... But take my thanks for your efforts anyway as an ST user.
  2. Well I am thankful for all the work you've done in not only preserving ST games but also making them run on all TOS versions and off hard drives. So this is the closest we the ST community have to WHDLoad, just a shame it's not as well advertised online. I get you feel burned out at times but have you considered getting some help because projects like these are too much for one person to handle.
  3. Press "Alt" and "9" till you get a 4:3 screen with pillarboxed side bars.
  4. The same was said before for emulators... Forgive me if this sounds naive to experts but doesn't the DC-10 Nano that MISTer runs on have an ARM processor to run the game's ARM based code?
  5. Reminds me of the time when some guy I knew in high school said you can hook a NES to an Apple II and play games copied on disks. Obiliviously not true... But I'm not surprised to see an Apple II used for any sort of 6502 assembly targeted for other 8-bit machines.
  6. Now I know why there's three different regional versions on the SNES...all crap of course.
  7. Atari also made a bookcase cart holder I picked up from a thrift store once. It was very handy for taking 2600 carts to classic gaming conventions for trades...
  8. That's funny since Amazon Fire TV and other streaming devices use embedded Linux but their services won't support the desktop version...
  9. Even if they just release a Steam Link app on the VCS, this will still be a big deal for PC gamers who want to stream their games on a living room TV w/o having to use a full Ubuntu distro. Till then there's a thing called Rainway which can stream PC games to any Chrome browser...
  10. It's a Space Duel cabinet from Atari. Same one used on an album cover by The Who... ...cause it looks that damn cool.
  11. Yeah, but at the time the GBC was like a way to play NES and classoc arcade ports on the go w/o having to get a handheld famiclone. In fact I bought it for games like Super Mario Bros. DX, Ms. Pac-Man and even (surprisingly) Cannon Fodder which I enjoyed playing on a computer. I even started colllecting regular GB that were also ports, which I vowed to never do in my teenage years... Plus upgrading to a GBA was a no brainer since it plays the same games but now also had SNES ports like Zelda: Link To The Past. I do agree there was still way too much licenced crap made for little kids who just dragged their Game Boys around without actually playing them. Thankfully I do not need to have a complete set because I don't have that "Gotta Catch Them All" mentality.
  12. Yeah, they said that when the focus of the magazine was switched to computers (after the Crash) they couldn't use the words "video games" anymore and had to call them "simulations".
  13. Internet access works the same no matter what. On a dial-up modem, you use an app that dials the ISP's number and logs in with your username & password through regular phone lines. With broadband your DSL or cable modem does all of that automatcially over seperate signals carried over phone or cable TV lines, and far faster as well. Same with smartphones that use 4G/5G signals...
  14. There was a video game system in Wolfenstein: Youngblood which has the same premise...only with more guns.
  15. Initially the home video games, like Pong, where marketed towards adults as something to do with their televisions besides watch broadcasted shows. And around that time young adults & teens hung around the arcades. But children were more open minded towards new stuff like video games than their adult parents so they played more and became "better". Later on it was decided that video games were 'just for kids" and that's how Nintendo marketed them. It wasn't till the 90's that video gaming had an older audience, it wasn't that video games only appealed to a certain age group and only that (like toys) but to post-Boomer generations that grew up with it constantly who didn't see it as a mere fad.
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